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Oct 15, 2009

Red, Blue, and $Green$ States

Paul L. Caron
Median Income Data Mirrors Red State-Blue State Divide

Jack Hunter
Lindsey Graham: "Ron Paul is not the leader of the Republican Party"

Jack Hunter
Why Mark Levin Hates Glenn Beck "

There still exists a misguided belief that the Republican Party is the party of the rich, while the Democratic Party is the party of the poor.

The reality of course is a tad more subtle.

Prior to the 1930's, the Republican Party had indeed traditionally been the party of the "rich North"; while the Democrat Party had traditionally been the party of the "poor South".

Thereafter, our politics became greatly manipulated...

The Neo-Democrats

Starting around the 1930's, the ultra-rich, backed by a powerful Jewish media-Scribe monopoly, started running puppets for office in the Democrat Party, IN THE NORTH, who portrayed themselves as "for the poor".

I will call them -- the Neo-Democrats.

The Neo-Democrats were able to drive the Democrat bus by being even more pro-poor than the poor's traditional leaders had been.

The Neo-Democrats were greatly helped by having the Federal Reserve orchestrate a Great Depression which made most people poor and in need of them.

With the aid of the Great Depression, these uber-rich bribed, misled and bamboozled the poor Northern Democrat poor, who could always thereafter be counted on to vote the uber-rich into office -- to help the poor ???

Hence uber-rich Northern Democrat FDR enjoyed both a solid traditional Democratic Southern base, as well as a Neo-Democrat Northern base and was therefore able to implement many programs "for the poor".

The high water mark for the Democrat Party was the election of the uber-rich Northern Democrat JFK, aligned with token Southern Democrat LBJ.

The Neo-Republicans

During the post-JFK 1960's, the Democrat Party became more and more immoral, the Democrat Party was showering the poor with unappreciated money, and the Democrat Party started smearing the South's face in their historic past of slavery, to the point that the traditional Southern Democrat base switched to Republican.

Many Northern Democrats, with their own inner cities now teeming with the mistake of the South, being paid for no work and still rioting, while drugs were everywhere, began leaving the Democrat Party.

This all culminated in the short-lived Ronald Reagan middle class ruled dynasty.

Out Repub the Repubs

For the uber-rich to regain control over America, they now had to out-Republican the Republican leadership.

Most call these fakes by the name of Neo-Conservative, but since they were never conservative, I wish to call them Neo-Republicans.

Protecting Israel takes priority

Protecting Israel, in the name of Christianity (sic), became a post-Reagan approach to appeal to the patriotism of poor Southern Republicans to win them over.

The Southern States and mid-west, insulated from the rest of the world, have always been more patriotic toward the concept of protecting "God and Country" and could also be counted on to vote Neo-Republican.

But the Neo-Republicans needed the rich North to come over to the same side as the poor South.

Where the Great Depression was the rallying cry of the Neo-Democrats to protect the poor, 9/11 became the rallying cry of the Neo-Republicans to protect America from the Muslim horde.

Transforming the Rich Northern Neo-Democrats into Neo-Republicans

The 911 attack, targeting downtown in the borough of Manhattan in the capital of the Rich North, New York City, represented the dead center, of the heart, of the uber-rich North, causing the North to also become patriotic Americans.

Targeting the Pentagon as well insured that the poor South would commiserate with the attack on the rich North.

The successful Neo-Republicans, already led by the first Bush, invaded Iraq, and led after 911 by the second Bush, invaded Iraq again, to complete the job.

Iraq became a magnet for every anti-Jewish Terrorist in the entire Middle East, draining the swamp of Muslim uber-hatred toward Jews, even having the effect of redirecting some of that hatred toward America.

And result obtained by invading Afghanistan, overthrowing a Muslim theocracy.

Not content with eliminating Muslim anti-Jewish terrorists in the Middle-East, the Neo-Republicans also targeted America.

Outsourced back into Poverty

One of the biggest disasters was another man-made Great Depression.

It was clear that the Neo-Republicans were moving all jobs that could be moved overseas and importing all jobs that could not be export.

Everyone could see that the Neo-Republicans were responsible for making everyone poor again.

It was Herbert Hoover all over again.

The Neo-Neo-Democrats

In this last election, many of the poor South was driven back to their traditional Democrat Party once again, only ran by a new crew of Neo-Democrats, while the Rich North followers of the Neo-Republicans finally gave up on finding traditional Republicans and returned to the Neo-Democrats.

With a new Great Depression, once again greatly helped along by the Federal Reserve, comes even more "help the poor" programs being implemented -- this time national health care.

Since the last election, the Neo-Republican led coalition has now totally cratered, with its main stay -- the Ultra-Pro-Israel Evangelical Protestant membership in complete Shock and Awe about what has happened to them.

Where do the Uber-Rich live and Rule?

In order to see the result of this distortion in our elections, you need to observe the famous electoral map of the Red States vs Blue States.

(By the way, this color scheme is twisted as well. It used to be "red" commies and "blue"-blooded Protestants.

Anyway, the first map shows how we voted for President in 2004.

The second maps shows which States had median income for a family of four exceed the U.S. median of $65,093 (Blue States) and which States were below that amount (Red States)

The liberal ultra-rich live in the Northern Blue States, they concentrate their high-paying businesses in the Northern Blue States, and as Neo-Democrats, have convinced the poor in those states to vote them into office.

With few liberal ultra-rich in the Red States, the middle class has half a chance of being represented by a half way moral politician.

Of course the Republican Party leadership is filled by Neo-Republicans left over from the Neo-Republican led 911 attacks on the Muslims.

Senator Lindsey Graham of the Red State of South Carolina is a Neo-Republican quoted as saying that "Ron Paul is not the leader of the Republican Party", hence trashing the man who defines the very word "American".

Mike Huckabee, with his attempt to federalize, with his "One man-One Woman Marriage Amendment, the religious ceremony of marriage, is a Neo-Republican.

Red States listen to Jewish Pharisee and Neo-Republican Mark Levin on their AM radios. Levin recently trashed Pro-America Glenn Beck.

And Texas has Neo-Republican George W. Bush's hand-appointed "John Edward's haired" replacement for Governor, Rick Perry -- a "me-too" Texas politician who tried to jump in front of the legislative bandwagon implementing its 10th Amendment rights, who anyone with half a brain could see was a fake American patriot and hence a Noe-Republican.

Newt Gingrich is a Neo-Republican.

And I can go on for far too long.

Red States vs Blue States
2004 Electroral Map
(Red - Republican       Blue - Democrat)

Red States vs Blue States
$ Income Map $
(Red - Small Income       Blue - Large Income)

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