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Nov 21, 2009

No Hope in Copenhagen



Dreq Zahn
Coca-Cola leads cheering section for 1-world climate change taxes

COP15 Copenhagen
United Nations Climate Change Conference Dec 7 - Dec 18 2009

The main sponsor for the Hopenhagen project is Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola wants you to have a world passport.

Coca-Cola wants you to pay a world tax.

Coca-Cola wants you to join an international "super-grid" for regulating and distributing energy.

So you decide to boycott Coca-Cola and only drink Pepsi.

But then you remember that Pepsi is the biggest supporter of the homosexuality movement.

What is happening????????

You ask, "Why are soft drink makers getting so involved in world government and controversial movements?

Doesn't that hurt their sales? -- Yes!!

But the ones who control Coca-Cola and Pepsi are not any more concerned for their company's interests than our politicians are concerned for our country's interests.

Both of them, along with the media, Wall Street and most Christian mega-Churches have been infiltrated and taken over by the Pharisees who wants a one-world government they can control.

The Infiltrated List

Infiltrated -- Clear Channel

You thought Clear Channel was buying up all the AM talk show stations because they were on the side of the people?

Think again -- they are a sponsor of Hopenhagen.

Infiltrated -- Internet portals

You thought the Internet was going to save you?

Think again -- all the major Internet portals are sponsors of Hopenhagen -- Google, Yahoo and AOL.

Infiltrated -- Business News

You thought Business News channels were pro-capitalism?

Think again -- The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Business Standard, Business Insider, Ad Council, The Economist, The Financial Times, Thomson Reuters are all sponsors of Hopenhagen.

Infiltrated -- Scientific Journals

You thought that scientific journals would explode the myth of global warming?

Think again -- The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, National Geographic, Natural History, Weather Underground and Scientific American are all sponsors of Hopenhagen.

Hopenhagen at Copenhagen

All eyes will turn to Copenhagen on Dev. 7 when the U.N. Climate Change Conference convenes.

With a big build-up to Copenhagen, expect big changes -- Obama type changes.

The President of the COP15 conference believes the United Nations to be a global democratic system.

Funny, I don't remember voting for Ms. Hedegaard.
    Failure in Copenhagen is not an option

    If the world fails to deliver a political agreement at the UN climate conference in December, it will be “the whole global democratic system not being able to deliver results in one of the defining challenges of our century”, says incoming COP15 president, Connie Hedegaard.

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