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Dec 3, 2009

All Religions are not created Equal


Joseph Farah
Meet the new 'anti-Semitism czar'

Phil Elmore
Banning minarets to save the West

Christian Americans have always believed in Freedom of Religion.

Each Christian sect was free to convince any other Christian sect that theirs offered the best Christianity and that they should join their particular sect.

Each Christian sect was also free to object to any and all immorality in the public square, as they saw their beliefs guided them.

Judaism was tolerated for some years, but was a little understood, under the radar, non-Christian religion that did not appear to interfere with celebrations of Christmas or Easter or Christianity in general. (Not true of course -- they have secretly interfered on a massive scale!)

Islam does not respect Freedom of Religion

Americans in recent years have painfully discovered that some Religions absolutely do not believe in Freedom of Religion.

Islam believes in the extermination, by violent and bloody force, of any competition for belief in God.

    Citizens of Paris and other French towns saw this firsthand when throngs of violent Muslims burned businesses, schools and vehicles for day after day in 2005.

    France's 5-million-strong Muslim population is the largest in Western Europe, and when these immigrants aren't "feeling excluded" or otherwise expressing a sense of entitlement, they're lashing out violently at those they believe don't properly fear their faith.

    Politically correct news media often refuse to call these outbursts what they are terrorism by adherents of Islam.

    -- Phil Elmore

Islam does not tolerate, in America, our long legacy of rights we inherited from British Magma Carta and Revolutionary War fights for freedom, that has given us our civil rights and protections we enjoy under secular law.

A secular law that, let's face it, is deeply embedded in Christian belief. A belief in treating others as we would want to be treated. A belief in protecting Christianity from the rule of government with a freedom of religion clause.
    In Great Britain, the subjects of the crown are finding out the hard way that their legacy of civil rights and protections under secular law means little or nothing in the face of marching Islamic oppression.

    Just this weekend, while the Swiss were voting to ban minarets, The National newspaper reported that a shadow legal system, operating with or without tenuous official sanction, has established no less than 85 Sharia law "courts" in Great Britain.

    The judgments dispensed by these religious kangaroo courts, accused at the very least of "sometimes giving the Muslims who turn to them illegal advice on matrimonial and divorce issues," may soon hold the force of U.K. law, as Muslims in the U.K. push for greater official acceptance of their Sharia code.

    -- Phil Elmore

When will we get an anti-Islam Czar
to complement our anti-Semitism Czar?

Did you know that America has an anti-Semitism Czar?

President Obama recently appointed Hannah Rosenthal to that post. A post which can only be thought of as an federal office which protects innocent Jews from "mean, nasty Christians".

I suppose that the anti-Semitism Czar works hand-in-hand with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the American Civil Liberty Union (ACLU) to track and prosecute any Christian pushing Christianity in America, as well as protecting the country of Israel.

Of course, as we have all come to learn about all the double standards in civil liberties from black rights, to women's rights, to homosexual rights, there is no anti-Christian Czar appointed by Obama or any other President in the past, who would protect innocent Christians from "mean, nasty Jews".

It's a Chrisian myth that Jews can have Pharisees, Sadducees and media-Scribes in their mists, who could be active in trying to destroy Christianity. Anyone who would quote the Word of God, straight from the mouth of Jesus, is simply committing a hate crime.

So I wonder when will we get our first anti-Muslim Czar to protect innocent Islamic jihadists from "mean, nasty Christians"?

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