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Dec 14, 2009

Fox in bed with Muslims


Rupert Murdoch inks deal with Saudi prince

F. Michael Maloof
Rules of engagement killing U.S. soldiers

With all American-born, American-bred mass-media outlets becoming anti-American and anti-Christian, Rupert Murdoch bringing his Fox News from Australia was a God-send to patriotic Americans.

Or so we all thought, as Fox News initially appeared to be pro-America and pro-Christian.

We also believed that Talmudic Jew Rupert Murdoch from Australia was going to be anti-Muslim, since Talmudic Judaism was supposed to be enemies of Muslims?

Well, guess again.

Fox News is yet another mass-media corporation embracing a one-world viewpoint -- it is merging with Arab Muslim news organization Rotana.

As for me, it no longer surprises me to see Talmudic Jewish media-Scribe Sadducees side with Muslims against Christians and Americans.

The feelings in the Fox news room seems to be that if you have to get in bed with Muslims, so be it.

If you have to tell your Muslim audience one thing, but your Christian audience another, well that is reconciled by saying that you are just serving different markets for your product.

In other words, the truth is much less important than getting the largest world market share.

If you thought our own mass-media companies were back-stabbing bastards, just wait until they are all on the UN channel.

    Media mogul Rupert Murdoch, owner of the Fox News Channel, strengthened his strategic partnership with Prince Al-Walid bin Talal, acquiring a stake in the Saudi royal's Rotana media conglomerate.

    As WND reported, the Saudi prince, who owns a 5.7 percent share of Fox News, claimed in 2005 he persuaded Murdoch to immediately stop the top-rated cable network from identifying unrest in France as "Muslim riots."

    Daily Variety reported News Corp. will take a 10 percent stake in Rotana, with an option to acquire another 10 percent.

    The paper said the News Corp.–Rotana pact marks the most significant investment yet by a Western media company in the Arab world.

Yet another reason why the very first companies to be re-Americanized are our mass-media industry.

For instance, a real American news reporter would be ripping apart Obama over his Vietnam-era handicapping of America's military in Muslim Afghanistan.

A real American news reporter would be questioning why the President, son of a Muslim and one who attended Muslim Madrassas, would be fighting Muslims with kit gloves.

A real American news reporter would be asking why the U.S. Military is not recognizing Muslim Afghan's right to life when they shoot to kill, yet then the guy gets all the Constitutional freedoms our soldiers have in U.S. Courts -- more so since our soldiers are still tried in military court marshals with far reduced rights.

A real American news reporter would be questioning who allowed Muslim Arabs to settle in a peaceful Christian land.

In The Solution, we propose a State-appointed mass-media watchdog agency to insure that news Americans receive is pro-Constitutional and pro-America, in order that they can vote intelligenatly about the issues.

P.S., Will Fox be showing "Family Guy" on Saudi Arabia's Rotana?

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