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Dec 8, 2009

The Zimmerman Telegram

The Conspiracy
behind the Conspiracy


Arthur Zimmermann

Anyone who researches Arthur Zimmermann as the cause of America "entering" WW1 should also realize that Zimmermann was also the cause of Russia "exiting" WW1.

And strangely enough, Russia was exiting the war against Zimmermann's Germany at the exact same time America was entering the war against Zimmernmann's Germany.

Any serious student of history would want to understand such a strange relationship of conflicting interests in the same man.

For the part about America "entering" the World War, America would declare war on Germany just three days after German Foreign Secretary Arther Zimmermann admitted to sending a telegram to Mexico promising an alliance against America should America declare war on Germany.

The fact that Zimmermann openly and freely admitted to the deed, when he could have just said it was Woodrow Wilson's "war conspiracy theory" talking, raises serious questions about the German leader's loyalty to Germany.

And a German official mysteriously committing such a bizarre treasonous act against his own country should have given everyone in America pause to rethink what we were getting ourselves into.

Perhaps this part of history was not as black and white -- good guy vs bad guy -- as we were led to believe.

On reflection these many years later, this site will present the hypothesis that Arthur Zimmermann was in reality a double agent working against the best interests of Germany and in fact, working against all Christians.

A Few Facts about History

History tells us that the American public was dead set against becoming involved in Europe's bloody wars.

A little known history to many was the fact that most Jews were very pro-German (anti-Czar actually) during much of WW1.

The reason being that many Jews who lived in Germany and the many American Jews who were originally from Germany enjoyed a relative freedom. In contrast, most Jews living in Russia lived in forced ghettos with little freedoms. Hence, both sets of Jews were highly anti-Russian and highly supportive of the Kaiser's war against the Czar.

Hence, history tells us that the Jewish media-Scribes in America were against America joining the war against Germany and convinced Americans to stay out of the war. They were successful (until they changed their mind later on and talked us into the war).

History also tell us that Zimmermann, as Germany's foreign Secretary, was instrumental in helping Lenin and his Merry Jewish band of Bolsheviks travel unmolested through Germany's wartime defenses, in his own train loaded with gold, on the way to overthrow the Christian Czar of Russia.

History tells us that Christian Russia was plunged into the hell of anti-Christian Communism, where 80% of the Commissars were Jewish and where 40-50 million Christians died horrible deaths, not the least being the Ukrainian Christians of the Holodomor, who began dying under Stalin to the tune of 7 million just two weeks before Hitler came to power.

History tells us that Zimmermann's success in installing Lenin to power took Russia out of the war against Germany. Some may call that a patriotic matter in Germany -- overthrowing a Christian Russian leader to install a Jewish leader -- we don't!

History tells us that this Judeo-Communist overthrow of the Caesar (Czar) of the Eastern Orthodox Catholics destroyed any hopes of Christianity ever retaking Constantinople -- the capital of the Eastern Orthodox -- and the Holy Lands -- the center of Christian life.

History tells us that Crusading Jews took control of the Holy Lands from England who had taken it from the Muslims in WW1.

History tells us that Jewish leaders promised England's leaders, by way of the Balfour Declaration, that Jews in America would engage in propaganda to entice America into entering the war against Germany if England gave Palestine to the Jews - allowing the Jews to ethnically cleanse Palestine of non-Jews.

This history of Zimmermann is all about the objectives of the Balfour Declaration.

A Few Facts about the Zimmermann Telegram

Given these facts as background, we will try to prove that Zimmermann deliberately had his cables to Mexico intercepted and that he freely admitted to the fact, knowing full well that the incident would bring America into the war against Germany.

With America entering the war, Zimmermann could then convince his fellow Germans that they needed to immediately make peace with the Jewish Communist Commissars -- Germany's new "friends" -- so that the remaining German troops could be moved to the Western Front in order to match the incoming American troops.

Thus allowing the Jewish commissars to firmly establish their iron fist on the throats of Russian Christians.

In addition, with America now defending England's homeland, England would be free to complete the securing of Palestine from the Ottoman Empire for the exclusive us of the Jews.

