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January 2014 AD

Harold Hamm


Renaisance Man

What is most remarkable about Mr. Hamm is that he was the 13th and youngest child of Oklahoma cotton sharecroppers, raised in a one bedroom house.  A real Horatio Alger story of a man who picked cotton as a child to help support the family.
Born and raised in the tiny town of Lexington due south of Oklahoma City, Harold graduated from Enid High School, getting a job pumping gasoline and fixing cars for a living. He founded the Harold Hamm Tank Truck Service in 1966, where his sole asset was a bobtail Ford truck used to service oil wells. His own oil company headquartered in Enid was relocated to Oklahoma City last year.

As of the March 2012 issue of Forbes, Harold Hamm is ranked as the 30th richest person in America and 76th richest person in the world, with a net worth of $12.4 billion.

Harold had the vision to found fraking ventures in North Dakota’s Bakken oil field, which now produces more crude than Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay.

His company has the greatest share of leases in the Bakken field.

This month Continental Resources told investors that the region contains enough recoverable oil to double the official count of U.S. reserves and enough "oil in place" to meet the nation’s needs for hundreds of years.

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — In the history of oil, this fall is a tipping point, the moment America gurgles past Saudi Arabia and Russia to become the world’s petroleum king.

The man most responsible is Harold Hamm, 67, a drawling, blue-eyed billionaire, a sharecropper’s son who grew to be the richest energy mogul in America. He was the first to profitably “frack” North Dakota oil wells, leading a revolution in the way the nation coaxes energy from the earth and draining momentum from the search for cleaner fuel sources. His company, Continental Resources, has quintupled in value in a matter of years, emerging as a swaggering promoter of eco-friendly, effectively infinite oil — along with all the supposed good that flows from it.

Harold Hamm
up against
Mitt Romney

You may remember we previously have done an article stacking Alan Mulallay up against Mitt Romney, whom we have unaffectionately nicknamed RINOmoney.  If you remember, Mulallay turned around Boeing Commercial when it was confronted with the juggernaut of the European State-financed Aerobus. From there, Mulallay  arrived at Ford just in time to save it from bankruptcy when all its competitors were looking to the government for saving with handouts and special protection from creditors.

Alan Mulallay represents the American entrepreneurial spirit which created this great nation.

I am now proud to add Harold Hamm to my very short list of Americans whom I greatly admire, and hence we would like to compare his achievements against the achievements of RINOmoney.
Now, I do not have the blessings of Harold Hamm here, as he respected RINOmoney enough to donate $985,000 to the pro-Romney super PAC Restore Our Future.
Given that, here goes...

Hamm - born into extreme grinding poverty
RINOmoney - born into extreme luxurious wealth

Hamm - picked cotton in the hot fields as a child
RINOmoney - played golf with his father at the country club  as a child

Hamm Graduated from a small town high school, but could not afford college
RINOmoney - Spent 2 years as a mormon missionary in the most barbaric, unchristianized of countries -- FRANCE, before attending the best universities this country has to offer -- Brigham Young (Bachelors), Harvard (MBA) and Stanford universities

Hamm created a company who delivered the lubricant of modern civilization - oil
RINOmoney created a company which at its best was a fencing operation which took Maserati-style companies -- created by real visionaries -- cutting them up and selling them for parts; and at worst, a salvage yard that took old worn-out companies, stripping it of all its remaining assets and laying off all the employees.
Hamm created a company with his bare hands from scratch
RINOmoney created a company with connections to his father's long political career which included his father being a governor, as well as the connections RINOmoney  gained when his father paid for him to attend the most expensive prestigeous schools in the country

Hamm created his company with an old bobtail Ford truck and paid for more assets as he grew his company.
RINOmoney had seed money to start his company because he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and was able to join up with rich partners.

Hamm earned $12.40 billion dollars in his company
RINOmoney earned a measly $0.25 billion dollars in his company
RINOmoney used his connections to become the governor of the most liberal state in the United States -- Massachusetts
Hamm had work to do in Red State Oklahoma and Red State North Dakota
RINOmoney allowed gay marriage and Romneycare socialized medicine while governor of Massachusetts even while proclaiming to be a Republican
Hamm was paying a load of taxes and hiring a lot of well paid Americans for the hard work he was doing for this country

RINOmoney, from the blue state of Massachusetts, used his connections to talk the Red States into backing him for President.
Hamm, from the Red State of Oklahoma, backed RINOmoney for President with $985,000 dollars he earned from his hard work.

RINOmoney was going to be the most powerful man on Earth if he won
Hamm, for all the money he donated and wisdom he brought to the campaign, was going to be his energy adviser; while Paul Ryan from the Blue State of Wisconsin was selected to be his Vice-Presidential running mate. (Not that we are saying Paul Ryan is not a good man)

Given all this, it remains a mystery as to why Harold Hamm, a self made man of sturdy Oklahoma virtue and morality, would endorse a man born with a silver spoon in his mouth who was the darling of the Eastern liberal Republican camp who stood proudly beside Obama once the election was lost.   An election RINOmoney never seem to have wanted to fight to win, showing the influence of his younger years in France where fighting for ideals is not considered a virtue.

