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Dec 19, 2009

Judeo-Protestant Whores
talk about
"The Whore of Babylon"


Richard Rives
The god who was actually born Dec. 25

Joseph Farah
Celebrating Jesus' 'Condescension'

    [Jesus Christ] literally stepped down from heaven into a fallen world of danger and deception. He even, presumably, had to disengage from His own divine consciousness to become a helpless embryo. He had to be born under trying circumstances following a rough 70-mile walk by his parents from Nazareth to Bethlehem.

    He gave up all the unimaginable riches and untold wisdom of the universe to be born in a barn and laid in an animal trough.

    Like any other child, Jesus was born not knowing how to walk or talk. How many of us would be willing to trade our own lives and consciousness even as adult mortal human beings to re-enter the world that way, again?

    That's what Christmas represents to me. It is every bit as awe-inspiring as contemplating Jesus' death and Resurrection.

    We often talk about and ponder the Ascension. But what about the Condescension that took place when Jesus became, first, an unborn baby and later on that day in Bethlehem, a vulnerable little infant who would be hunted down by Herod who would grow up to die an ugly death on the cross?

    Believers acknowledge the sacrifice Jesus made on Calvary. But, truly, we ought to consider the sacrifice He made the day He willingly stepped down from heaven in the Virgin Birth, which might also be termed the Miraculous and Mysterious Condescension.

    Merry Christmas. And thank you, Jesus!

    -- Joseph Farah

What a profound thought that Jesus gave up more to become a man than he did to return to heaven.

There are a few threads being sewn together in contemporary society which I would like to weave together into a final embroidery. Please bear with me.

"Jesus was just an everyday Jew"
First, there is a full-pledged drive by Talmudic Jews to proudly tell us Christians that "Jesus was a Jew", as if he were just one of millions of other Jews born into Jewish homes, when in fact he was born into a loving Christian home as a Christian baby.

As this site has said before, both Mary and Joseph had been told by God's messengers that Jesus was the Messiah, automatically making them Christians before Jesus was born -- they were believers in Christ, as was Christ himself; and so, unlike everyone else of that day, they were Christians, not Jesus-denying Jews.

And why not?

Adam and Eve started alone.

Was not Abraham the one and only Jew, as the father of the Jews, when he started?

Was Noah and his family the only remaining Jews, or any others for that matter, after the floods?

Was not Moses the only one to talk to God and hence became the first one to believe in the Ten Commandments?

All Christians as well as Jews believe these things.

For these matters, it is not strange to look upon Jesus as being born to parents who are told first hand that their son would fulfill the prophecy of Isaiah. Would it be too much to believe that God's awareness of Jesus Christ given to them was complete.

Jesus Christ was a profound change wrought upon the world, not to be diminished by the jealousy and pettiness of Talmudic Jews who do not believe in his message anyway and hate him for his Jewish ethnicity, as opposed to Christians who knows ethnicity matters not to God after Jesus. Referrals to "God's Chosen Ethnic Group" notwithstanding.

"Jesus was nothing more than a Rabbi"
Second, there are recent attempts to tell us Christians that "Jesus was just a simple teacher or Rabbi", when in fact he was the Son of God sent to Earth for our salvation.

"The Last Supper was just a common Passover Seder"
Third, there seems to be a Talmudic Judaic rewriting of the meaning of The Last Supper. To them, Jesus was doing nothing but celebrating Passover, as all observant Jews have done since Moses.

If true, then Christians are only celebrating Passover every single Sunday when they give communion. A surprise to most Christians.

I don't expect Talmudic Jews to understand the message of Christ, (or they would be Christian) but the real question is why do Christians listen to them?

God is nothing but a Fairy Tale"
Fourth, add a full frontal assault on all things Christian and you may sense that I feel Talmudic Jews may be behind all the propaganda and that it is they who are guiding the reigns of power enforcing a virtual atheism upon public life.

Judeo-Protestant Whores

It has been well documented on this website that Sephardic Jews from the Spanish Expulsion of 1492, themselves recent royal guests of honor in Muslim Spain for the previous 800 years, (having created Islam as "converts to Islam from Judaism"), settled publicly in Christian Catholic Holland and secretly in Christian Catholic England, and given one generation (20 years) to learn the language, customs and take their places of authority, proceeded to agitate Christians against each other until they caused the Protestant Reformation some 20 years later in 1517. All done in order to divide and conquer Christians against each other.