In other words, Foreign Minister Arthur Zimmermann was a Zionist sympathizer who sold out his own German country, much as Henry Kissinger sold out America's interests as our foreign minister or as we call the office, the Secretary of State.

    In March 1917, with the imminent collapse of the Russian front, Zimmermann took steps to promote Peace in the East with the Russians, a proposal that was of immense importance to Germany at the time. The foreign secretary set forth the following: regulations for front-line contacts with the opposite side; reciprocal withdrawal of the occupied areas; an amicable agreement about Poland, Lithuania and Kurland; and a promise to aid Russia in its reconstruction and rehabilitation. Last not least, Lenin and the émigré revolutionaries would be allowed to pass through Germany to Russia by train. These proposals once carried out, would free Germany's armies in the east and allow them to be concentrated in the west, a master-stroke that would reinforce the German western front vastly. Zimmermann thus contributed to the outcome of the October Revolution.

    -- Wikipedia - Arthur Zimmermann

Pre-WW1 War Propaganda

Many historians date the United States' entry into the First World War to the Zimmermann Telegram.

On January 16, 1917, Arthur Zimmermann, German Secretary of Foreign Affairs, sent a coded telegram to the German ambassador in Washington in a new code the British could not decipher. Lucky for the Brits, the Washington ambassador forwarded the telegram in the old code to the German ambassador in Mexico, Heinrich von Eckardt.

Matching the new code next to the old code gave the Brits a Rosetta Stone in which to break the new code.

It was not until February 24 that the U.S. government received the decoded telegram.

March 1 the telegram was made public with some "conspiracy nuts" believing the telegram to be faked by either the Brits or by the Woodrow Wilson administration, or even faked by both in conspiracy together, calculated to entice the United States into entering our first World War.

These "conspiracy nuts" were completely silenced when Arthur Zimmermann himself vouched for the authenticity of the telegram on March 29th.

From the cartoon above, we see that the Zimmermann telegram became a great propaganda tool, both against the "conspiracy nuts" to shame them into silence, and for convincing the Yanks into joining the Brits in their war.

Three days later, April 2, President Wilson asked Congress for a Declaration of War. On April 6, Congress gave Wilson what he wanted.

And the rest is history...............


Who says that Zimmermann was not plotting all this on purpose as an act of "disinformation"?

Zimmermann Telegram

1) Germany did not want war with America

If you believe the telegram, then you have to believe Germany did not want war with America -- It says so.

Mexico was to declare war on America, ONLY if America declared war on Germany. One act of Yankee aggression would then justify another act of aggression by the Mexicans, right?

What would be so wrong about that?

Well, for a country that did not want America to fight them, this sure backfired on Germany in a big way, did it not?

The Zimmermann Telegram is cited as the "casus belli" for America declaring war upon Germany.

I tend to believe the Germans are not that stupid.

2) What was there to gain : Mexico was never a formidable foe for the U.S. anyway

Even this political cartoon, meant as propaganda for America's entry to war, clearly indicates the feeling that dirt poor Mexican peasants would present no problem to a modern American fleet of destroyers, submachine guns, tanks and artillery. Mexico has never presented a difficult problem for the US to tackle -- even from the Alamo days, where Texas all alone whipped Mexico's tail, to the Mexican-American War where our soldiers were in Mexico City without breaking a sweat.

Yes, Zimmermann tried to stir up regional troubles all over the world, from the Irish uprising against the English, to an uprising against the English in India. It is not inconceivable that even a small Mexican irritant for the U.S. would be of some help to Germany's cause.

For the record, Mexico turned Germany down, as they did not want to handle a large Anglo population in those States, nor did they want to face a violent retaliatory strike from America after the war.

Germany should have known all this.

The question to ask Americans of the day is why everyone did not laugh at the amateurish pranks of the Germans, instead of taking it so deadly serious?

If America did not fight, then there would have been no problem with Mexico anyway. But if America did fight Germany, then America would have had to contend with a weak Mexico as well, but otherwise, no big deal.

