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Nov 18, 2009

UNICEF was a front charity to resettle Jews


Ron Friedman
Interview: Not kidding around

There is a mystique surrounding Israel that it was a self-made country. A rugged country which went from rags to riches on its own merit.

Once you dig a little deeper into the mystique, one begins to find out how they really did it.

When I was a child, I distinctly remember collecting all the pennies, nickels and dimes I could for the charity UNICEF.

Not collecting for a Catholic charity or a Baptist charity, but for a charity associated with the United Nations of all things.

So, where did the lions' share of this Christian charity end up? You may be surprised, for I was. But then, perhaps you should not be surprised at the audacity of this.

To find the answer, one only has to do a simple Internet search...
    ...UNICEF has had plenty of experience in Israel.

    The organization was present during the early days of the state, offering aid to orphan Holocaust survivors and immigrant children in the ma'abarot (resettlement camps), as well as in development towns during the 1940s, '50s and '60s.

    Ron Friedman of the Jerusalem Post

While European orphans were still wanting, UNICEF was helping relocate Jewish children -- and their families -- to Palestine, where they would soon get the blessing of the same United Nations as a country.

While the United States government was directly helping Holocaust victims, UNICEF was double dipping money to help the Jewish Crusaders.

Forgive me for being heartless here, since we are talking of "Holocaust" children, but the way the charitable dollars were collected all seems a wee bit fraudulent. Jewish resettlement was never the intent I ever knew for the moeny to be put to use.

I always envisioned UNICEF money going towards starving African children or South American children living in and eating out of garbage dumps.

Perhaps we now know why they are still starving!

By the way, the Israeli development towns the money went to were communist kibbutz communities.

Again, who would have envisioned that those hard earned charity dollars for UNICEF would support a communist endeavour.

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