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Dec 10, 2009

Christians are the new "Niggers"


Pastor Kenneth Hutcherson
Christians are the new Negro

Chelsea Schilling
Teachers forced to 'hide in closets' to pray

Chelsea Schilling
Obama's latest target: Ousting baby Jesus

The term "Separation of Church and State" has become the same deceitful lie to Christians that blacks used to endure under -- "Separate but Not-Equal."

Black Pastor Kenneth Hutcherson, having grown up during the segregated South days, now finds as a Christian that life has not changed much for him.

As he says,
    I did not become a Christian so I would have to fight for my constitutional freedoms all over again.

    Jim Crow laws were passed to keep me from having my constitutional rights and my rights under the Declaration of Independence of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Even though the Constitution gave me those freedoms, man was smart enough to be able to keep me from living those freedoms by saying I was "separate but equal."

    Today, my constitutional right of freedom of religion is being eroded again by laws such as the Hate Crimes Bill and repeated attacks by the politically correct crowd. Threats that came along as a result of an African American wanting to get out from under Jim Crow laws were formidable and scary and designed to keep African Americans quiet. The same thing is happening to Christians today.

    -- Pastor Kenneth Hutcherson

Pastor Hutcherson powerfully echos better what I have said many times.
    ...[the] establishment clause was intended to protect the church from the state, not to keep the church from participating in the state.

My only beef with Pastor Hutcherson is that now he should do as all the rest of us should do -- call himself a Christian-American, instead of an African-American
Many issues which government now calls "State" issues, Pastor Hutcherson properly calls "Church" issues...

  • Marriage is a church issue

  • Pornography is a church issue

  • Homosexuality is a church issue

  • Divorce is a church issue

The battle was afoot years ago when CHRIST-mas was replaced by X-mas, and no one noticed.

Finishing up on a powerful note, Pastor Hutcherson notes that while Jesus taught love and humility, we must not forget that he used TRUTH to say it, regardless of the political or religious consequences.
    The only difference between Christians and African Americans is that Christians put up with this intolerance while standing behind the false disguise of humility and love. We are obsessed with showing the world our love when our primary job is to tell them the truth. The Bible does not say, "Sensitivity shall set you free." It says, "The truth shall set you free." Are we not the truth-tellers?

    When are we as believers, like the African Americans that came before us, going to say, enough is enough? No more "separate but equal!" Our battle cry is "We are the salt of the earth, onward Christian soldiers and to God be the glory! For in unity we will stand and we will not be stopped!

    -- Pastor Kenneth Hutcherson

On this trajectory, I predict that :

  • Christmas will no longer be celebrated in America's White House (Almost came true this year)

  • Christians will be hiding in school closet "catacombs" to pray, while Muslims are all provided prayer rooms to pray in.

  • The FCC will rule "Silent Night" unconstitutional for broadcast on the public airwaves

  • A federal judge will order all crosses at Arlington National Cemetery removed (but none of the extremely rare Star of Davids)

  • The celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ (Christmas) will no longer cover up an ancient Roman pagan winter holiday, but will once again become a pagan holiday, if it is not already.

  • The sorrowful mourning over the Death of Jesus Christ (Easter) will no longer cover up an ancient Greek pagan spring holiday, but will once again become one.

  • And last but not least -- Being Christian will simply become a felony, as it is in our biggest trading partner -- China.

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