The answer to the question of why Americans took it so seriously was because a Jewish media-Scribe press were relentlessly pushing for war by that time, who had previously been pushing isolationism. I will explain this later in fuller detail.

Same as in current days, they successfully pushed America into wars with Iraq, Afghanistan and soon Iran, all to protect Israel.

3) Why did Zimmermann confess?

The Zimmermann Telegram had a far more effective impact for the German cause in being intercepted, than if it had not been intercepted.

In the world of espionage, Germany may very well have totally faked the "Zimmermann Telegram", by actually sending it out, knowing full well that it would be intercepted.

British and American authorities would obviously then make a big deal of it, at a time that very few in America really believed that the Woodrow Wilson Administration wanted lasting peace, and at a time that most were worried that British intelligence was manipulating our American media into supporting America getting into the war.

It would have been a fantastic way to create doubt and in-fighting in America, greatly reducing our morale to fight.

So with the perfect piece of "disinformation" espionage spies could conceive of being a masterful hit, why then did Zimmerman screw screw up the "disinformation" by confessing that he sent it?

Why did Zimmermann make a a complete mockery and fools of leading American Isolationists of the day, the chief "conspiracy nuts" being such notable American icons as trusted Henry Ford and American hero Charles Lindbergh, by notarizing to the American enemy exactly what he had done?

The only conclusion one could reach was that Zimmerman was working at odds with the best interests of Germany.

Wow, what a statement!!! You mean to say that Zimmmermann could have been a double agent???

What a observation that other countries could ALSO have officials who do not look out for the best interests of their own country!!!

Zimmermann was EXTREMELY helpful to the Jewish Communist Bolsheviks

Was Zimmermann a Jewish Foreign Minister working "for Germany", much as Henry Kissinger was a Jewish Secretary of State working "for America"?

We have all seen how Henry Kissinger had signed away America's best interests by helping Israel at all costs, along with giving away free South Vietnam to communist North Vietname and giving away a major part of Christian Cyprus over to a Muslim Turkey, so why not Zimmermann?

Remember, all the Jews were on the side of Germany as it fought the much hated Czar. (Czar Nicholas was mild, good natured and reasoned to everyone else) But, once the Jewish Bolsheviks caused the hated Czar to fall, then the Jews turned in favor of Russia and against Germany. They did not want Germany to make inroads into Russia. They needed to get America into the war.

Arthur Zimmermann was the German Foreign Minister who allowed part-Jewish, but communist, Lenin to travel through Germany on the way to communist rebellion in Russia against a Christian Czar.

My scepticism rises sky-high whenever I see a diplomat help the Jews in an "atheist" communist uprising against a devout Christian Czar.

So, I have to question whether getting America into the war against Germany, just as the Jewish commissars were taking over Russia, was a way to entice Germany to back off the newly communist Russia and redirect their energies toward the Western Front.

This says that Zimmermann helped the Jewish Communists in Russia -- to help Germany -- which would later turn around and sponsor the communist Spatacus Uprising in Berlin -- against Germany.

Sometimes diplomats burn their own bridges!!!

Interestingly, in the same month that Lenin was being helped through Germany by Arthur Zimmermann, their arch-enemy England was helping Lenin's buddy in arms, Trotsky, get out of British commonwealth Nova Scotia by the English government, where Winston Churchill was Lord of the Admiralty, commander of the British naval officials in Halifax who was holding Trotsky.

Why would Winston Churchill want his Christian Czarist ally overthrown and taken out of the war?

    In March 31, Trotsky was deported from France to Spain for his anti-war activities. Spanish authorities did not let him stay and he was deported to the United States on December 25, 1916. He arrived in New York City on January 13, 1917.

    Trotsky was living in New York City when the February Revolution of 1917 overthrew Tsar Nicholas II. [Trotsky] left New York on March 27, but his ship was intercepted by British naval officials in Halifax, Nova Scotia and he spent a month detained at Amherst, Nova Scotia. After initial hesitation, the Russian foreign minister Pavel Milyukov was forced to demand that Trotsky be released, and the British government freed Trotsky on April 29. He finally made his way back to Russia on May 4.

