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Dec 10, 2009

Deported to India


The Economic Times
Nvidia plans to make Pune its headquarters

Well, now they've gone and done it!

Nvidia is deporting itself to India.

Yelp, laying off its American workers, shutting down its operations and moving overseas to greener pastures.

    US based graphics chip manufacturer Nvidia is planning to make Pune its headquarters over the next five years as it aims to have majority of its headcount based in Pune. It is also planning to make India the hub of all its product development activities.

    “Five years ago we were zero in India, today we have 20% employees in India with critical development work happening from the Pune office. Five years from now, we may have 80% of our global workforce in Pune,” Mr Huang said. “Even I could be based in Pune then,” he added.

    -- The Economic Times

How's that working for ya?

With no U.S. operations, Nvidia will no longer have any worries over:

  • Obama's plan to have unions run good companies into the ground once again -- as they did at GM -- which Obama now runs

  • Sexual harassment in the workplace from lawyers gone amok. (slowed down after President Clinton himself was found to be really sexually harassing the staff, instead of just Joey the Plumber having a sexy calendar on his wall.)

  • Affirmative action in the workplace because politicians believe businessmen do not hire the best man for the job (which is really silly since American Jewish and some Christian businessmen will go to another country, India for instance, to hire a Muslim who barely speaks English, going through all kinds of governmental red tape over H1-B visas which try to get the businessman to not to hire the Indian guy, but to hire an American worker, prefereably a black, woman, disadvantaged, lesbian worker, instead)

  • Well actually, no problems over H1-B visas, since everyone in Pune, India will be Indian already and not need an H1-B visa. (Perhaps NVidia will be sneaking Americans over to India to work in the future.)

  • Minimum wage laws -- Indians average $1,000 per year income to American's $27,000 per year. Indian doctors are paid around $5,000 per year, which is far less than software engineers make here and far,far less than the $150,000 per year an American doctor makes.

  • And this is the best part -- No worries over selling their product here in America -- While Nvidia will be free, good or bad, from any and all rules, regulations, or responsibility to economically support American workers, Nvidia will have unfettered capitalistic freedom to compete and sell all their products right here in good ol' U.S.A.

The same Progressives - Liberals - Socialists - Democrats - Communists - and most important - Jewish Pharisees, who have killed capitalism in America have never had a problem violating any part of the Constitution when it came down to a matter of what they believe is "suicide".

"The Constitution is not a suicide pact", says Progressives - Liberals - Socialists - Democrats - Communists - and most important - Jewish Pharisees when they believe something is of paramount importance.

Well America, we are committing suicide right now.

What are American's going to do about it?

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Forget all the rest
Here is the correct saying:
"It's the Jews, Stupid"

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