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Nov 6, 2009

Murderous Muslim Camel Jockey at Ft. Hood


ABC News
by Brian Ross, Joseph Rhee, Anna Schecter,
Avni Patel, Ethan Nelson, and Desiree Adib
Nidal Malik Hasan, Suspected Fort Hood Shooter, Was Called "Camel Jockey"

Yesterday's Ft Hood tragedy hit close to home for me. I have a cousin living there with her army husband and two children.

Thank God -- word is out that they are all safe.

Camel Jockey makes a name for himself

Lucky for Nidal Malik Hasan, he was a Muslim murdering Christians, for he will only be charged with the old-fashioned Christian-based "Thou shall not kill" law of murder. Even though sceaming "Allah Akbar" as you gun people down implies hate against another religion to most people, Hasan will probably not be charged with the new-fashioned Congressional law of hate crime, as by a strict politically correct definition, Muslims cannot hate Christians.

Yet ironically, Hasan is free to sue all the people he shot and wombed, including me, with hate crime, because we all called him a "camel jockey".

The ABC News title says it all:

    Nidal Malik Hasan,
    Suspected Fort Hood Shooter,
    Was Called "Camel Jockey"

In the ABC News title, Hasan was not a murderer, not a terrorist, not a mass-killer, not a jihadist, Hasan was simply a shooter -- of a gun we presume. Darn guns!!!

Ft Hood is filled with men who are suppossed to be trusted to carry guns, and yet were disallowed from carrying them on base.

Ft. Hood was a gun-free zone, betting that a man who does not obey the law to not kill your fellow man, will naturally obey the law saying that you cannot have guns.

We need more gun-control laws, to protect us from the Religion of Peace? Or is that we need to convert to the Religion of Peace, so that we do not need gun control laws? I'm confused.

And worst -- he was called a "Camel Jockey"!!!

Oh my God!

The story continues on the first paragraph. You know what journalists are supposed to put into the first paragraph don't you?

They are supposed to put in the 5-W's - Who, What, Why, Where, and When.

Yes, they did their journalistic duty.

Who - shooting suspect, Major Nidal Malik Hasan (not "mass-murderer suspect")

What - shooting (not terrorist jihad)

Why - harassed by others in the military and was called a "camel jockey" (not out of his duty to his Muslim beliefs)

Where - Ft Hood (a protected secure place)

When - well, we know when.

    Fort Hood shooting suspect, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, wanted out of the Army after being constantly harassed by others in the military and was called a "camel jockey," his family said.

    -- First Paragraph of ABC News report [boldness added]

Later in the story, Army Christian "cow-boys" are again calling Hasan a "camel-boy".

    Hasan is an American citizen of Palestinian descent and after the 9/11 attacks, his cousin says he was the target of constant harassment from others in the military. His tormentors called him a "camel jockey," said his cousin, Nader Hasan. He wanted out of the Army, so he paid back his military student loans and hired an attorney.

    -- Eighth Paragraph of ABC News report [boldness added]

Yes indeed -- On the very next day following this tragedy, ABC News who I source above, has no less than 6 top-notch ABC News correspondents letting us know that our Christian soldiers started it all -- for they called him a despicable name -- a camel jockey -- a guy who rides camels.

No word if Hasan called any of his Christian taunters -- cowboy -- a guy who rides horses.

Or at least, thanks to ABC News, we all now know where Hasan's family stands on the issue - "Sticks and Stones I use to break bones, when words will always hurt me".

And no word why this Major in the Army was powerless to bring hate crimes accusations against Christians for harassing him for his ethnicity and national origin.

We have wonderful laws on the books, one of which is only a week old, to prevent this from happening.

Nevertheless, I am left believing that ABC News believes this to be justifiable homicide.

And no word as to why this college-trained Army psychiatrist officer, a grown man, leader of men, could not handle the "psychological stress" of being called a camel jockey.

My children handle being called names better than this murderous crybaby.

And yet, it was obvious that no one ever witnessed Hasan riding a camel.

Too bad his tormentors were not calling him what he really was -- a murderous, hateful, racist, anti-Christian, jihadist, terrorist, scumbag.

What is the real problem here?

The real problem is that for all the Iraqi and Afghani Muslim wars, Americans are not safe in their own country, deep in the heart of Texas, and behind the guarded barbed wire fences of America's largest army base.

The real problem is deciding --WHO-- felt that his family could assimilate here in America?

Let me give you an analogy.

If a pit bull attacked your daughter and permanently disfigured her arms, requiring many stitches, the pit bull is put down.

But that will not permanently fix the problem, as its owner may decide to purchase yet another pit bull, and again not train it responsibly.

The real solution is to place the blame where it belongs -- not on the dog, but upon the dog owner.

The Hasan's of the world are pit bulls. Everyone knows that they are eventually going to attack without provocation and they will need to be put down.

But, what we have to ask ourselves is, "Who is the owner of these Muslim pit bulls that have been let lose without a leash in our neighborhoods?"

Hasan's parents were Palestinians.

It is my firm belief that Jews in Israel would love nothing more than for all Muslim Palestinians to be taken out of Israel and surrounding occupied territories, to be brought to America.

But wouldn't American Jews object to Muslim Palestinians being brought into "their" country?

Yes, that would be true if they really were assimilated Americans themselves, but from my Jewish spy report I just completed, I'm not so sure that American Jews have a deep love for America.

I believe they would love to help Israel bring all the Palestinians to America and then leave America to immigrate to Israel, leaving American Christians with the mess to clean up.

Do you see any evidence that American Jews are objecting to their sworn enemies, Palestinian Muslims, entering "their" adopted country?

I don't.

All I see is Jewish media-Scribes and Jewish Pharisees trying to convince American Christians that diversity makes us stronger (sic).

My question is, "If American Pharisees are the owners of the Muslim pit bulls let lose upon American society without a leash, viciously attacking their innocent American Christian neighbors, what will be their punishment by their Christian neighbors?"

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