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April 2013 AD

American Expulsion
of the Jews

General Grant was confronted with the awesome responsibility of executing the completion of the Civil War and at the same time, had to deal with nagging Jews trying to cut corrupt shady deals with his subordinates and even with his own father, to  get his permission to buy cotton in the South which he was in control of, for use in the North textile industries.

General Grant would not allow himself to be tainted by Jewish corruption. Instead of locking up the corrupt Jews in prison for corrupt business practices as he should have done, (or perhaps because of his own father being implicated and already having the appearance of being tainted), Grant took the much softer route of just having them expelled from the South. 

For this, General Grant would labelled an evil anti-semite.

Remembrance A:
This website has long emphasized how Jews have influenced America into engaging in a blood Civil War through their Jewish peddlers in our back woods. Our backwoods peddlers often being Jewish radicals who had narrowly escaped from the European Judeo-Communist Revolution of 1848, or previously had escaped from Christan control being reestablished after the Atheist French Revolution/Napoleon days had come to an end in 1815 AD. In addition of course, there were the Jewish traders in cotton between the slave states producing the cotton in the South and the non-slave states of the North who ran the textile mills; Jewish traders who inflamed hatreds on either side with horrors stories to each side, by telling horror stories of the other side in order to make their current audience feel superior.

An example of Jewish complicity in starting the bloody unchristian Civil War to free slaves instead of a peaceful Christian way is the article about John Brown released at the same time this article was released.

Remembrance B:
In addition, this website has long documented the European expulsions of the Jews, in which every Christian country in Europe, at some time in their history and for their own country's survival, has found the need to do the dirty deed.

  • . England expelled all their Jews for 400 years, for 20 generations, starting in 1290 AD.

  • . France expelled their Jews in 1394 AD.

  • . Germany, Italy, and the Balkan peninsula expelled their Jews between 1350 and 1450 AD.

  • . Spain expelled their Jews in 1492 AD.

  • . Russia segregated their Jews into the Settlement of the Pale in 1791 AD.
And each time some pogrom of European citizens or some European leader did anything to the Jews is brought up, American Christians have been smug in their superior tolerance of the Jews.

Remembrance C:
Finally, this website has long said that it would be a very Christian act to demand that our Jews return to their Promised Land - the supreme gift of God himself -- for the sacred place -- for his sacred Chosen People -- to live in God's sacred trust.

What devout Christian could disagree?

Remembrance for TODAY:
Now, it has come to my attention, by an obviously well-read reader, that we have done our own "expulsion of the Jews".

Here is the lead-up to the Jewish expulsion, the actual expulsion of the Jews, and the politically Judeo-correct coverage of said expulsion...

The Civil War
did not stop
trade in cotton

Even during the long Civil War, the South still needed to export cotton to obtain money to live on, while the North still needed to import cotton for their textile mills.

Would it be any surprise to an observant reader, that the same Jewish traders who were previously free to travel between the North and South, the ones who had no real moral convictions about slavery either way, and the ones who had been trading cotton between the two great slave/anti-slave enemies, would be the ones who wanted to continue this trade?

    During the war, the extensive cotton trade continued between the North and South. Northern textile mills in New York and New England were dependent on Southern cotton, while Southern plantation owners depended on the trade with the North for their economic survival.

    The US Government permitted limited trade, licensed by the Treasury and the US Army.

    Corruption flourished as unlicensed traders bribed Army officers to allow them to buy Southern cotton without a permit.

    Jewish traders were among those involved in the cotton trade; some merchants had been active in the cotton business for generations in the South; others were more recent immigrants to the North.

    --Wiki -- General Order 11
Since major portions of the South were under military occupation during the Civil War, the military was "the government".

Hence, "the government of U.S. Grant" was responsible for monitoring shipments in and out of the military occupation zone. In order to do so, "U.S. Grant" needed to "grant" licenses (a pun on the United States granting licenses and Grant's granting licenses all in one) to men who were of unequaled trust and integrity.

    As part of his command, Major General Ulysses S. Grant was responsible for issuing trade licenses in the Department of Tennessee, an administrative district of the Union Army that comprised the portions of Kentucky and Tennessee west of the Tennessee River, and Union-controlled areas of northern Mississippi.

    He was deeply engaged in prosecuting the campaign to capture the heavily defended Confederate-held city of Vicksburg, Mississippi and was committed to succeed.

    During this period, he tried several approaches to Vicksburg.

    Grant resented having to deal with the distraction of the cotton trade.

    He perceived it as having endemic corruption, as the lucrative trade resulted in a system where "every colonel, captain or quartermaster ... [was] in a secret partnership with some operator in cotton."

    He issued a number of directives aimed at black marketeers.

    --Wiki -- General Order 11

Per Ulysses S. Grant,
future President
of the United States,
Jews did not prove
to be honest traders.

The Jews in particular proved themselves to be very unscrupulous in means of obtaining trade licenses.

