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April 10, 2011 AD

Who are the Social Conservatives?

Big Government Tent Republicans

The snake oil always being sold by Circus-clown "Big Tent" Republicans to main-stream social conservatives is that "social issues cannot win".

And their worn-out corollary, "Ron Paul can't win!"

As the story goes, money and only money joins enough Americans together to allow Republicans to gain control of Congress.

So social conservatives give up moral issues. For instance, they allow abortion murder to continue, today, for the promise of stopping abortion murder in the future, "after the Democrats are soundly defeated".

What have these social conservatives gotten in return for helping America become fiscally responsible?

A mere $35 billion dollar debt reduction out of a $1,700 billion national deficit.

The cartoon above illustrates the huge back-stabbing social conservatives are taking by placing their future in the hands of the so-called fiscal conservatives.

Wait, it gets worst!

The social conservatives could not even talk the laughably fiscal conservatives into reducing the national debt in regards to reducing funding for the abortion-pushing murderous pimps of planned parenthood.

Not only is abortion murder still legal, but it is still legal to force social conservatives to pay for the abortion murders they are morally against! And their own Republican leaders signed them up for the "negotiated with the Devil" deal!!!!

How's that for being the big winners in the 2008 elections!

Can't wait to see what we win in 2012!

Big Government Mansion Democrats

Meanwhile, over on the other side of the fence, traditional social liberalists, from say the Soros mansion, don't feel inhibited at all using a screwed-up sense of morality to help them push their big government spending upon minorities and especially women, who make up the majority of voters.

    Satanic Morality

  • It is immoral to abort a woman child, IN CHINA; otherwise, government says it's OK to abort both sexes equally
  • It is immoral to force a woman child into home schooling, or church schools, when public schools are available for free - after taxes
  • It is immoral to force a woman child into a sexual abstinence program
  • It is immoral to force a woman child, not yet finished with school, to have a child she does not want
  • It is immoral to force a young woman to stay safe at home during wartime, as government says she can fight just as well as men
  • It is immoral to force a middle-aged woman to stay married to a man she agreed to marry but now does not want
  • It is immoral to force a poor woman, with no husband but several children, to help support her government by paying taxes
  • It is immoral to force a poor woman, with no husband but several children, to live without food stamp money from the government
  • It is immoral to force a career woman to accept a dimes less pay than a man who works far more hours than she
  • It is immoral to force a woman to have sex with a man, even if she is married to him
  • It is immoral to force an old woman, who has outlived her husband if she even kept her husband, to live without the safety net of Social Security

So what is really happening here?

I have often said that the Democrats have two faces: the one face of the poor minorities and women, and the other face of the liberal Jews.

Likewise, the Republicans also have two faces, the face of the social conservative and the face of the fiscal conservative?

One may disagree as to how any one particular individual stands on an issue, but on the whole, my guess would be that social conservatives are middle-class white Christians while fiscal conservatives are the face of rich Jews.

Middle-class Christians are to the Republicans what women and minorities are to the Democrats -- PAWNS in the Chess game.

There are of course always proxies for the Jews. Starting in the 1880's, nice solid-Protestant-American Andrew Carnegie was just a funnel for European money from the Jewish Rothschild's to legally enter the United States and buy up America's critical industrial complex. It's still much the same today, but the Jews don't have to hide their power and influence like they used to.

Today, the Jewish industrialists protect their interests by supporting "fiscal conservatives" to talk "social conservative" Christians into abandoning their Christianity as the only way to insure power.

As I said in a post several days ago, "this is not how Christians gain power".

Christians gain power by being Christians.

Especially Protestant Christians gain power by not following some Donald Trump fiscal Republican as if he were the Pope.

Christians would say that God has said that:

    Godly Morality

  • It is immoral to steal money earned by a working man to give to a man who has not earned it, even if it is the government doing it
  • It is immoral to steal from one generation, by borrowing, so that another generation is forced to pay it back, with interest, even if is the government guaranteeing the loans
  • It is immoral to kill, especially if the ones killed are innocent babies and even if the government says it's OK
  • It is immoral to teach another man's child what the father does not want his child to learn, even if it is a public school
  • It is immoral to put asunder what God has joined together, even if government holds the divorce proceedings in their own buildings
  • It is immoral to lie, and there are severe consequences for harming others with your lies, even if the man caught lying is a politician
  • It is immoral to send ones Christian sons to fight battles for Muslims
  • It is immoral to support the nation of Israel, an entire country that specifically rejects the Son of God, by saying that God wants it
  • It is immoral to take the machinery a man uses in his work to support his family and give it to the foreign country of Communist China who has done absolutely nothing to earn it

Who can win?

So when asked who can win, I hope you say "Christians can win!"

One of my readers worried to me that if we stood firm and demanded morality, that we would lose in 2012.

The only answer I could say is, "If Christian Americans do not stand for real morality and real patriotism, then why would we want to win?"


Mark Crutcher
Song-and-dance GOP throws unborn under the bus

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