Under the Satanic influence of these Talmudic Jews, ignorant Protestant Christians, (Judeo-Protestants in this website), former Catholics themselves, started labeling the Catholic Christian Church of their parents and grandparents as "The Whore of Babylon".

Now, where I come from, "Those are fighting words!!!"


Funny though how the Catholic Church continues to be the lonely champion for the sanctity of human life with appeals to remove the scourge of the abortion of babies, to feed the homeless of the born, and to defend ones living in homes from the scourge of divorce.

Today, Judeo-Protestants are not as "in your face" over their belief that Catholicism is Satanic, since today they believe the real enemy of Christianity in Islam.

Sadly, the Judeo-Protestants used to rightfully see Judaism as a Satanic threat, but today falsely believe Jews are still "God's Chosen People", even though they mostly follow the Talmud written around 200 AD, do not follow the New Testament written just before that, and most importantly do not accept the Salvation given by Jesus Christ. These Judeo-Portestants are totally ignorant that the ones following Jesus in his sermons (Christians) are truly "God's Chosen People". as God sent his Son to redeem not just the ethnic Jews, but the rest of mankind as well.

The Whore of Babylon
For an example of a subtle "Whores of Babylon" preaching, we will watch the video by Judeo-Protestant Richard Rives, president of Wyatt Archaeological Research and author of "Too Long in the Sun" and the "Time is the Ally of Deceit".

Rives indirectly attacks Catholic Christians by attacking the date decided to celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ of Nazareth -- Dec. 25th -- Christmas.

Rives, obviously Judeo-Protestant, makes great pains to tell his audience that the celebration of Christmas began with Emperor Constantine, by the Church at Rome -- or translation -- that the Catholic "Whore of Babylon", commonly but incorrectly believed to have been created by Emperor Constantine, was responsible for setting the date for Christmas and that the date is some how supposed to not be the worship of the birth of Jesus Christ, but instead, to be a pagan worship day.

Richard Rives then makes the "discovery" that none of us has really been celebrating "the birth of Christ" these last 2,000 years.

None of us have been sharing our possessions with each other as Christ would want us to do -- as the Three Kings did?

All of us, especially us Catholics, have been fraudulently singing "Silent Night", when in fact, we harbored a secret pagan desire to worship another.

And his "discovery" is that we are really worshipping, get this, a Mithraic Pagan Sun god from Persia no one has ever heard of.

There are plenty of pagan gods out there. I'm sure there are more than one for each of the year if you look into Babylonian, Roman, Greek, Persian, Egyption, Hindu and all the others gods of other cultures.

Pick a day, any day, and I guarantee I can come up with some obsure pagan God somewhere that people worshipped on that day.

At least you would think that a Roman Emperor would have picked a Roman pagan god for us all to worship on Dec. 25th, like Zeus or Hercules, instead of a Mithraic pagan god no one has ever heard of!

The indignity to the honor of the "Whore of Bablylon" Roman Empire!

Judeo-Protestant Pope Richard Rives tells us that the first Christians did not celebrate Christmas, therefor we should not.

Thank you Pope Rives for guiding us Christians so well!

The Apostles talked at length about the birth of Jesus Christ in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, but we are not to take any notice of the coming of the Lord, or we are all "Whores of Babylon."

Being Catholic, I am going to have a word with my priest. I was never told that I was not celebrating a wonderous event in history and that instead I was worshipping a pagan god!

No seriously, these divide and conquer tactics are from Judeo-Protestant Christians who are either extremely misguided in their own faith or who are themselves the real fraud against Christianity.

Pagan Halloween
A devout Christian wanting to help Christianity, would start with the low-hanging fruit (an Adam and Eve joke) of Halloween as pagan worship. Absolutely no Christianity involved here, and strong evidence of paganism to one and all, if not Satanism.

Atheist Christmas
Most devout Christians recognize that Christmas is not in danger of being "discovered" to be a pagan holiday, but rather in danger of being converted into an atheist holiday called "Happy Holidays", with a commercialized Santa Claus at the mall while "Snow White" is playing in the background. A song composed by Talmudic Jewish composer, Israel Isidore Baline, also known as, Irving Berlin, having not a single word about Christianity in the song, yet adored as a Christmas song by Christians.

Perhaps Christmas should be moved to another day, a special day all its own, leaving Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and New Years Day to the Jewish retail merchants, which would then allow Christians to focus on the religious significance and observance of the coming of the Lord, so long prophesied.

