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Oct 13, 2009

The Family is the key to Survival

Jayme S. Sellards
Sex and socialism

The key to the destruction of America is the destruction of the family.

    -- P.S. --
    Jayme Sellards says this with far more grace and elegance than I do. You may want to read Sellards story instead of mine.

How is a Libertarian
who believes in Democracy
EXACTLY like a Socialist?

  • If fathers did not take care of their babies -- the government would have to take care of the babies.

  • If sons did not take care of their parents -- the government would have to take care of the parents.

  • If husbands did not take care of their wives -- the government would have to take care of the wives.

    The far, far extreme of the first half of each thought is the perfect example of a LIBERTARIAN !!!

    The far, far extreme of the second half of each thought is the perfect example of a SOCIALIST !!!

    A text-book Libertarian believes we are all equal and all self-sufficient. -- He believes in DEMOCRACY!!

    But the fact is that your baby, your elderly parents and your wife can not be equals! They cannot be self-sufficient. They cannot be Democratic.

    If they are all treated as equals, as a Libertarian would insist, then government would eventually have to pick up the pieces.

    A baby cannot feed itself, an elderly parent does not have the strength to go to work to feed himself, and a wife is not strong enough to defend herself.

    In our new society, the baby needs food stamps, the elderly needs social security and the wife needs easy 911 access.

    You may say then say that a pure Libertarian is anti-Family and hence he is the definition of an anti-SOCIAL'ist.

    In fact, I have argued with Libertarians before about them being dead set on anti-Family themes.
      A) They are pro-abortion -- the killing of the baby in the family, by not being against it.

      B) They are in favor of no-fault divorce -- marriage contracts for life between consenting adults represent repression to them

      C) They are OK with homo-sexual marriage -- which cheapens real marriage meant to provide for children.

      D) They are OK with sex outside marriage, including Prostitution - taking away the reward of marriage, which binds families together.

    A Socialist replaces families with government, but so does the result of being a Libertarian.

    If you are a pure self-sufficient Libertarian, then you have allowed everyone around you to be pushed into the open hands of government.

    And grumbling about why everyone else wants government hand-outs.

    As with all words we get from globalists, the word socialism actually means the exact opposite -- anti-Socialism.

    A socialist wants no socializing going on among families and Libertarians have helped them achieve their goals.

    It pains me to say this, as I used to self-identify as a Libertarian, but it doesn't matter if you call yourself Socialist, Progressive, Communist, DEMOCRATIC or LIBERTARIAN -- they are all words leading to the exact same result - total government control.

    With BIG Government comes the concentration of incredible amounts of power into the hands of a corrupt few.

    A Libertarian, standing alone, doesn't stand a chance once that happens.

    Actually. for lack of a better word, I will probably continue calling myself a Libertarian Christian -- A Christian who believes in the individualism of the sacred family, not the individual.

    And I will be calling Socialists by their proper term from now on -- Anti-Socialists - destroyers of society.

    Capitalism is NOT the opposite of Communism

    Capitalism is a simple economic theory for the establishment of free markets.

    It is just a subset of a much larger societal scheme.

    Capitalism, like the Constitution, falls apart without a Christian base centered around the family.

    Ben Franklin told us as much as he was handing us our Constitution.

    You see, free market Capitalism cannot stand on its own without Christian ethics.

    Christianity molded families from within and free market capitalism molded multiple families together in support of family needs.

    Communism is far simpler -- government simply controls everything -- property, companies, and people.

    For communism to work, most people know that capitalism has to go. No more private property to run your private business from.

    But for communism to work, the family also has to go.

    For a centralized communist government to control everything, there cannot be any control at the local level.

    How is our American Society doing these days?

    You have probably anticipated this section describing how Socialists have transformed our society.

    Karl Marx would love the place.

    Private schools have morphed into locally-ran public schools which are morphing into government-ran pre-school. All to remove the child from the parent.

    Premarital sex has morphed into adulterous sex which morphs into divorce. All to remove the father and husband from the family.

    Can't count on the family to be there, then people look to the never-ending government for support.

    In fact, the very powerful urges of sex and love, so necessary in a family, are totally divorced from the concept of a family. Without these powerful forces holding families together, they instead break families apart.

    The common joke is that "Love and sex are what happens BEFORE you get married."

    Families are the Key

    The best buddy of an all powerful dictator is an all encompassing communism.

    And communism is a totally Jewish Sanhedrin-created concept -- not Christian at all.

    It represents the method the Jewish Pharisees envision to control Christians.

    But for freedom to exist for Christians, America needs to return to her bottoms-up construction of a representative Republic.

    The smallest governmental unit being the family.

    We all have them. We are all babies, parents, grandparents, husbands or wives.

    The representative of the family in the political world is the husband and father.

    Families are to be made as self-sufficient as possible.

    Next in line are the States who hopefully will repeal the 17th Amendment which holds them back from exerting all their power to keep the federal government in line.

    Lastly, the federal government only uses its enumerated powers given it by the Constitution.

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