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Dec 19, 2009
(Updated Feb 23, 2010 with his death announcement)

Howard Zinn
Ruthless Slayer of Christians Ruthless Critic of America


Drew Zahn
Celebs to kids: America stinks!

Howard Zinn
The People Speak

Peter Heck
The Marxist storyteller dies

    The winners write the history books
    and all the writers of history books are Jews
    The Christian Solution

Imagine that I offered to give you a tour of Walt Disney World.

Having never been there but having heard much about it you excitedly accept the offer.

But when we went, imagine that I only showed you the insides of the port-o-potties that sit along the back edge of the park's property, and then urged you to conclude that Disney World was one disgusting destination.

Honest and fair of me?
-- Peter Heck explains the way fake historian Howard Zinn described America

Up till now you have probably never heard of Howard Zinn, but this post will introduce you to him for two very good reasons.

  • Reason # 1)
    Howard Zinn has committed crimes against humanity. He is a Talmudic Jew who ruthlessly bombed, killed and maimed thousands upon thousands of innocent Christians in France and Germany, freely and publicly admitting doing so, and has gotten clean away with it without any hint of prosecution.

  • Reason # 2)
    Howard Zinn is the poster boy for this website's theory on Diaspora Jews. While his Talmudic Jewish parents were kissing and blessing American soil as refugees stepping off the boat from a "tyrannical" Christian Czar of Russia, leader of a nation of Christians, once settled in America, their proud son, Howard Zinn, whom they raised in "the Land of the Free", is now one of the prominent leaders of the "America is Evil" movement in our public schools.

    Howard Zimm
    Crimes Against Humanity

    On a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, 35,000 feet over Europe, the only person on the plane who really knows what is being bombed on the ground is the guy with the bombardier's telescope looking through the cross-hairs, at the rooftops of the towns and villages below, at the precise moment the bomb release lever is pulled.

    And on the B-17 he flew in, that bombardier was Howard Zinn.

    On bombing runs over Nazi-occupied France, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Germany during World War 2, Howard Zinn would look through his bombardier telescope, see the civilian targets he was fire-bombing and let loose.

    Yes, civilian targets. He had to have known what he was doing at the time.

      During World War II, [Howard Zinn] was a second Lieutenant and bombardier in the U.S. Army Air Corps where he flew combat missions in Europe aboard a B-17 with the 490th Bombardment Group between 1943 and 1945. Zinn's role in bombing what he later found out were sometimes civilian populations shaped his opposition to war and aerial bombing....

      ...Zinn eagerly joined the Army Air Force during World War II to fight fascism, and he bombed targets in Berlin, Czechoslovakia and Hungary. Zinn's anti-war stance was, in part, informed by his own experiences in the military.

      In April, 1945, he participated in one of the first military uses of napalm, which took place in Royan, France.

      The bombings were aimed at German soldiers who were, in Zinn's words, hiding and waiting out the closing days of the war. The attacks killed not only the German soldiers but also French civilians, facts Zinn uncovered nine years after the bombings when he visited Royan to examine documents and interview residents. In his books, The Politics of History and The Zinn Reader, he described how the bombing was ordered at the war's end by decision-makers [Jewish superiors?] most probably motivated by the desire for career advancement rather than for legitimate military objectives.

      Zinn said his experience as a bombardier, combined with his research into the reasons for and effects of the bombing of Royan, sensitized him to the ethical dilemmas faced by G.I.s during wartime. Zinn questioned the justifications for military operations inflicting civilian casualties in the Allied bombing of cities such as Dresden, Royan, Tokyo, and Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II, Hanoi during the U.S. war in Vietnam, and Baghdad during the U.S. war in Iraq. In his pamphlet "Hiroshima: Breaking the Silence", Zinn laid out the case against targeting civilians....

      -- Wikipedia -- Howard Zinn

    Howard Zinn freely admits he bombed civilians for years, but tell us now that he only "discovered" this fact later, after the war, hence conveniently making him "innocent of crimes against humanity".

    The bombardier would be the one man on the plane that had the bombing spot marked on his map, had the map lined up with the terrain he saw through the bombing telescope, and saw the towns and villages through crosshairs at the precise time the bombs were released.

    Even having "discovered" his complicity, Zinn only admits to bombing French civilians, not German civilians.

    Do you see the irony of all this?

    Howard Zinn, a Talmudic Jew, bombing German civilians -- German Christians.

    Howard Zinn, a Talmudic Jew, bombing Vichy French civilian collaborators of Hitler -- French Christians.

