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July 24, 2011 AD

--Historic rerun--
(from Nov 14, 2008)

"Free Eric Rudolph!"

Eric Rudolph
Christian Hero
Bill Ayers
Jewish Terrorist
Rahm Emanuel
Son of a
Jewish Terrorist

UPDATE (7/24/2011): A friend reminded me that abortion is one of the worst crimes of our Marxist leaders. I agreed, so I wanted to re-run this article of mine from two years ago.

Williams Ayers came on television two weeks after Obama became elected into office in 2008 to confess every rumor about him and Obama.

Too late for voters, thank you very much!

Jewish brat Bill Ayers justified his Muslim-styled bombing of the U.S. Capital, the Pentagon and police headquarters, during the Vietnam War because the Pentagon was in a war killing people, so he helped Obama get elected in 2008 to stop the current Iraq/Afghanistan war.

Two years later, Ayers "neighborhood friend", Obama, did not stop any wars, but instead has expanded the killing of people by enlarging the Islamic War to include Pakistan and Libya, with sights on Iran.

Eric Rudolph is still in prison.

Bill Ayers is still free, confessing now of his past crimes and his misleading of the American people during a Presidential election.

And Rahm Emanuel is now elected the mayor of Chicago.

This week, the Norwegian guy, Anders Behring Breivik , who bombed the "White House" of Norway and killed a bunch of Marxists who were in turn allowing for unlimited Muslim immigration into Norway will become the new poster boy for Christian morality of all stripes, just as Eric Rudolph was so characterized back in his day for executing baby killers.

Or, perhaps the media-Scribes will tie the Norwegian more to the Oklahoma City Bomber who killed federal workers two years after federal workers eliminated the entire religion of the Branch Davidians at Waco.

Who knows?

All in all, whether it is Jewish terrorists, Muslim terrorists, a Christian war against the abortion execution of innocent babies, a Christian war against government invasions of otherwise peaceful churches, or a Christian Knights Templar protection of Christians from blood-thirsty Muslims, not much has changed in the way news is reported to the public.

Even on this Christian day of rest, a Sunday, New York clerks offices are open to record gay marriages.

Christians indeed should just roll over and take it like the gays tell us they always had to do.

Not much has changed indeed!

The Original
(Nov. 14, 2008)

"Free Eric Rudolph!"

Eric Rudolph
Christian Hero
Bill Ayers
Jewish Terrorist
Rahm Emanuel
Son of a
Jewish Terrorist

OK, let's look at the scorecard:

    1) Jewish Terrorist William Ayers, admits to being a close personal friend of our Press-elect Obama, in his interview inserted below.

    2) Our White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel pick by Press-Elect Obama is the son of a Jewish terrorist who murdered British Christians and one who served his beloved Israel, but refused to serve his not-so-beloved America in the first Gulf War.

    3) Our first black Attorney General Eric Holder pick by Press-Elect Obama was head of Bill Clinton's presidential pardoning process. In doing so, he was lobbied by the Israeli Prime Minister to pardon Jewish criminal Marc Rich for tax evasion and for illegally selling oil (to Israel?) during the Iranian Hostage Crisis.

I am 100% convinced that devout Christian protector and defender of unborn babies at abortion clinics, Christian Hero Eric Rudolph, needs to be released from prison today! Eric Rudolph also needs to be pardoned.

    If a Jewish TERRORIST like William Ayers can have Christians drop all terrorism charges against him, then why can't a Christian HERO like Eric Rudolph have his criminal charges dropped by Jews as well.

    If Rahm Emanuel's father is not in prison for TERRORISM, then why would Eric Rudolph be in prison?

    If our future highest law-enforcement officer, Eric Holder, can let a convicted tax evader have a presidential pardon, then why cannot convicted Eric Rudolph have a presidential pardon?

Eric Rudolph is nothing more than a political prisoner, held against his will for practicing his religious beliefs of protecting and defending the innocent unborn.

Eric indeed has many redeeming qualities, which Christians need to support.

Eric Rudolph can also serve society as a university professor to your children, as William Ayers is doing today.

If the son of a Jewish Terrorist who murdered British Christians and one who served his own beloved country of Israel, instead of his not-so-beloved America, can serve in our Christian country of America as our Chief of Staff, then Eric can certainly be qualified to be appointed by a future Christian President to join his staff.

Christians everywhere need to rise up and insist that Obama, our Most High, immediately pardon Eric Rudolph for his crimes as soon as taking office and applaud him as an endearing hero of Christianity.

Or, perhaps President Bush can give a last day pardon to Eric Rudolph, as President Clinton gave a last day pardon to a real criminal, Marc Rich. Perhaps our "Compassionate" Conservative "Christian" President Bush can give Eric our heart felt apologies for having locked up a true Christian hero for these last ten years.

Congress can help as well, by giving Eric Rudolph the Congressional Medal of Honor for exceptional valor on the battlefield against the evil and vile abortionist enemies of America.

