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Oct 20, 2009

Families are where Babies are Made


And that is not all

Those Muslim babies in the video are being born every 15 to 25 years; whereas, due to delayed childbirth in Western countries, those Christian babies are being born every 25 to 35 years apart.

Our 2 children are being born as the first grandchildren are being born to the Muslim family.

Instead of an 1.6 to 8.1 factor, the reality is more like 1.6 to 64 factor, if the 8 children have 64 grandchildren.

Families make babies

Families are the institution Christians use when they want to make babies.

While we are in a national debate about the wisdom of allowing childless homosexual marriages, our own traditional marriages are not producing enough children.

The Jewish media-Scribes have worked furiously to make traditional marriage and child rearing seem like all toil and drudgery, as they make films like Milk which glamorize homosexuality.

The Jewish media-Scribes push no-fault divorce to break up traditional marriages, as they insist that homosexuals want to be married "to live happily ever after".

How quaint!!

The Jewish media-Scribes editorialize to remove all authority from the family, over matters pertaining to the family, such as child custody, as they praise officials who grant authority to homosexuals to pursue their faux-marriages.

Jews are not the Arch-Enemy of Muslims

Many falsely believe that Jews are the mortal enemies of Muslims, but the proof of the lie is in seeing the Jewish media-Scribes quietly encouraging Muslims to enter Christian lands -- Our land!!

And according to another popular mis-belief -- Their JUDEO-Christian land as well!!!

These Muslim Trojan Horses in Christian lands are the pay-back Muslims demand of Jews -- meaning -- Muslims will agree to eventually leave Israel alone, if they have the chance to control Europe.

The Jewish media-Scribes know that reducing the population of Christian children and replacing them with Muslim children is a winning strategy for their goals.

Why fight over lifeless desert, when Muslims can own Paris and London?

Defense of the family is where Christians will win or lose the war.

Repealing the 17th Amendment and silencing the media monopoly which our enemies engage against us are the battles that need to be fought to win this war.

Will War be the Answer?

Looks like the 50 year cycle of major war is upon the world again.

  • (1750) -- The American French and Indian War starting in 1754, sets off the larger European Seven Years War. Protestant England, emerges as the world's greatest naval power, with another lasting effect -- the American colonies would forever be free from concern over French domination -- and after 1776, English domination as well.

  • (1800) -- The French Revolution of 1789 resulted in the Napoleonic War Era of 1803 to 1815, resulting yet again in a second American War of Independence -- our American War of 1812.

  • (1850) -- America's Mexican-American War of 1846-48, is historically seen as the warm-up to the American Civil War, but the reality is the the European 1848 communist revolutions were the real cause. The Communist Revolution of 1848 would be squashed in Europe, but the radicals displaced from the 1848 Revolution washed up on American shores and enraged Americans into the American Civil War -- our deadliest war of all time.

  • (1900) -- America engages in the Spanish-American War in 1898, wins control over the Philippines and fights rebellions for control there until 1913, when America prepares for World War 1 beginning in 1914.

  • (1950) -- America enters World War II at the end of 1941 and finishes in 1945. But that is not the end of this cycle of war that Patton would have finished more forcibly against the Russians. We engaged in a communist proxy war in America's Korean War in 1950, while France began a proxy war against communists in Vietnam in 1954 that we had to continue into the 1960's and 1970's.

  • (2000) -- The Muslim Wars began on Sept 11, 2001, after many unanswered Muslim terrorist attacks. Are these skirmishes the warm-up to another World War?

    List of Conflicts
    Europe and America

    145015001550160016501700175018001850190019502000 -- Wikipedia -- List of Conflicts in Europe
    -- Wikipedia -- List of Conflicts in North America
    -- Wikipedia -- List of Conflicts in Asia

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