    Howard Zinn, a Talmudic Jew, bombing Czechoslovakian and Hungarian civilians -- Czechoslovakian and Hungarian Christians.

    Howard Zinn, a Talmudic Jew, the conscience of America !!!!

    Makes me wonder now how many of our bombardiers were Jewish.

    Could Christians not be found who would not refuse to bomb innocent Christians?

    "Sure I will fire-bomb civilian Christians for you,
    I have no problem doing that!"


    Which came first
    the fire bombing of Christians by Jews
    -- OR --
    the Holocaust of Jews by Christians?

    We have well documented how Communism (Judeo-Communism) was an idea conceived by Jews, promoted by Jews, implemented by Jews and enforced by Jews. And we have seen how Judeo-Communism in Russia was then responsible for the cruel and heartless deaths of tens of millions of Christians before Hitler was ever elected to office next door in Germany, as 80% of the commissar positions in Russia during Stalin's Reign of Terror were filled by Talmudic Jews, presumably having the power to stop the religious genocide.

    We have documented how Talmudic Jews were directly responsible for the Spartacus uprising in Germany, resulting in the Judeo-Communist capture of the capital of Germany and the Judeo-Communist capture of Bavaria.

    From Wikipedia quotes on Howard Zinn, we now have evidence that Talmudic Jews were bombardiers on raids over German-held territories in France, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and in raids over Germany itself.

    So we have to ask criminals like Howard Zinn if...

    • A) Did the fact that Talmudic Jews like Howard Zinn committing crimes against Christian humanity, become the moral justification for Hitler to decide to commit his own crimes against Jewish humanity, which Talmudic Jews call the Holocaust? After all, Zimm's raids over France, which occurred early during WW2, should pre-date the Holocaust, which everyone agrees occurred toward the end of WW2.


    • B) Was Howard Zinn somehow knowledgeable about the Holocaust and became so morally disgusted by Hitler's crimes against Jewish humanity, that he thought himself justified in committing his own crimes against Christian humanity?

    Currently all we have on trial for crimes against humanity is -- again -- Ivan Demjanjuk, standing trial in Germany, subject to double jeapardy after already being exonerated in Israel for NOT being the camp guard commonly referred to as Ivan the Terrible.

    Ivan Demjanjuk was a Ukrainian captured by the Nazi and forced to work as a concentration camp guard.

    EVEN if Demjanjuk can not claim a moral justification for his crimes against humanity, based upon Talmudic Jewish Commissars from Russia decimating his entire country of Ukraine in the Holodomor, again, before Hitler came to power.

    EVEN if proven to be a real concentration camp guard, which he has never admitted to.

    Demjanjuk still has a solid defense that he was forced against his will to do what he did.

    Then why is Howard Zinn not on trial, since he freely volunteered to be a bombardier and has freely admitted to his war crimes?

    How many more of our bombardiers were Talmudic Jews. I wonder?

    All of them?

    Or perhaps, only the ones sent on the "sensitive" bombing runs which the delicate American public, smug in their Christian moral righteousness, never had a need to know anything about?

    Howard Zimm
    Crimes Against America

    Howard Zinn is today a free man and one of the foremost promoters of hate against America in the public schools of America.

    This is how societies are torn apart, right here in Howard Zinn.

    Among topics covered in "The People Speak" and "A People's History of the United States" are:

  • Topic: Christopher Columbus committed Crimes against New World Humanity

      "These Arawaks of the Bahama Islands were much like the Indians on the mainland, who were remarkable ... for their hospitality, their belief in sharing," Zinn writes. "These traits did not stand out in the Europe of the Renaissance, dominated as it was by the religion of popes, the government of kings, the frenzy for money that marked Western civilization and its first messenger to the Americas, Christopher Columbus."

      "The information that Columbus wanted most was: Where is the gold?" Zinn writes, before pointing out of 1492 Spain, "Its population, mostly poor peasants, worked for the nobility, who were two percent of the population and owned 95 percent of the land."

      -- "Celebs to kids: America stinks!" by Drew Zahn

    "Dominated by the religion of Popes?" -- Howard Zinn is talking of Christianity here kids. Catholicism was the only Christian religion of that day and age. It would be another 20 years before the Talmudic Jews would warp the minds of the Dutch and the English enough to cause them to want to leave the Catholic Church in the Protestant Reformation.

    "Arawaks of the Bahama Island...remarkable for their hospitality, their belief in sharing" -- Americans in the New World, descendants of those "horrible" Europeans are the very ones who had the hospitality to let immigrate into their country the parents of Howard Zinn. These Europeans in the New World are the ones who shared their country with Zinn's parents when they certainly had no moral obligation to do so. Now that is the height of ingratitude.