    On November 9, 1862, Grant sent an order to Major-General Stephen A. Hurlbut:

      "Refuse all permits to come south of Jackson for the present. The Israelites especially should be kept out."

    The following day he instructed General Joseph Dana Webster:

      "Give orders to all the conductors on the [rail]road that no Jews are to be permitted to travel on the railroad southward from any point. They may go north and be encouraged in it; but they are such an intolerable nuisance that the department must be purged of them."

    In a letter to General William Tecumseh Sherman, Grant wrote that his policy was occasioned...

      "in consequence of the total disregard and evasion of orders by Jews."

    Grant tightened restrictions to try to reduce the illegal trade.

    On December 8, 1862, he issued General Order No. 2, mandating that...

      "cotton-speculators, Jews and other Vagrants having not honest means of support, except trading upon the miseries of their Country ... will leave in twenty-four hours or they will be sent to duty in the trenches."

    Nine days later, on December 17, 1862, he issued General Order No. 11 to strengthen his earlier prohibition.

    In a letter of the same date sent to Christopher Wolcott, the assistant United States Secretary of War, Grant explained his reasoning [for General Order 11]:


      I have long since believed that in spite of all the vigilance that can be infused into Post Commanders, that the Specie regulations of the Treasury Dept. have been violated, and that mostly by Jews and other unprincipled traders.

      So well satisfied of this have I been at this that I instructed the Commanding Officer at Columbus [Kentucky] to refuse all permits to Jews to come south, and frequently have had them expelled from the Dept. [of the Tennessee].

      But they come in with their Carpet sacks in spite of all that can be done to prevent it.

      The Jews seem to be a privileged class that can travel any where.

      They will land at any wood yard or landing on the river and make their way through the country. If not permitted to buy Cotton themselves they will act as agents for someone else who will be at a Military post, with a Treasury permit to receive Cotton and pay for it in Treasury notes which the Jew will buy up at an agreed rate, paying gold.

      There is but one way that I know of to reach this case.

      That is for Government to buy all the Cotton at a fixed rate and send it to Cairo, St Louis, or some other point to be sold.

      Then all traders, (they are a curse to the Army,) might be expelled.

    --Wiki -- General Order 11

In fact, here is Grant's General Order 11.

Afterwords, we will examine the politically correct reading of this general order.

    Ulysses S. Grant's
    General Order 11


      Numbers 11. Holly Springs, December 17, 1862.

      The Jews, as a class violating every regulation of trade established by the Treasury Department and also department orders, are hereby expelled from the department within twenty-four hours from the receipt of this order.

      Post commanders will see that all of this class of people be furnished passes and required to leave, and any one returning after such notification will be arrested and held in confinement until an opportunity occurs of sending them out as prisoners, unless furnished with permit from headquarters.

      No passes will be given these people to visit headquarters for the purpose of making personal application for trade permits.

      By order of Major General U. S. Grant:

      JNO. A. RAWLINS, Assistant Adjutant-General.

    Rescinded by President Abraham Lincoln on January 3, 1863

Why did Grant do it?

This is the part of the story I always love to diagnose and relate back what the real story is all about.

Per the politically correct speech of the day, General Grant issued the order because he hated his family using his good name.

    General James H. Wilson later suggested that the order was related to Grant's difficulties with his own father, Jesse Grant. He recounted,

      "He [Jesse Grant] was close and greedy. He came down into Tennessee with a Jew trader that he wanted his son to help, and with whom he was going to share the profits.

      Grant refused to issue a permit and sent the Jew flying, prohibiting Jews from entering the line."

    Wilson felt that Grant could not deal with the

      "lot of relatives who were always trying to use him"

    and perhaps attacked those he saw as their counterpart — opportunistic traders who were Jewish.

    Bertram Korn in his 1951 history suggested that the order was part of a pattern by Grant.

      "This was not the first discriminatory order [Grant] had signed [...] he was firmly convinced of the Jews' guilt and was eager to use any means of ridding himself of them."

    --Wiki -- General Order 11

OK, great material to shred apart with common reason.

Obviously, the final straw for Grant was unscrupulous Jewish traders using his own family members -- in fact - his own father -- to try to obtain sweetheart deals with Grant!

Like any good Christian would be, Grant was incensed beyond belief.

His own reputation was on the line!

If Grant had not taken strong action against the corrupt Jewish traders, he would have stood accused of the most vile corruption.

Cotton was the life-blood of slavery and Grant, in fighting against slavery, was not about to be seen as a greedy, bought-off General, because of illegal deals involving cotton.

But I love the Jewish twist where Grant is decried as vengeful against Jews because "his relatives were always trying to use him".

No, the Jews were trying to use his relatives -- to get to him !!!

The Jews were trying to corrupt the highest power in the South!!!

The Jews were trying to bribe General Grant through financially helping his father !!!

Gotta love how unbelieving Jews are so evilly wrong about everything !!!

