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Oct 11, 2009

War against the Middle Class
Companies Fake Job Ads for American Workers

Paul McNamara
Lawyers in a how-to video: as in how to avoid hiring an American

Programmers Guild
Programmers Guild

N.I.V. Horror Stories

The words contained in this post could incite worker's riots at Hi-Tech firms,
from the two remaining American workers!!

Exhibit A:
Facts are that a few short years back, America was
  • the most innovative
  • the most productive
  • the most qualified
  • the most capitalistic-friendly government
  • the most admired economy that has ever existed.

Exhibit B:
Accusation by media-Scribes that today, America
  • cannot figure out what people want
  • does not want to work to make those things
  • are not qualified to make it happen
  • one of the most regulated economy -- NOT, they argue for more regulation
  • is the least admired country in the world.

Yes, is is a fact that the unproductive rest of the world works CHEAP --- exactly because they are not innovative, unproductive and unqualified !!!!

The Pharisees are all about making deals and they saw a deal to match up the two.

The idea was, whenever possible, to take our innovation in productive machinery and processes outside our country to an unproductive people who will continue to work as if they were still unproductive, i.e. -- CHEAP !!!

Whenever the jobs could not be outsourced for one reason or another (doctors, farm workers, politically sensitive hi-tech), the unproductive CHEAP workers were brought into this country on a H-1B or L-1 visa.

All of a sudden, lawyers hired by companies discovered that the companies had tens of millions of Americans working for them who were no longer "legally" qualified to do the job they had been doing all along, allowing those companies to sponsor workers on H-1B visas.

Contained in this post is conclusive evidence of colusion between government, hi-tech corporations and law firms to disqualify Qualified American workers.

Meet the law firm of
Cohen and Grisby

Lawyer Lawerence M. Lebowitz, Vice President of Marketing of the Cohen and Grisby law firm, explains to the Seventh Annual Immigration Law Update how to legally disqualify qualified American technical workers from being hired.

"If that sounds funny to you", says Lebowitz, he would agree with you -- he says so in the video below.

    Immigration attorneys from Cohen & Grigsby explains how they assist employers in running classified ads with the goal of NOT finding any qualified applicants, and the steps they go through to disqualify even the most qualified Americans in order to secure green cards for H-1B workers.

    See what Bush and Congress really mean by a "shortage of skilled U.S. workers."

    Microsoft, Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, and thousands of other companies are running fake ads in Sunday newspapers across the country each week.


    (See related video at the end of this post)

Reform the H-1B program!!

Target overpaid
American Jewish Lawyers !!

(Watch out for witty sarcasm in this segment -- NOT!

Jewish lawyers are almost always paid more than Christian engineers and replacing Jews in law firms will free them up for far more productive activities, which is "good for America".

We need federal government based social engineering on the jobs of Jewish lawyers, in order to get them out of their cozy jobs as lawyers, so that these Jews will thereafter be free to rise to their fullest potential.

It is an established fact that, with only a 2% population base, [Jews command the majority of top-level lawyer positions] in this country; whereas, the majority Christians simply command the majority of technical jobs.

Never forget, social engineering of people's livelihoods such as in affirmative action programs, H-1B visa programs, L-1 visa programs, and outsourcing programs are all done in the best interest of the State.

The following analogy for American Jewish lawyers is equivalent to replacing American Christian engineers with Indian Hindu or Pakistani Muslim engineers.)

I propose to replace the current H-1B visa program targetting technical professionals, with a new one that targets overpaid and underworked American Jewish Lawyers for replacement by foreign Christian lawyers. -- Especially the ones who make a ton of money selling their fellow American Christians down the river, starting with Jewish Pharisee Lawyer Lawerence M. Lebowitz!!!!

In my program, we will prove to the Department of Labor that we need to swamp America with H-1B lawyers, because we can find no qualified American Jewish Lawyers we can hire.

We will require law firms to follow these strict legal guidelines.

  • You MUST run "fake ads" on your web site, on, and run two back-to-back ads in the Sunday paper that make it look like you are needing to hire American Jewish lawyers.

  • These ads are to run in the local Branson, Missouri newspapers ONLY ! Make sure that you do NOT run the ads in either New York City, Los Angeles or any resort area of Florida where Jewish lawyers tend to live.

  • In the ads, you MUST list impossible job requirements, such as "Must be uncircumcised", "Must relocate to Branson Missouri", "Must be ethical", "Must work for less than $200,000 per year".

  • By law, you MUST read each and every resume from American Jewish lawyers, but all resumes that do not meet all the required qualifications are to be summilarily disqualified.

  • You are NOT required to interview each and every qualified candidate, but you MUST interview a few, and document to the Department of Labor, some of the qualified candidates in order to find ways to legally disqualify them.

  • At this time, after following the guidelines above, you are now legally safe to sponsor a foreign Christian lawyer on a H-1B visa who knows nothing of American law and therefore meets none of your requirements for the position, but will work cheap.

  • Once your H-1B foreign Christian lawyer is on board, have your existing trained and experienced American Jewish lawyer, train your new H-1B worker.

  • You are now free to lay-off the American Jewish lawyer, knowing well that you are doing your patriotic duty to help him find a better and more productive position in life.

WARNING : These Videos could induce vomiting !!!

Cohen & Grigsby
Immigration Law Update May 15, 2007

CNN Lou Dobbs
on H-1B Abuse

Non-American worker recruited
for American political position

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