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November 29, 2011 AD

In the name of Allah,
The Spanish Inquisition
was our duty

The constant refrain of the Jewish media (usually safely done by quoting either raving atheists or raving anti-Catholic Protestant Christians) is to rub Spanish Catholic noses in the Inquisition as if it were history's worst crime, (after the Holocaust done by German Lutherans of course.).

The religion card goes somewhat like this, "Catholics cannot condemn others, look what they did in the Spanish Inquisition!"

(Always neglecting the far worst Protestant Inquisition against Catholics under Queen Elizabeth, of course, but you never hear that one from the Jewish media-Scribes do you? This is because the Jewish media-Scribes believe that Christian violence against fellow Christians is not news-worthy -- whereas, Christian violence against Jesus-denying Jews and Muslims is really worthy of endless repeating!)

Fact is that the Spanish Inquisition NEVER forced ANYONE to convert to Christianity. It only punished ones who falsely claimed to have converted to Christianity by day, but who continued to slit throats of innocent Christians by night.

And both Christians and Muslims agreed that this was a perfectly swell way to handle the situation.

AS CNS reports today, the leaders of even our Afghani "friends", our Afghan puppet leaders if you please, admit that it is a sacred Muslim duty to kill Muslims who convert to Christianity.

When asked by whether Afghanistan should repeal its laws that make it a crime for a Muslim to convert to Christianity, Afghan Ambassador to the United States Eklil Hakimi did not answer directly but said that while his country's constitution provides for “freedom of religion” it also says that "nothing will be contradictory to Sharia law."

The State Department report on religious freedom in Afghanistan released last month said: "Conversion from Islam is considered apostasy and is punishable by death under some interpretations of Islamic law in the country."

-- Fred Lucas - CNS News
Good God! From a Muslim perspective, even if the Inquisition killed each and every Muslim convert to Christianity, the Inquisition would only be doing their job for them.

Muslims should be patting Christians on the back for doing a great job of saving them the trouble of killing their own people.

...OK, I had just finished that writing down that thought and then it hit me -- I realized I have a serious flaw in my argument!

If the Christians KNEW that the Muslims were LYING about being Christians, then the Muslims were in fact doing their SACRED DUTY of LYING to Christians by day, so that they could slit Christian throats by night; meaning, that they were in actuality good Muslims who did not deserve to die according to Muslim beliefs.

So of course the Muslims and their Jewish friends would be angry at Catholics.

Makes me humble to be so wrong!

Inquisition Facts

The Muslim Umayyad jihad against Christianity had bloodied, ram-sacked and raped their way from the Christian Holy Lands across the Southern territories of the Christian Byzantine Empire till they reached the Strait of Gibraltar.

Few condemn Muslims for this. I doubt I have ever heard a Jewish media-Scribe condemn this 100-year Muslim jihad following Mohammad's death, like they routinely condemn the Christian Crusade to retake their Holy Lands.

Perhaps because Jews were an active part of that Muslim jihad against Christianity...
"It remains a fact that the Jews, either directly or through their coreligionists in Africa, encouraged the Mohammedans to conquer Spain."

The Jewish Encyclopedia (1906). Vol XI, 485.

The Sephardi Jews of Spain, descendent's of Jews moved to Spain hundreds of years earlier by a pagan Roman Caesar, as punishment for multiple revolts in Palestine, conspired with the Muslims to take Spain by agreeing to become their fifth column, revolting against their Christian hosts, and virtually opening the gates to the Christian castles for the Moors to just walk in and subdue.

The Muslim Jihad into Christian lands was not halted until Charles the Hammer Martel defeated them at Tours.

The first Crusader to regain lost Christian lands in Spain, or anywhere for that matter, was Palayo, in the mountain strongholds of Asturias, but it would take another 800 years of Jewish-Muslim domination for the Christians, united under King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, to finally free Spain of both Jews and Muslims.

The final push for Christian freedom came as a result of the fall in 1453 AD of the capital of Orthodox Christianity, Constantinople, to the Muslims, a disaster for the Orthodox Christians comparable to what the fall of Rome would be to the Roman Catholic Church. This disaster resulted in a burning desire by Spanish Catholics to finally finish their 800-year battle against the Islamic threat in their own Spain. Thirteen years later, in 1469, the marriage of King Ferdinand of Arragon and Queen Isabella of Castille, united all of Christian Spain with the goal of completing the Reconquest. And what a glorious job they did. Even managed to discover the New World when the Muslims would not allow Spaniards to trade with China after the completion of their reconquest and they were forced to find another way by sailing west to get east.

With the final victory of Ferdinand and Isabella, was there a bloodbath of Muslim and Jewish traitors? NO! Were there mass arrests and tortures? NO! Was there looting and raping of Muslim and Jewish homes? NO!

Nope, there was a boring, no news, uneventful general amnesty. Anyone who freely and willingly converted to Christianity and became loyal subjects of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella could stay, otherwise you were politely invited to leave Spain.

Even with their devilish history in Spain, the Jews were allowed an exception. They could stay Jewish if they promised to be loyal subjects, with the caveat, that only Jews who freely converted to Christianity could serve in any positions of authority. But alas, the Jews screwed up that privilege as well by conspiring with "converted Jews" to keep them Jewish.

The pivotal year of 1492 AD was of historic significance to Christianity. The Muslims at Grenada finally fell to Castillian Christian soldiers. Columbus set sail with Spanish ships with the interests of God, Glory and Gold. And the Jews were politely asked to leave Spain.