Then we get Jewish Historians like Bertram Korn to rewrite our history for us by "implying" that Grant was wrong in his belief that Jews were guilty of unscrupulous trade practices, when in fact, Jews agree that Jews traveled with Grant's own father trying to sign a cotton deal, thereby proving their devious dealings.

Is this not what Grant was bitterly complaining about?

Why did Lincoln Rescind the order?

From a reading of Grant's previous statements and a reading of General Order 11, Grant was solely concerned about trade in cotton being unquestioned and transparent.

It is obvious that Grant was vexed by Jews who would set up fronts to do the trades, even if they were excluded themselves.

Hence his valuable and dire wartime efforts were being diverted by Jews who had selfish and greedy interests to get rich off the war effort.

I would NOT have expelled the Jews back to the safety of the North, I would have sent them straight to the front lines, just like Lincoln sent all the Irish Potato Famine refugees straight to the front lines immediately upon their arriving on our shores.

Yes indeed, for the real test of discrimination, see what the Northern English Anglican Protestants did to their Irish Catholic refugees from mass starvation!!!

The non-Christian Jews were grossly coddled in comparison by the Northern Protestant Christians.

But the politically correct twist of the day was that Grant was violating the sacred Constitutional rights and privileges of the Jews by classifying them all as cotton traders, which in truth they were.

    A group of Jewish merchants from Paducah, Kentucky, led by Cesar J. Kaskel, sent a telegram to President Abraham Lincoln in which they condemned the order as

      "the grossest violation of the Constitution and our rights as good citizens under it".

    The telegram noted it would...

      "place us . . . as outlaws before the world.

      We respectfully ask your immediate attention to this enormous outrage on all law and humanity ...."

    Throughout the Union, Jewish groups protested and sent telegrams to the government in Washington, D.C.

    --Wiki -- General Order 11

According to the PC story, Grant had expelled all Jews from occupied lands.

Obviously not what Grant had intended, but the twist of the knife in the side was that Grant was an ANTI-SEA-MITE!

Why Jews hate Republicans

Wouldn't you know that the pro-slavery Democrats, those lovers of absolute liberty (sic), would condemn Grant's violation of Jewish civil liberties.

And irony indeed that the anti-slavery Republicans, fighting to rid the country of the injustice of anti-liberty -- i.e. slavery -- would be the ones condemned of injustice.

    The issue attracted significant attention in Congress and from the press.

    The Democrats condemned the order as part of what they saw as the US Government's systematic violation of civil liberties; they introduced a motion of censure against Grant in the Senate, attracting thirty votes in favor against seven opposed.

    Some newspapers supported Grant's action; the Washington Chronicle criticized Jews as "scavengers ... of commerce".

    Most, however, were strongly opposed, with the New York Times denouncing the order as "humiliating" and a "revival of the spirit of the medieval ages."

    Its editorial column called for the "utter reprobation" of Grant's order.

    --Wiki -- General Order 11

Grant gets Judified

In a word, it was OK for Grant to engage in a Civil War where 750,000 Christians laid slain over slavery, but how dare he engage in a war against Jewish corruption, Jews who were using the cause celeb of slavery - the picking of cotton - to enrich themselves while Grant was trying to fight a war over cotton's need for slavery.

Ulysses S. Grant was not dumb. He knew where the raw power in the country resided even in those days.

You could fight your own Christian brother in a Civil War, but do not dare fight the Jews.
    After the Civil War, General Order No. 11 became an issue in the presidential election of 1868 in which Grant stood as the Republican candidate.

    The Democrats raised the order as an issue, with the prominent Democrat and rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise urging fellow Jews to vote against Grant because of his alleged anti-semitism.

    Grant repudiated the controversial order, asserting it had been drafted by a subordinate and that he had signed it without reading, in the press of warfare.

    He wrote in reply to a correspondent:

      At the time of its publication, I was incensed by a reprimand received from Washington for permitting acts which Jews within my lines were engaged in...

      The order was issued and sent without any reflection and without thinking of the Jews as a set or race to themselves, but simply as persons who had successfully ... violated an order.

    The episode did not cause much long-term damage to Grant's relationship with the American Jewish community.

    He won the presidential election, taking the majority of the Jewish vote.

    In 1874, President Grant and all the members in his Cabinet attended a dedication of the Adas Israel Congregation in Washington D.C.

    This was the first time an American President attended a synagogue service.

    Many historians have taken his action as part of his continuing effort to reconcile with the Jewish community.

    --Wiki -- General Order 11

Democrats who fought against freeing black people from slavery had a hard time bringing moral charges of anti-semitism against Presidential candidate Grant.

What is not said is that President Grant had to bring Jews into his cabinet to appease them, and that goes a long way to Jewish forgiveness.

May have been the last time that Jews voted Republican, but it would not be the last time that an American President had succumbed to Jewish pressure.

Short termed as it was, Jews had been expelled in the United States.

Proof it can be done even by good American Christians.

SOURCE: Allen Gathman
December 17, 1862: Grant expels the Jews

Wikipedia -- General Order No. 11
General Order No. 11 (1862)

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