Media-Scribes ABC News played this interview with William Ayers where Ayers is allowed to get his sad story out. A story where Ayers is indeed proud he bombed the Pentagon, proud he bombed the Congress and proud he bombed police stations, but not at all proud of the fact that he did not do enough. What is his definition of "doing enough"? Perhaps, assassinating the Secretary of Defense? The President? Bombing the White House? Ayers leaves that up to our imagination.

If I am to use my imagination, heck, I will just imagine then that he coordinated the plane attack on the World Trade Center, using Arabs as patsies, so that America would be so angry at Arabs that Americans would destroy Iraq, the Taliban and the Iranian Mullahs for Israel, so that Israel could continue dividing up the West Bank and Gaza in piece. It is not my imagination that Iranian Muslim students first started streaming into American Universities in the 1970's, and the media-Scribes who blow up the least little thing if done by a white or a man or a Christian, completely fell asleep at the wheel to the invasion of Muslims. Even today, you will not see media-Scribes advocate the deportation of Muslims.

Ayers justified his actions and even expects a pat on the back for his heroism for his activities with the Weather Underground. After all, it was all acceptable since the Pentagon was killing people too. Wow, imagine that! The military doing their job and killing people! The evil of it all!

I love the part in this interview where Ayers admitted that Obama pulled a swift one over us during the election when Obama characterized Ayers as "Bill from the neighborhood". With a wink, Ayers admits that it is true that they are neighbors and then much more. (Ayers wrote Obama's book, Dreams of my Fathers, for him for instance.)

I also absolutely loved his decrying "guilt by association". Isn't "guilt by association" exactly how the media-Scribes matched peaceful Christian anti-abortion protesters to not-so-peaceful Christian anti-abortion protester Eric Rudolph?

Hence, this interview made me think about abortion clinics, and the fact that not a single state legislature session ever authorized abortion clinics nor a single session of Congress ever allowed abortions by law. Abortion clinics that only 5 of 9 Supreme Court Justices, mostly appointed by LBJ, were authorized decades ago and are treated today as if the Founding Fathers had given their approval.

I was thinking of the little people who were completely innocent of the adultery or fornication or unloving maternity of their mother who were being slaughtered. At 50 million and counting, abortion clinics have killed 10 times as many innocent children as were killed on both sides of the Vietnam War, whether innocent or guilty.

Abortion clinics have killed almost a thousand times as many innocent American babies as American soldiers died in Vietnam.

Can't we see that Eric Rudolph was simply inspired by the courage and moral outrage exhibited by William Ayers and his jolly band of Weather Underground terrorists, and felt that he too MUST do something to combat evil?

Eric Rudolph also took the fight to the enemy and also bombed the headquarters of the killers he despised. Applause! Applause!!

America must reject the "dishonest narrative" that William Ayers wrongly complains of when he believes it is used against him, that instead Christians get every day from the media-Scribes who condemn Christian heroes like Eric Rudolph for performing heroic feats.

Americans MUST reward such bravery, such moral certitude, and not let heroism be changed by the "dishonest narrative" of the media-Scribes into one of craven criminality!

And you WOMEN out there; pay close attention! I know you have chosen who you have supported in the past based upon who the hunkiest HUNK running for office that the media-Scribe presented to you in their TV star treatment of their guy. -- Admit it! You fell for Clinton and Obama didn't you?

So, admit it women.

In the mug shots above, Eric Rudolph is way more of a HUNK than either William Ayers or Rahm Emanuel are.

Ayers and Emanuel are losers!

Ladies -- Eric, the HUNK, really needs your help right now!

Your motto shold be: "Babes for the Babe!"

Do not let the "Politics of Fear", Bill Ayers speaks of, stop you from acting. Please help Eric Rudolph have all criminal charges dropped through a Presidential pardon.

Help Eric land a professorship position at a prestigious University, as Willaim Ayers landed a professorship after a Pharisee university president rewarded him for his "bravery".

Help Eric Rudolph aspire to the highest offices of our America, as PRESS-ELECT Obama rewarded Rahm Emanuel for helping him get elected and as he was rewarded for defending Israel.

Write your President and your Congressman today and demand Eric Rudolph be freed from prison!

For Eric Rudolph is our Christian Weather Underground; our Christian fighter against the Jewish Crusader Apartheid; our American Braveheart fighting against Jewish evil and injustice!

Eric Holder, our future Attorney General, headed the pardon vetting process in the Clinton Administration.

Holder did not object and said nothing while tax evader, Israeli spy dealing with Iran on oil deals during the Iran Hostage Crisis, Jewish Sadducee Marc Rich's pardon was allowed to progress through his authority, gaining his pardon with a hefty campaign contribution and with lobbying from the Israeli Prime Minister.

(UPDATE 7/24/2011: Hasn't Eric Holder proven himself to be the enemy of all American Christians? What do you think?)

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Free Eric Rudolph!

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