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August 14, 2011 AD

Don Pelayo
The First Crusader

    Betrayal of Jesus
    11 faithful left

Following the betrayal of Jesus by Judas to the Jewish leadership, there were 11 remaining Apostles to become the seed for all of Christianity, with Peter as their leader.

A seed which spread to other Jews throughout God's Promised Land, bringing the message of Jesus Christ to God's Chosen People, who were open to the message of God's salvation, and then beyond into the rest of the Roman Empire.

Meanwhile, Jesus-denying Jews were revolting many times against Roman rule, in defense of what they thought was still their Promised Land. Once in 66 AD, another in 115 AD and the last and final straw being the Bar Kokhba Jewish revolt of 132-135 AD. Determined to crush these rebellions, once and for all, the Romans forcibly rounded up all the Jews they could capture in order to move them as far away from their "Promised Land" as the Romans could move them. And that location was far across the Mediterranean, on the far opposite side of the Roman Empire - Spain.

Visigoths, Arian Christians at the time, were the first to sack Rome in 410 AD, but eventually settled in Spain along with the already transplanted Sephardi Jews.

Evidently, the Jews could not get along with the Visigoths any better than they have ever gotten along with anyone else.

    In 589, [Visigoth] King Reccared converted his people to Catholicism. With the Catholicization of the Visigoth kings, the Catholic bishops increased in power, until, at the Fourth Council of Toledo in 633, they took upon themselves the nobles' right to select a king from among the royal family. Visigoth persecution of Jews began after the conversion to Catholicism of the Visigothic king Reccared. In 633 the same synod of Catholic bishops that usurped the Visigoth nobles' right to confirm the election of a king declared that all Jews must be baptized.

    --Wikipedia - Visigoths

The Jews would exact their revenge against Christians and especially against the Visigoth Christians.

    Betrayal of Spain
    11 faithful left

After the Battle of Covadonga, there were 11 remaining Spaniard Christian soldiers to Reconquest all of Spain from the Muslims, with Pelayo as their leader.

How did this happen that the mighty Visigoths of Spain, conquerers of mighty Rome, were themselves conquered by tiny Muslim tribes from the deserts of North Africa?

We'll let you in on a little secret, "It was an inside job..."

    Fall of the Iberian Peninsula
    to Muslims in 713 AD

    Allies [to the Muslim invaders of Spain] began to flock into the camp. These included many of the discontented in Spain, but principally the Jews, who had been expecting and praying for such a deliverance.

    Now they offered to fight for it and some of them sparked local uprisings to pave the way for the Muslims.

    --- Elmer Bendiner, "The Rise and Fall of Paradise" and "A history of al-Andalus"

    Charles Martel was NOT the savior of Europe
    Don Pelayo was the real savior

    Don Pelayo
    The Battle of Covadonga
Having secured the important parts of Spain and marching onward into France, the Jewish-Muslim alliance was stopped at Tours in 732 AD, thanks to the person history names "The Hammer" -- Charles Martel.

But the battles of Charles Martel were strictly defensive operations. The Franks, later French, did nothing to reverse the Islamic invasions of Europe. Nothing noble in just defending your own fiefdom from one or two invasions.

The noble honor of initiating the eradication of this part of Europe of the scourge of Islam belongs to Don Pelayo.

The Muslims' advance through Spain had backed up Spaniard Christians into the mountains of Asturias, but the 770 year battle to regain Spain was begun at the Cavern of Our Lady -- Covadonga -- by Don Pelayo.

Don Pelayo, known at the time as King Pelagius, can be remembered for the following accomplishments:
  • The First Crusader
  • The first King of Asturias
  • The winner of the Battle of Covadonga in 722 AD against a Muslim army
  • One of only 11 Christian men left standing on that battlefield at Covadonga in defense of Christian Spain
  • The Christian man who began the Reconquesta.
  • The real saint and savior of Europe
After the Reconquesta was complete in 1492 AD - 770 years later - the first thing that the victorious Christian leaders King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella did was to address the traitorous Jews who had been living in comfort with the Muslims for the past 800 years.

Jews were kicked out of all Spanish lands, lest they conspire with the Muslims a second time against Christianity.

Source: Wikipedia
Pelagius of Asturias

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