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August 21, 2011 AD

A New Norse Hero
Kidnapping from Social Workers

First we discovered that the ruling Socialist government in Norway allowed so many Muslims into Norway that Anders Breivik took matters into his own hands.

Now we have a much less spectacular case of another Nordic man taking the law into his own hands -- He kidnaps children from state kidnappers.

Foster homes are typical welfare dependents in Norway. The more created the more support politicians receive.

In the vein of baby protector American hero Eric Rudolph, detective Krzysztof Rutkowsji is a national hero of children in Norway.

It's not quite real-life "Spy Kids" even though the adventure certainly is there.

It seems a Polish private investigator, dubbed "Rambo" by fans, has found a solution to the problems created when social services workers in the Nordic countries take custody of children against the wishes of family members: Simply "kidnap" the kids and give them back to the parents.

In June, private detective Krzysztof Rutkowski was credited with "freeing" a 9-year-old girl from her "Norwegian prison" the home of foster parents assigned by the government and returning her to her parents, who fled Norway to live in Poland.

Then, just days ago, the same detective was reported to have taken a 13-year-old boy from social services custody and returned him to his mother. The family reunion, again, was reported to be in Poland, according to IceNews.

The work has drawn the qualified praise of Ruby Harrold-Claeson, president of the Nordic Committee for Human Rights, which was founded in Copenhagen in 1996. The group aims to "increase the rights and freedoms of private individuals and their families and strengthen respect for basic human rights and fundamental freedoms in the Nordic countries."

Harrold-Claeson called the strategy that reunited the 9-year-old with her parents "an excellent piece of work."

"Polish radio, TV and newspapers have publicized the child's rescue and expressed severe criticism against Norway. ... Children who are taken hostages by the Nordic welfare states must be rescued, because there is no justice in the system," she said.

"According to the law, the parents are entitled to court hearings in order to obtain the release of their children, but once the system gets its claws into a child, they never let go. I have helped many of my clients in their desperate but futile battle to regain custody of their children," said Harrold-Claeson.

"Some end up in psychiatric institutions and some have died of heart attacks because the system has destroyed their lives. To date, I have saved 53 children from imminent destruction by the social services. Most of the families in question have taken their children and fled from Sweden," she said.

Harrold-Claeson charged that the social services system is designed in Nordic countries, especially in Sweden, to provide a healthy income to foster care families..

"These foster homes are often of poor quality, and their prime aim is to earn money off the foster children," she said," noting "families whose children are taken into public care are often lone parents, unemployed and/or on welfare."

-- Bob Unruh of WND

Source: Bob Unruh
Private eye rescues kids in night-time missions

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