Pagan New Years perhaps?
This devout Christian may also wonder why we are REALLY celebrating New Years anyway. Again, no Christianity. What evil man started this new year's holiday and what is his real hidden agenda to enslave us under the influence of what demon?

I want to know!

You want to know!

Islamic Jews
Lastly, a devout Christian, even a Judeo-Protestant Christian, would ask why we listen so much to non-Christian Talmudic Jews when they talk about OUR Christian faith, but then ask why we believe, without question, that the current Pope and all past Popes, backed by hundreds of trained Cardinals, is and always has been total morons about the Christian faith, to the point that they are even considered the Anti-Christ or the Whore of Babylon?

Islamic AntiChrist
If anyone is the Anti-Christ -- Mohammad fits the role to a tee!

Mohammad, the monster and his anti-religion, created and backed by Talmudic Jews, as their champion to free the Holy Lands from the Christians, should be their focus.

What, we may ask, has the Catholic Church wrought upon mankind, to be condemned so harshly?

Defense of Catholicism
A writer to a blog makes a good defense of Catholicism.

    You hate the Catholic Church? Why?

    It was Founded by Jesus and his Apostles.

    From the Catholic Church comes the idea of the universality of mankind before a loving God.

    It has given the world the idea of salvation and redemption by a loving God who came to earth and died for our sins.

    From the Church comes the New Testament, the university, the just war theory, the hospital, great art, literature, philosophy, theology, architecture, mass private charity and love to the poor.

    For 2000 years it had outlived hundreds of heresies. It has outlived hundreds of persecutions, and thousands of civil governments. Tens of millions of it's followers have been martyred.

    Talmudic Judaism, Islam, 33,000 Protestant sects, the French Revolution, Socialism, Communism, National Socialism, and Zionism have all tried to destroy and replace the Catholic Church.

    So far they have all failed.

    Led on by the Holy Spirit, ruled by Jesus from Heaven, with the Pope as his general manager on earth the Church keeps rolling on as the Light Unto The World.

Answer to Whore of Babylon

Rebuttal #1:

Two hundred years before Constantine, Christian writer Justin Martyr was saying the Mithraists were copying Christians, not the other way around as Richard Rives suggests.

    The idea of a relationship between early Christianity and Mithraism is based on a passing remark in the 2nd century Christian writer Justin Martyr, who accused the Mithraists of diabolically imitating the Christian communion rite.

    Wikipedia -- Mithraic Mysteries

Rebuttal #2:

Theodosius I, a Christian, was the last Emperor of a united Roman Empire and he ruled until 395 AD.

Even with 58 more years for Christianity to become established from the days of Constantine ending in 337 AD, Theodosius still had to war against a pagan-dominated Senate in the Western part of the Roman Empire.

    For the first part of his rule, Theodosius seems to have ignored the semi-official standing of the Christian bishops; in fact he had voiced his support for the preservation of temples or pagan statues as useful public buildings. In his early reign, Theodosius was fairly tolerant of the pagans, for he needed the support of the influential pagan ruling class. However he would in time stamp out the last vestiges of paganism with great severity.

    -- Wikipedia -- Theodosius I

Constantine would be ruling from an even weaker base than Theodosius and had to contend with more pagans in all aspects of society.

There are two takes on this which can be made and probably both.

A) Constantine was a Sun worshipper before his conversion, and after his conversion, selecting Dec. 25th probably reflected his intent to replace his own pagan worship with his new Christian worship.

B) Constantine probably sets Christmas on Dec. 25th as an act of Christian defiance against Senate-led pagan rituals, that even Constantine could not over-rule.

Richard Rives has all the facts and then miserably misapplies the meaning, putting the cart in front of the horse, and creating a huge conspiracy in his own mind as a result.

Many have tried to subvert the Church and many have failed.


Not to downgrade the importance of Christ's Cruxifiction at the end of his life, but by not celebrating Christmas, the early Christians missed out on the truly humbling experience of God coming down from heaven to walk in our shoes.

Jesus sacrificed little personally in returning to his Father, but sacrificed much to be away from his Father while on Earth among us sinners.

And we waste this joyous moment caught up in endless lines at the mall fretting over credit cards approaching their limit.

We let charlatans steal our faith from us.

We should be wishing everyone a "MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ONE AND ALL"

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