    How many Christians and Muslims is Judaic Israel showing hospitality and sharing toward with in their "right to return" policy directed only at Talmudic Jews?

    If Howard Zinn hates Christianity so badly, why does he live among so many? Why doesn't he just leave for Israel?

    "The frenzy for money that marked Western Civilization" -- This phrase can be shortened to just "Western Civilization". Howard Zinn is cutting the very culture and civilization that the Christian Church built and we inherited in America.

    Bye the way, if anyone in history has been uniformily identified by every country on Earth as having "A frenzy for money", it would be the people from Zinn's own Jewish ancestry.

    "Where is the gold? -- The Spanish were not looking for gold when they first sent Christopher Columbus -- they were looking for a passage to India and China that did not require them to pass through lands conquered by the Muslims. Constantinople fell in 1454 AD, leaving a heavy Muslim "tax" upon caravans traversing from Europe to Asia.

    The Spanish are a favorite Christian nation for the Talmudic Jews to attack, ever since the Spanish Christians were the first to actually take back Christian lands from their Judeo-Muslim brothers, who had invaded and stolen it from the Christians for 800 years.

    Yes, the nasty Talmudic Jews, the Sephardic Jews of Spain, who treasonously helped the invading Judeo-Muslims steal Spanish lands from the Christians they were living among, are now wringing their hands over the fate of the poor innocent Indian pagans that the Christians "discovered".

    Talmudic Jewish frauds like Howard Zinn will never complain of Muslims invading Christian lands, in order to plunder their gold and jewels, take young Christian girls as wife slaves into their harems, castrate black eunuch slaves to watch their harems while most black slaves were worked to death in salt mines, kill infidels on the slightest provocation, raise the captured sons as future warriers against their own Christian brothers, and oh yeah, maybe convert the few remaining Christians to Islam with a sword.

    Anyway, the Arawak Indians were fresh meat for cannibal Carib Indians. What a lovely sight that would be. How about some criticism of Carib Indians for which the entire Caribbean Island chain are named after? We did give the American Indians the gift of Jesus Christ and what better gift could we give them, even when compared to hot and cold running water, electricity, fresh food the year round, ...?

      In the 10th century, Lucayan Indians (a branch of the Arawaks) settled in the islands of the Bahamas. The Lucayans had fled the Lesser Antilles to avoid the Carib Indians, who were their enemies, astute warriors and cannibals.


  • Topic: American History through the eyes of Anti-Patriot Howard Zinn

    Howard Zinn, son of refugees further disses his new homeland.

      Zinn himself explains his approach,

      "I prefer to try to tell the story
      of the discovery of America from the viewpoint of the Arawaks,
      of the Constitution from the standpoint of the slaves,
      of Andrew Jackson as seen by the Cherokees,
      of the Civil War as seen by the New York Irish,
      of the Mexican War as seen by the deserting soldiers of Scott's army,
      of the rise of industrialism as seen by the young women in the Lowell textile mills,
      of the Spanish-American war as seen by the Cubans,
      of the conquest of the Philippines as seen by the black soldiers on Luzon,
      of the Gilded Age as seen by southern farmers,
      of the First World War as seen by socialists,
      of the Second World War as seen by pacifists,
      of the New Deal as seen by blacks in Harlem,
      of the postwar American empire as seen by peons in Latin America."

      -- "Celebs to kids: America stinks!" by Drew Zahn

    Well, let me explain my approach to spoiled, ungrateful Talmudic Jews allowed to freely live in America,

      "I prefer to try to tell the story...

      of Moses leading God's Chosen People to the Promised Land as seen by the people already living there whom they slaughtered down to every man, woman and child,

      of the esteemed Pharisees and Sadducees as seen by the followers of Jesus Christ they forced Rome into crucifying,

      of the Talmudic Jewish creation of the Islamic Messiah called Mohamed as seen by the entire Eastern half of Christianity destroyed to make room for Judeo-Islam,

      of the Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean as seen by the Spanish colonizers who had their property plundered and women raped,

      of the first Jews to land in America through the eyes of the black slaves they used to trade in their former Dutch colony in Brazil and through the eyes of the black slaves in America they would trade in the future,

      of Jewish agitators thrown out of Europe for creating the French Revolution of 1812 and the Judeo-Communist revolution of 1848, landing on American soil to agitate American citizens into war, as seen throught the eyes of Bloody Kansas and Civil War widows,

      of the immigration of Howard Zinn's parents into America through the eyes of the 2 million slain Armenian Christians slaughtered by Muslims of the Ottoman Empire agitated into massacre through international Jewish meddling, needed to help Americans open their hearts to Jewish immigration,