If Mr. Hamm was supporting RINOmoney as an "Anybody but Obama", then we can all understand, but if true, then Harold Hamm must have been furious to see RINOmoney stand with what could only be Mr. Hamm's arch enemy, the most anti-oil, anti-capitalist, anti-American, anti-Christian President this country has ever thought it could possibly have had.

Department of Energy

To gain a much greater appreciation of how Harold Hamm pretty much single handedly pointed America toward energy independence again, let's look at the mammoth obstacles he was confronted with and had to overcome on his road to success.

On August 4, 1977, President Jimmy Carter signed the bill which created the United States Department of Energy. Created in response to the OPEC oil embargo, this new cabinet level position was chartered to lead a massive Manhattan Project level quest for energy independence from Arab oil sheiks.

Over 33 years and 8 Presidents later, having utterly failed in its original mandate, President Barack Obama breathed fresh life in the moribund DOE by unveiling on May 7, 2009, a $26.4 billion budget, aiming to substantially expand the use of renewable energy sources while improving energy transmission infrastructure. It also makes significant investments in hybrids and plug-in hybrids, in smart grid technologies, and in scientific research and innovation.

Needless to say, a spectacular 4 years of federal government failures followed.

Please keep in mind,
that this wasted $26.4 billion dollars

is twice as much money
as Harold Hamm's $12.4 billion company,
which will make America energy independent.

Obama's Big List
Failed Green Energy Companies

  •  Amonix Solar: FAIL!manufacturing plant in North Las Vegas, subsidized by more than $20 million in federal tax credits and grants given by Obama Administration, has closed its 214,000 square foot facility a year after it opened.
  •  Solar Trust of America: FAIL! - Filed Bankruptcy in Oakland, CA, April 3, 2012
  • Bright Source: FAIL! - Bright Source warned Obama’s Energy Department officials in March 2011 that delays in approving a $1.6 billion U.S. loan guarantee would embarrass the White House and force the solar-energy company to close. Bright Source lost billions of dollars but is getting more money to keep trying.
  • Solyndra: FAIL! - Obama gave $500,000,000 (that’s a HALF BILLION!) in taxpayer money to Solyndra who shut its doors and laid off 1100 workers in August 2011 after billions in losses due to failure to make a solar product that works! Barack Obama was not vetted before being elected President and neither was Solyndra before Mr. Obama threw that taxpayer money down the drain of unproven technology.
  • LSP Energy: FAIL! - LSPEnergy LP filed bankruptcy protection and a sale of its assets in Feb 2012
  • Energy Conversion Devices: FAIL!On February 14, 2012 Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. and its subsidiaries filed for bankruptcy
  • Abound Solar: FAIL! - Abound Solar received a $400 million loan guarantee from Barack Obama then announced in June, 2012 that it would file for bankruptcy. Many of these failed corporations, such as Abound, donated MILLIONS and continue to donate to Barack Obama’s campaign. Can you say, “Democrat Slush Fund”? Yes this is illegal. But Democrats are being protected from being prosecuted, for now.
  • SunPower: FAIL! - SunPower stopped producing solar cells in 2011 at near bankruptcy then restructured with the help of, get this, oil giant TOTAL, Inc. who owns 60% stake in SunPower. Irony? The company is still struggling.
  • Beacon Power: FAIL! – Beacon Power Corp filed for bankruptcy protection in October, 2011 just a year after Obama approved a $43 million Government loan guarantee. They remain barely in business, still struggling to make energy that makes sense or that works at all.
  • Ecotality: FAIL! - ECOtality, a San Francisco green-tech company that never earned any money and remains on the verge of bankruptcy after receiving roughly $115 million in two loan guarantees from President Obama, who wants to do some more of this kind of Democrat Slush Fund Guarantees after he is elected to a 2nd term.
  • A123 Solar: FAIL! - A123 Solar received $279 million from taxpayers thanks to President Obama’s Department of Energy loan guarantees even after the Solyndra bankruptcy and is getting another $500M from Obama after a loss of $400M.
  • UniSolar: FAIL! - Uni-Solar filed for Ch 11 bankruptcy in June 20, 2012 after laying off hundreds of workers. UniSolar received even more Obama money after showing no progress, no profits and is still failing… yet they still remain in business with Obama’s help.
  • Azure Dynamics: FAIL! - Azure Dynamics filed for bankruptcy in June , 2012 wasting millions in Obama “Stimulus” money and received abatement on taxes owed and and several tax credits.  Azure Dynamics LLC filed for bankruptcy protection in Canada and the US.  Azure laid off 120 of its 160 employees in Oak Park; Boston; Vancouver, British Columbia; and the UK.
  • Evergreen Solar: FAIL! - Evergreen Solar received $527 Million in Taxpayer money from Obama and filed bankruptcy in late 2011. Evergreen, which closed its taxpayer-supported Devens factory in March, 2011 cut more than 1800 jobs. Evergreen’s $450 million factory, turned out to be a colossal “waste” of taxpayer money.
  • Ener1: FAIL! Ener1 Inc. received a $118 million U.S. Energy Department grant from President Obama to make electric-car batteries but filed for bankruptcy protection January 2012 after defaulting on bond debt.
Seeing so many renewable energy company failures,
given every perk from the federal government,
with federal research labs opened wide,
should make us really appreciate
such a wildly successful private company
driven by the vision of just one man,
using the resources of just one man,
with the determination of just one man,
pitted against all odds.

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