    On 2 December 1917 an armistice was signed between Russia and the Central Powers at Brest-Litovsk and peace talks began. As a condition for peace, the proposed treaty by the Central Powers conceded huge portions of the former Russian Empire to Imperial Germany and the Ottoman Empire, greatly upsetting nationalists and conservatives.

    ...The Soviets acceded to a peace treaty and the formal agreement, the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, was ratified on 6 March 1918.

    -- Wikipedia -- Leon Trotsky
And we have this to add.
    In January 1918, the Bolsheviks had the Constituent Assembly violently dissolved, proclaiming the Soviets as the new government of Russia.

    The Bolsheviks decided to immediately make peace with the German Empire and the Central Powers, as they had promised the Russian people prior to the Revolution. Vladimir Lenin's political enemies attributed this decision to his sponsorship by the foreign office [Zimmermann] of Wilhelm II, German Emperor, offered by the latter in hopes that with a revolution, Russia would withdraw from World War I. This suspicion was bolstered by the German Foreign Ministry's [Zimmermann] sponsorship of Lenin's return to Petrograd.

    -- Wikipedia -- Russian Civil War

Balfour Declaration

Shall we forget the infamous Balfour Declaration?

From the spoils of war, Great Britain obtained Palestine from the Ottoman Empire.

The Zionist Jews had been negotiating with Britain, Winston Churchill being their esteemed spokesman, to have the Balfour Declaration put in writing.

This Declaration tells of what Britain would do for the Jews, but no where does it say what the Jews would do for Great Britain.

However, thanks to the diligent research of Martin Gilbert we now know what Britain expected of the Jews.

The Russian Jews were telling German Zimmermann they would get out of the war, but they were telling British Churchill that they would stay in the war. Once in control of Russia, the Russian Jews kept their word to Zimmermann and left the war. Winston Churchill would later rant against the "international Jews" in Russia who back-stabbed him; but otherwise, his allegience toward Jews never waivered in the slightest.

The American Jews were more reliable and delivered the bacon. America was brought into the war by mobilizing as quickly as possible.

In fact, Winston Churchill would never waiver in his absolute support of the Jews, even as he burnt the British Empire to the ground in two World Wars, both started to help Jews. The first to obtain Palestine and overthrow the Czar who had all the Jews needed to fill Palestine, the second to fight the Western world's reaction to all this chaos -- Adolf Hitler, while gaining sympathy to actually create the State of Israel and the United Nations who would protect her.

    The War Cabinet hoped that, inspired by the promise of a national home in Palestine, Russian Jews would encourage Russia -- then in the throes of revolution -- to stay in the war, and that American Jewry would be stimulated to accelerate the military participation of the United States -- already at war, but not yet active in the battlefield.

    -- Martin Gilbert "Churchill and the Jews: A Lifelong Friendship" pg 27-28

In other words, American Jews were to create an intense propaganda campaign in America, convincing Americans against their best interests (or outright drafting them against their will) to send thousands of American Christian troops to death against a Christian Germany, all for the sake of helping Russian Jews consolidate a murderous regime against Christians, so that later, they would be able to supply Jews into a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

Not exactly what the American soldiers thought they were fighting for.

Balfour Declaration of November 2, 1917

America endorses the Balfour Declaration on September 21, 1922.


    Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress Assembled.

    That the United States of America favors the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which will prejudice the civil and religious rights of Christian and all other non-Jewish communities in Palestine, and that the holy places and religious buildings and sites in Palestine shall be adequately protected.

    (Public Resolution No. 73, 67th Congress, Second Session).