      of Judeo-Communistic Jewish Commissars through the eyes of 7 million slain Ukrainian peasant farmers,

      of the American media-Scribes as seen through the eyes of the American boys talked into fighting their fellow Christians by their WW1 propaganda, so that they could obtain a Jewish homeland,

      of the European Jews as seen through the eyes of the American boys who had to fight their fellow Christians again because the Jews had pissed off Europeans so badly from the Judeo-Communist death purges, that the Europeans wanted the Jews all dead,

      of the Irgun through the eyes of the Christians slaughtered by the Irgun in the King David Hotel,

      of Israel's creation through the eyes of the Palestinians,

      of the Jewish trade in diamonds through the eyes of African tribal warfare over the diamond mines.

  • Topic: The American Pledge of Allegiance is really a Hitler salute

      ... the original Pledge [of Allegiance] written in 1892 [had] schoolchildren [salute] with an extended arm, palm downward. The traditional gesture was replaced by a hand to the heart, the lesson points out, after Germany's Nazis began using the same salute to shout "Heil Hitler!" in the 1930s.

      "It seems to me that teachers ought to know something about the history of the Pledge before we ask our students to repeat it," Bigelow writes. "How has it been used, and by whom? Why not lead kids in the original Pledge to the Flag, including the 'One Language!' chant and the Nazi-like salute, and then lead a discussion about the politics of the Pledge."

      -- "Celebs to kids: America stinks!" by Drew Zahn

    I understand that criminal lowlifes like Howard Zinn can not get any lower than bombing innocent civilians of another religion, but why do we stand still in letting him talk to our school children about our pledge of allegiance which espouses "allegiance to our Republic", "a unified nation", "a nation under God", "staying together through thick and thin", "espousing liberty and justice for all", and twist the beauty of that message so severely until it resembles a Nazi death pledge.

    Clearly, Howard Zinn is NOT a patriotic American!

    CLearly, Howard Zinn should be in prison!!

    But let's delve deeper into where Howard Zinn and people like him come from.

    Between the 1880's to past the turn of the century, at a time when Rothschild agent J.P. Morgan, held great sway in American politics, having bought controlling interest in all the major newspapers of the day, those owned newspapers editorialized about the "criminal" behavior of the Russian Czar -- the equivalent of their King Henry the Eight or Queen Victoria. After the assassination of Czar Alexander the Liberator by Talmudic Jews, the Czar's son was not too interested in quelling Pogroms organized locally against Jewish communities. For this, he also was targeted for overthrow.

    In American newspapers, the Czar was alway portrayed as being on the brink of committing a massive Holocaust. In a day and age before Hitler, this fine Christian ruler was believed to be Hitler.

    As proof of how a genocide could occur, proof was given showing how the Muslims of the Ottoman Empire were destroying entire Christian towns and slaughtering all the men, women and children.

    Truth was that the most dastardly crime for which the Czar was directly responsible that I could ever see in my research of the subject, was in rejecting the travel visas of American Jews wanting to come to Russia so that they could agitate the Russian poor (peasants) into revolution.

    You know -- like the time in 1917 when Lenin and Trotsky came into Russia in order to agitate the poor peasants into a Judeo-Communist revolution.

    By using fraudulent propagnada of religious persecution in Russia against Americans where essentially little was happening, we let millions of Jews immigrate to America.

    Two of these Talmudic Jewish immigrants to arrive were the parents of Howard Zinn.
      [Howard] Zinn was born to a Jewish immigrant family in Brooklyn. His father, Eddie Zinn, born in Austria-Hungary, emigrated to the U.S. with his brother Phil before the outbreak of World War I. Howard's mother Jenny Zinn emigrated from the Eastern Siberian city of Irkutsk.

      -- Wikipedia -- Howard Zinn

    Understand, that Zinn's parent believed America was good and Russia was bad.

    Having been born and raised in America, Howard Zinn, son of immigrants, today believes America is bad to the core and always has been.

    To be sure -- these are the reasons I don't believe but a tiny fraction of the bad things said of the Christian Russian Czar, or any other Christian for that matter, by these same Talmudic Jews -- It's all fraud, lies and self-serving propaganda.

    Ivan Demjanjuk lost his American citizenship, twice now, once wrongly and the second unproven at the time of this post, because he was said to have committed fraud on his citizenship application.

    Perhaps the time has arrived that America should consider whether the entire block of Talmudic Jews in America has not committed immigration fraud and should be deported as a result.

    You can read further at The Problem.
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