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November 6, 2011 AD

Cain washes himself
down the Drain

With Steven Jobs' death
a man who proved that individual leadership does make a difference
today is a special day of remembrance

Today is the day that Cain proved he is NOT Able.

Today will be a remembrance of the fact that Big Bank-apologist Herman Cain killed his presidential aspirations with this single quote:

"Don't blame the big banks!

If you don't have a job
and you're not rich,

blame yourself!"

-- Herman Cain

Remembrance of the fact that Herman Cain, a former Federal Reserve Chairman, an "assumed" expert on the economy, was totally unable to see in May 2008 that America was on the cusp of the biggest world-wide recession since the Great Depression.

Remembrance of the fact that Herman Cain, a former Federal Reserve Chairman, still defends Big Banks in Oct 2011 as innocent of wrongdoings, by telling others to look to Obama as the scapegoat source of the problem, AFTER Obama surrounds himself with Big Bank CEOs like Goldman Sachs Timothy Geithner, AFTER Obama funded his campaign with their Big Bank donations, and AFTER Obama then bails out these Big Banks.

Remembrance of the fact that Herman Cain, a muti-millionaire, gaining his millions on the back of low-skilled, minimun wage pizza jobs, heartlessly tells millions of regular Americans that it is "their fault" if their factory shuts down and moves to China, leaving them poor and without a job.

Remembrance of the fact that this is the day that the Republican Party's "Affirmative Action Candidate", their "Great Black Hope", self imploded.

Remembrance of the fact that this is the day, we wished Steven Jobs had not died, but instead had announced that "He was the REAL DEAL in how to run an American business to compete on the world stage, not the head pizza dough maker whose employees consist mostly of "no-skills" kids working after school for minimum wage -- who does not have to compete against Chinese imports!"

Remembrance of the fact that this is the day, where NO Americans are asking why Alan Mulally, President and CEO of Ford Motors, has not announced his bid for President of the United States. Mulally being a man who showed America the real meaning of INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY, by turning around Boeing in their international competition with unfair, European-government-backed Airbus, before coming to Ford, another major company he PERSONALLY turned around and brought back into profitability, all the while competing not ONLY against Japan's Toyota but against America's government-ran General Motors as well! Alan Mulally could credibly tell Americans that he knows how to turn America around so that all Americans and all American companies could compete internationally, and not just your kid's "part-time" "minimum wage" pizzeria!"

Remembrance of the fact that this is the day, once again, like every other day, when few Americans realize that Ron Paul warned us and Ron Paul had a solution to our thorniest problems long before GM fell, long before the housing collapsed, long before the bank bailouts, long before our companies outsourced our jobs and way long before we became bogged down in never-ending wars.

Remembrance of the fact that Herman Cain's Godfather's Pizza is a "lenonade stand" compared to Alan Mulally's nationally critical Boeing and Ford, or Steven Jobs' Apple.

May 2008
Herman Cain fails to see Recession
but Blames Personal Responsibility

Neil Boortz's sidekick Clark: "Are we in the mist -- or are we not -- in a recession?"

Neil Boortz: "No!"

Clark: "Yes"

Neil Boortz: "No!"

Clark: "Yes"

Neil Boortz: "No, by definition Clark we are not in a recession. You can't make up your own definitions. We've had two straight quarters of positive growth. You have to have to have two straight quarters of negative growth for a recession. We're NOT in a recession. "

Herman Cain: "Let me elaborate on the no Clark, then we will give you the floor. Neil and I agree. The reason that the administration does not use the "R" word is because there are three economies -- the national, the local and the personal. So, what has happened is, the liberal leaders in Washington have demagogued the idea of recession because SOME PEOPLE are in a PERSONAL RECESSION, but the national economy is NOT in a recession....."

Herman Cain: "I'm talking specifically about Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats in Congress, Harry Reid - that leadership -- they are convincing some people that the whole nation is in shambles, because of some INDIVIDUAL PERSONAL RECESSION."

Oct 2011
Herman Cain NOW sees a Recession
but Blames Personal Responsibility

Interviewer: "You've spent the last couple of days here in New York, I'm sure you are aware of these protests going on down around Wall Street, Occupy Wall Street, they spread to some other cities in the country. What do you make of that?"

Herman Cain: "What do they make of it. What do they want?

Interviewer: "Well I don't know what they want, but I think 'they think' that the banks have given them a raw deal over the last few years."

Herman Cain: "I don't have facts to back this up. But I happen to believe that these demonstrations are planned and orchestrated to distract from the failed policies of the Obama Administration. Don't blame Wall Street! Don't blame the big banks! If you don't have a job and you're not rich, blame yourself!"

Interviewer: "You don't think the banks have anything to do with the crisis we went into in 2008?"

Herman Cain: "They did have something to do with the crisis we went into in 2008, but we are not in 2008, we are in 2011! OK! Yes they had a big part to do with it, and obviously you can go back and say, OK, what did the banks do to do this. These demonstrations, I honestly don't understand what their looking for. To me, they come across more as anti-capitalism. That's basically what they come across as. When I was growing up, I was blessed to have had parents that didn't teach me to be jealous of anybody and didn't teach me to be envious of somebody. It is not a person's fault because they succeeded, it is a person's fault if they fail. And so this is why I don't understand these demonstrations and what is it they are looking for."

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Wikipedia: Alan Mulally

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