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Dec 14, 2009

Who is really Responsible
for the Mess in Washington?


The Solution

In all the finger pointing over who's to blame for our run-away, out-of-control federal government, not a soul has gotten it right yet.

  • Some blame an indifferent Congress.

  • Some blame an imperial President.

  • Some blame an activist Supreme Court.

  • Some blame the people who voted the tyrants into office.

  • Some blame the corporations who financed the campaigns of the politician tyrants.

  • Some blame the mass-media who hoodwinked the people into voting the politician tyrants into office.

  • Some blame God for no longer blessing America because the people have allowed themselves to be manipulated.

All are just the symptoms of the real cause.

None could exist if the real responsible party was doing its job.

If the real party responsible for this mess were being responsible, then none of the above would be happening.

Who is responsible for the mess in Washington, you ask?

If you want to know the answer to this question, then you have to answer the question "Who created Washington?"

Who created the federal government?

Who created the Constitution?

If you answered -- the people -- you are about as smart as your high school government teacher.

If you answered -- the States -- then you are smarter than your high school government teacher.

If you answered -- the legislatures of the States -- then you are far smarter than most Political Science university professors.

The thirteen original State legislatures sent representatives to Philadelphia to modify the Articles of Confederation they were currently working under.

Those State representatives gave us the Constitution.

And the Constitution said that States would appoint State representatives to the United States Senate, not Governors and not ordinary citizens.

What the States created, they assumed responsibility for.

And indeed, through the 1800's, America was at peace far more than she was at war, yet when she declared war, she fought with all her heart and won the day. The enemy gave up, not Americans. From the War of 1812 where England recognized our maritime rights, to the Mexican American War that gained us valuable territory in which to expand, to the Spanish-American war resulting in the same, America was victorious.

Contrast that to a WW1 and WW2 where America gained nothing. To a Korean War where a truce has our soldiers still sitting there 60 years later still waiting for the battle to re-engage. To a Vietnam War we gave up on and then allowed Henry Kissinger to give away to Communism. To our Muslim wars of today where they seem to be better off than Americans are.

During the 1800's, America was growing in prosperity more than she was held back by recessions.

Never having a Roaring 20's, nor a Great Depression, nor a Hi-Tech and Housing Crash, America just enjoyed a marvelous, unhindered advance from untamed wilderness to greatest exporter in the world and greatest wealth of any country.

During the 1800's, America was unified in the Christian religion and the American spirit. She never concerned herself with anti-Semitism, because there were very few Talmudic Jews in America. When the Barbary Coast Muslim pirates attacked America just after her birth, America attacked the Muslim pirates quickly and vigorously. Muslims never bothered America ever again and America never gave them another thought.

America never questioned its manhood, at a time when men had a devoted wife and 10 children, as he cleared the forests for planting or created most of the world's modern inventions.

What changed in 1913?

But all that changed in 1913, when the State legislators were talked into cutting themselves completely out of the Federal government with the 17th Amendment.

In fact, the State legislators completely abrogated their responsibilities to watchdog the federal monster they had created, by handing over the Senate to the people.

The States gave away their veto power over the government.

Oh, nothing changed overnight. Senators selected by their State legislator in 1912 were still in office for 6 years, if not elected by the voters for another 6 years. Those responsible Senators could easily have remained in office until 1924, just in time for the Roaring 20's to get its Roar. Judges selected during these years, subject to this Senate's consent, were still good judges. Treaties made during these years, still subject to this Senate's consent, were still good treaties. Cabinet appointments during these years, still subject to this Senate's consent, were still good appointments.

But by the time the Great Depression rolled around, the Great Depression itself should have been a grave and stern warning that first Hoover and then FDR ruled with a post-17th Amendment Senate, and America started down a long descent, arriving at where we are today.

By walking away from their responsibility of "Check and Balances", our State legislators allowed the oligarchy running the mass-media to become the voice of America.

By washing their hands of what they created, the State legislators have allowed corporations to finance the election process for American voters.

There is no escaping it -- the State legislators are responsible for all that ills us.

What they created and then broke, they have the duty and responsibility to fix in a Constitutional Convention -- A Con-Con would be their "initiative petition" to remove the 17th Amendment, which has allowed them to foist responsibility for the entire federal government upon an ignorant public, the solumn duty represented by the election of Senators. By removing the 17th and retaking thier Constitutional duties, the State legislators will once again be able to reign in a bloated, mismanaged, corrupt and treasonous federal government.

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