Nov. 7, 1916 Woodrow Wilson
Re-elected because "He kept us out of war"
Jan 25, 1917 Woodrow Wilson
Starts his second term
Feb 22, 1917 February Revolution
Crippling Russian strikes
Feb 24, 1917 Zimmermann Telegram
Given to the U.S. administration
Feb 25, 1917 February Revolution
Russian troops desert
Mar. 1, 1917 Zimmermann Telegram
Released to American public
Mar. 2, 1917 February Revolution
Tzar abvocates, Kerensky orders Russia to stay in WW1
Mar 27, 1917 February Revolution
Trotsky left Jewish friends in New York City for Russia
Mar 29, 1917 Zimmermann Telegram
Vouched for by Zimmermann
Apr. 2, 1917 Zimmermann Telegram
Cited to Congress as cause for war
Apr. 3, 1917 February Revolution
Lenin in Petrograd (St. Petersburg) thanks to Zimmermann
Apr. 6, 1917 Zimmermann Telegram
Cited as the reason Congress declares war
Apr 29, 1917 February Revolution
Trotsky released by Winston Churchill, arrives Russia May 4th
Oct 25, 1917 October Revolution
Jewish Bolsheviks stage coup, now in total control of Russia
Nov. 2, 1917 Balfour Declaration
Britian signs deal for Jewish homeland, in exchange for...???
Mar. 3, 1918 October Revolution
Brest-Litovsk peace treaty with Germany; Eastern Front closed
Jun/July 1918 U.S. finally in the war
Sending 10,000 troops per day to beef up the Western Front


When one goes on the assumption that the Jews have to win in any situation, then the conclusions of history become radically different than what is taught in standard high school history classes.

Arthur Zimmerman was helping Jewish Communist Marxists overthrow a non-Communist, non-Marxist, Christian Czar. The reasons for Germany to sell Russia's soul has been said to be because Germany needed to have its own soul saved; that is, it needed to win at any cost.

Arthur Zimmermann entered into a reverse Balfour Declaration with the Zionist Jews -- If he were to help the Jewish Zionists take control over hundreds of millions of Russian Christians, then the Jewish Zionists would make sure that Russia stopped fighting Germany.

I suppose the logic would calculate out that it would be better that fellow Christian Russians were taken over by a mass-murdering band of non-Christian Jews, than for a rational, mild-mannered, fair-minded Christian Czar Nicholas to take over a Christian Germany.

Having established the lack of a working moral compass in Zimmermann, other oddities in his behavior can then be better explained.

The release of Jewish communist Trotsky by Winston Churchill shows that he too was helping the Jewish Zionists overthrow his ally, the Czar. Having Russia out of the war would have disastrous results for Great Britain, so why did Churchill do it?

Well, Churchill wanted to help the Jewish Zionists more than he wanted to help England, and besides, he had a back-up plan. Winston Churchill would find a replacement for the Russian troops who would soon be leaving the field of battle; hence, the reason Churchill signed the Balfour Declaration.

Having already secured Palestine from the Ottoman Empire in the war, Churchill traded Palestine for America's entry into the war.

The Balfour Declaration was an agreement that Britain would help secure a homeland for the Jews in exchange for them bringing America into the war in time to replace the exiting Russian and now communist troops.

Once again, Arthur Zimmerman played his part by faking the Zimmermann Telegram after the American elections that would provide the cover for America's entry into the war. The Jewish Zionists who owned and controlled most mass media in America perform their part brilliantly in turning this into a propaganda hit. Once Zimmermann vouched for the Zimmermann Telegram, the America First Movement was mocked by the mass media to look like a bunck of foolish conspiracy nuts -- unpatriotic even!!

The part of beginning "unrestricted submarine warfare" was the crowning achievement, since Woodrow Wilson had always said that exactly such an action would precipitate America's entry into the war.

With America coming into the war, the communists, fresh from their February Revolution victory over the defeated and soon to be massacred Christian Czar, were free to sue for peace so that they could consolidate their control over Russia, which they did with the October Revolution of that year.

Winston Churchill gave the Jews a homeland, but at the expense of wrecking his own homeland of England, left a wreck after the World Wars he pushed so hard to fight, an empire that used to stretch around the world.

Germany too would be left a wreck, until Adolf Hitler picked up the pieces.

The Jewish Commissars of the Soviet Union would go on a mass murdering killing spree against Christians and send many millions more to Gulag concentration camps in the coldest regions of Russia, in what came to be called the "Red Terror", the Holodomor and the Stalinist Purges.

All in all, the Jews are the only ones to win anything of value from the World Wars. They had a homeland after 2,000 years of trying, but at what cost to Christianity?

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