You have to understand what was absolutely not tolerated by the new and not yet secure Spanish monarchy. What was not tolerated was someone falsely lying to their own God about their own religion -- for if one would lie to God, then one would lie to anyone about anything.

Any lying Jewish conversos (or Muslim conversos), falsely proclaiming to be Christians, could not and would not be trusted with their additional pledge to become loyal subjects of the Spanish realm and were severely punished in the Spanish Inquisition when discovered, for it was widely feared that Jews were again encouraging Muslim leaders to attempt the recapture of al-Andalus, as they had its original capture eight centuries before.

And then what happened to them after being discovered to have lied to God? -- They were given a fair and just trial!

In today's politically correct environment, all this would be grounds for massive condemnation, but on the whole, it was all unusually civilized gestures. The punishment was severe, but what barbarian Muslim gave fair and just trials before much more heinous crimes?

Nov 1, 1478 - Papal Bull Establishing the Spanish Inquisition

King Ferdinand investigated these accusations of fraudulent conversos, a threat to the newly won Christian kingdom, and to deal with it, he first asked and then threatened the Pope with abandonment in the face of any Turkish Muslim invasion, if the Pope did not give Spain authority the moral authority to convene an Inquisition (that is, an inquiry) into the matter of fraudulent conversos. Pope Sixtus IV who initially refused, agreed under the threat and created a branch of the Roman Inquisition that would report to the Spanish crown. The papal bull "Exigit Sinceras Devotionis Affectus" was issued on Nov. 1, 1478, establishing an inquisition in Isabella's Kingdom of Castille.

But in Ferdinand's Kingdom of Arragon, even with the authority to do so, no Inquisition was established for the next two years.

July 28, 1480 -- Muslim invasion of Italy

{On July 28, 1480,] a Turkish fleet led by Gedik Ahmed Pasha attacked the Aragonese city of Otranto. Otranto fell on Aug. 11, and more than half of the city's 20,000 people were slaughtered during the sack of the city.

The archbishop was killed in the cathedral, and the garrison commander was killed by being sawed in half, alive, as was a bishop named Stephen Pendinelli.

But the most infamous event was when the captured men of Otranto were given the choice to convert to Islam or die; 800 of them held to their Christian faith and were beheaded en masse at a place now known as the Hill of the Martyrs.

The Turkish fleet then went on to attack the cities of Vieste, Lecce, Taranto and Brindisi and destroyed the great library at the Monastero di San Nicholas di Casole before returning to Ottoman territory in November.

-- Vox Day

September 27, 1480 -- First Spanish Inquisitioners appointed

Or as Vox points out, "Historians such as Henry Kamen pronounce themselves baffled as to what could have provoked the Spanish crown that summer of 1480 to get serious about starting the Inquisition."

Vox Day continues, "Then, on Sept. 27, 1480, the first two inquisitors, Miguel de Morillo and Juan de San Martín, were named, the first tribunal was created, and by Feb. 6, 1481, six false Christians had been accused, tried, convicted and burned in the Spanish Inquisition's first auto da fé."

Constantinople, the center of half of the world's Christians had fell in 1453 AD and now in 1480, a mere 27 years later, Rome, the capital of the other half of Christianity was under threat by a Muslim foothold in Italy.

Nope, nothing to fear, nothing at all. Historians are baffled why formerly good Christians would have an Inquisition.

Ironies of the Inquisition

  • 3x more Christians died in the Muslim Turkish invasion of 1480, then in the 345 year history of the Spanish Inquisition started only as a result of this invasion against their Pope.

  • The Spanish Inquisition did not attempt to convert anyone to Christianity.

  • Torture was rarely used, and only when there was substantial evidence to indicate that the accused was lying.

  • The main reason there was a Spanish Inquisition in the first place is that, unlike in other European kingdoms, Ferdinand and Isabella encouraged Jews and Muslims to convert to Christianity instead of simply expelling them all.

  • At a rate of 3 Inquisition deaths per year, there are 14x more deaths per year with children's bicycles

  • Which means that they could not be the out of control raving psychopaths ofter portrayed by the Jewish media-Scribes

  • The Spanish Communist Civil War of 1936 saw 6,832 Catholic clergy murdered without a trial, or 2x what the Catholics did to religious criminals in the 345 years of the Inquisition.

  • Secular America has murdered 333X as many babies each and every year for the last 30 years as the Inquisition did in 345 years

As Vox Day says, "If the Spanish Inquisition was, as historian Henry Charles Lea once described it, theocratic absolutism at its worst, one can only conclude that this is an astonishingly positive testimony on behalf of [Christian] theocratic absolutism."

Given all these facts, especially the Muslim atrocities which were an ever so serious threat to all Christian life in those days, Vox Day believes it is strange that the Inquisition would be notorious.

In truth, there is no surprise when you understand who is stating that the Inquisition was so notorious -- the Jews who the Inquisition was hunting for.

And it is odd indeed for Christians to shrug off Muslim atrocities they see today, because of the Inquisition of 500 years ago, without understanding what they were faced with against the Muslims of their day.

Source: Fred Lucas of CNS News
Afghan Ambassador on Freedom for Christians: ‘Nothing Will Be Contradictory to Sharia Law’

Source: Vox Day
Atheists and inquisition

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