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May 8, 2011 AD

Opus Dei shines in "There be Dragons"

The anti-Catholic, ergo anti-Christian, Judeo-Hollywood production of "The Da Vinci Code" vilified the Catholic organization Opus Dei as some mysterious Freemason type of conspiracy.

The just released film "There be Dragons" is the true story of the man who founded Opus Dei, Josemarie Escriva, a priest sainted in 2002. It should go a long way to restoring honor to this fine group.

"There be Dragons" tells the story of the cause of the Spanish Civil War from the viewpoint of priest Josemarie Escriva.

At the time of the Spanish Civil War, the world only saw the war through the viewpoint of the "international press" in what became the first "propaganda war" involving the newly invented radio almost wholely owned by the Jewish media-Scribe consortium.

    The Republican government was anticlerical and supporters attacked and murdered Roman Catholic clergy in reaction to news of the military revolt.

    In Republican held territories, Roman Catholic churches, convents, monasteries, and cemeteries were desecrated.

    Through the war, nearly all segments of the Republicans, Basques being a notable exception, took part in semi-organized anti-Roman Catholic, anticlerical killing of 6,832 members of the Catholic clergy and religious orders (including 13 bishops, 4,172 priests, 2,364 monks and friars, and 283 nuns).

    By the end of the war 20 percent of the nation's clergy had been killed

    Wikipedia - Spanish Civil War

So too in the movie, Josemarie Escriva, from his viewpoint as a priest, sees churches attacked by angry mobs and priests killed, with an anti-Christian "Republican" government turning a blind eye, both before the war and during the war, to the wanton destruction of all that is holy with Christianity.

Replace the words French Revolution, with Russian Revolution, or with Spanish Revolution, (commonly called the Spanish Civil War), and you will hear the Siren-calls of the Judeo-Communist propaganda calling Christianity the oppressive enemy of the people, as strongly as they call the people's French King or Russian Czar or Spanish dictator the un-Godly oppressor of the people.

In the movie plot of "There be Dragons", Escriva's childhood friend and fellow seminarian, is a man from a rich Fascist family, who joins the "Republicans" as a spy.

The "Republicans" see that the joining of Church and State are both oppresive powers to be destroyed. The "Fascists" see the destroyers of Church and State as the ones needing to be destroyed.

Meanwhile, saintly Josemarie Escriva travels the road of Jesus with the creation of his Opus Dei.

The moral of the story is "There be Redemption".


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