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Dec 11, 2011 AD

God says,
"Jews go Home!"
"Let my People Go - HOME!"

In the same day the Lord made a covenant with Abram, saying,
    "Unto thy seed have I given this land,
    from the river of Egypt
    unto the great river, the river Euphrates"
-- Genesis 15:18-21
From the Nile River in the middle of Egypt to the Euphrates River in the middle of Iraq, Israel still has considerable Promised Land left to grab.

Israel needs the lebensraum of half of Egypt, a large chunk of Jordan and Syria and half of Iraq as well, meaning that Israel will need America's Jews to help fill those lands.

The Promised Land was a Gift

Many American Jews have refused to go Home to their Promised Land, but if God hands you a gift and you don't take it, do I need a Biblical quote to understand the seriousness of a Jew spitting in God's face for refusing his most gracious gift?

God gave Jesus Christ to Christians, but what Christian could call himself a Christian if he were to reject God's gift of his only begotton Son.

Our American Jews have rejected God's gift of the Promised Lands by refusing to return.

As an act of Christian charity, we should save these ungrateful American Jews by insisting they return home.

Owners of
the "Promised Land"
the "Not Promised Land"

Jews in both America and Israel argue all the time that Palestinians do not own the Promised Lands. The argument goes that they cannot own the land because God never gave the land to them. They are mere poachers.

Likewise, if God never gave America to the Jews, then not a single part of America belongs to the Jews either, right?

Does this then turn Jews into poachers on American land?

If God says that the home of the Jews is in the Middle East, then wouldn't that automatically make them illegal aliens here in America?

If God wants them at one place, then God has to NOT want them to be at another place.

Who is going to argue with God, right? You gonna chance it, Mr. Christian Zionist or Mr. Evangelical Christian, to call me an anti-Semite on this?

America is not the Promised Land given by God to the Jews, so America does not belong to the Jews.

And if America does not belong to the Jews, then they are illegal aliens who should be deported.

And any good Christian knows that God trumps the Constitution, does he not?

So no need to worry about silly stuff like violating Constitutional rights, because violating God's rights is even worst.

If Jews have a religious belief in their homeland being Israel, and my religious beliefs say that Jews should be in Israel, then the Constitution should not stop me from rounding up all the Jews and deporting them to their own country.

The Promised Land didn't used to be available

I suppose we invited Jews to come to America in the past on humanitarian grounds, since they were being persecuted in other Christian lands.

Because they had no home we allowed them into our home.

However, since 1948, the Jews are no longer refugees without a home. Now they have a home to return to, but continue to live in the homes of others.

Since 1948, all could have gone home, but many did not.

We should inform them that they have worn out their welcome, and that God is calling them home now.

America is Satanic by luring Jews

Now that Bible prophecy has come true and Israel is reformed, rounding up all the Jews and sending them to their Promised Land cannot possibly be defined as anti-Semitic.

Indeed, we are anti-Semitic when we use Satan's lure of Earthy pleasure here in the United States to keep Jews seduced by the life of leisure and reneging on their duty to return to God in God's Home.

America is unclean

We are anti-Semites when we make them unclean, as they touch the unclean Gentiles in the unclean lands of America.

Only in the clean and purified Promised Lands among clean and purified Jews can God be pleased.

The anti-Semites are the ones who want to dirty and putrify God's Children.

The Promised Land needs defending

Yes it does seem heretical to say that God can do all things, that God has had this all worked out over in the Middle East for some time now, but God still needs America's help to save God's Israel from Iran.

Michelle Bachmann has even recently said that if we do not help Israel then GOD DAMM AMERICA.

So it may appear that we are not allowed to just sit back and leave Israel alone. But how can we - the Great Unwashed - help Israel?

In my humble opinion, our greatest and perhaps only duty to the Jews is to "give them our blessings, and not curse them."

We can give nothing else, for the way many see it, we are not Kosher, we are not the Blessed Ones - our efforts are doomed to failure!

Who else but God's children can defend God's Promised Land?

So we bless them and send them on their way.

We must send the children of God to God's homeland. If you sit back and neglect your duties as a GOOD CHRISTIAN then God will damm us all.

Let's face it. Our American Jews are cowards by not being over in the Promised Lands, standing with God and defending it.

And there is no denying it -- you and I are accomplices to their cowardice because we allow it.

We have allowed these cowards to immigrate to America - even after Israel was born - and let them live lives of luxury while God is seeing his Children in Israel killed by Muslims every day.

Every day -- the media does not report it -- but yes every day, missles are raining down on the heads of innocent Jewish women and children.

And our Jewish men are over here safe and sound in America, while innocent Jewish women and children die in the Holocaust of the Promised Land.

You cannot deny that God sees how we harbor this sinful element of Jewish mutiny and arrogance against His plan for Jerusalem.

These runaways we shelter and hide from God, but God sees all, and God will remember our perfidy!

Isn't any God-fearing Christian who opposes the forced expulsion of illegal alien Jews back to God's Promised Land then just inviting the wrath of God upon their head?

The Promised Land and the End of Days

I mean, how is this "end of days" thingy with God going to happen if all the Jews don't go home?

Every evangelical Christian and every Christian Zionist I have met says that the end is near.

Wouldn't you hate for our Jews to be caught outside God's Home when Jesus comes back?

Would these Jews still be blessed by God for rejecting his offer of safety and refugee for his People and these Jewish men were not there in the Promised Land to indeed make it a safe refugee for God's women and children?

How could you live with yourself when you are there telling in front of God telling Him you could have done something about it and did not?

God may say, "You helped Israel in all its wars by arming it and yet you didn't help individual Jews escape from an unclean existence with the Christian Gentiles when Jesus returned? Shame on you!!!! Damm you!!!"

Everyone knows God wants all His Children to go home so he can finish the next step in his big picture plan as outlined in Revelations.

Have all these thoughts been sarcasm and playing devil's advocate with the mindless Christian Zionists like Michelle Bachmann?

Perhaps, but then again, I don't want God to be mad at me if this is the way he truly believes! So we must send the Jews away and return them back to Israel.

The destruction of America is perhaps a way to tell the American Jews they need to leave, as was done in Germany. But why wait for the destruction? Let's do it now and save ourselves from the destruction. Agreed?

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