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September 13, 2011 AD

Revenge the Cristiada
Invade Mexico Now!

Jewish media-Scribe Larry Klayman, normally telling Americans how great they are to fight Israel's wars for her, is now strangely telling Americans that if they really want to do a good deed, then they should invade Mexico.

For once, I could not agree more!

An American invasion would be an advancement upon civilization for both America and Mexico, but I may add -- ONLY if done by a real Christian moral patriot like President Ron Paul.

The government of Mexico is so anti-Mexican and anti-Christian that vast swathes of their best people subject themselves to the horrors of leaving their home country for an illegal gypsy existence of "freedom" inside America.

When I traveled to Mexico as a boy, I vividly remembered visiting a convent of Catholic nuns living in secret in a Catholic country for fear of their own government finding out about them and persecuting them. I then wondered and still do how such a fervently Christian country could tolerate such a fervently anti-Christian government.

But then, I now see the same unfolding in my own country today with millions of Christian Americans helpless to stop the mounting abuses against their morals, while my history books never even mentioned the Mexico government's 1926 war against religion -- the Cristero War.

In a previous post, we covered the 1936 Spanish Civil War in the Christian movie There Be Dragons. Bad mouth all you want about Franco being a Fascist, but the Judeo-Atheist-Communists were defeated and only 10,000 Catholic priests and nuns were slaughtered by butchers our Jewish media-Scribes love to call "freedom fighters".

The Mexicans of 10 years prior in the Cristero War were not so lucky. The forces of satan won that war in Mexico.

Not yet released to theaters, but coming soon, please watch this trailer for the movie Cristiada which exposes once again yet another covered-up lie by the Jewish media-Scribes plotting against Christianity.

If Americans finally say "Enough!", we could arm Mexicans and bomb Mexican government buildings just like we armed Libyans and bombed Gaddafi's headquarters, with both our Christian countries living in peace afterwards.

  • . Drug problem -- solved.

  • . Immigration problem -- solved.

  • . Innocents being slaughtered -- solved.

  • . Mexican poverty -- solved.

  • . Mexican corruption -- solved.
Revenge the Cristiada

For as Larry Klayman says:
    "If the Mexican political and social establishment does not clean up its act quickly a nearly impossible prospect given its fatally corrupt state it is time to invade Mexico and liberate it for our benefit and the benefit of its largely good people!"

Source: Larry Klayman
It's time to invade Mexico!

Source: IMDb
Trailer for Cristiada

Wilipedia -- Cristero War

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