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Oct 3, 2009

Dave Letterman is the real Blackmailer

Richard Rushfield
Gawker Exclusive: Letterman Said to Pay Assistant's Law School Bill

Stephanie Birkett - the Intern

    David Letterman Joke AFTER admitting to Adultry

  • It's fall here in New York City. I spent the whole weekend raking my hate mail.

  • It's chilly outside my house . . . and chilly inside my house.

Yelp, Dave Letterman would indeed be in favor of outlawing "hate mail".

What I really want to know about the Dave Letterman scandal is, "Why did the authorities arrest the wrong guy?"

This is a case of Dave Letterman engaging in illegal blackmail, then using legal blackmail, all in order to blackmail another man of blackmail.

After all, federalized sexual harassment laws of a superior over a subordinate is just a subset of the traditional and historic State crime of blackmail.

Letterman was legally the blackmailer here.

The "48 Hours" Producer could not be a Blackmailer

Blackmail is like money laundering -- no other crime committed, then no crime of blackmail.

Just putting money into a bank and taking it back out is not money laundering. It is only money laundering if you have committed another crime, such as drug smuggling, and then tried to clean the money by laundering it through a bank.

Likewise, blackmail cannot be a crime unless done in connection with another crime. "Give me $2 million dollars or I will kill you!" "I have kidnapped your kids, give me $2 million dollars if you ever want to see them again!!!" "If you don't want these photos of your adultery released, then hold up this convenience store for me!!!"

"If you want your lawn mowed, pay me $20!!!" Is NOT a crime of blackmail!!

What crime did the "48 Hours" guy commit? -- I can argue that he violated NO LAW!!!!

Slander is against the law, but there was no slander in this case

The truth is protected speech by anyone, but a "48 Hours" producer is further protected by Constitutional "free press" provisions on top of his personal Constitutional "free speech" rights.

So even if the allegations were slander, the "48 Hours" producer could say that he was releasing the information to the press because he had a belief that the allegations were true.

The burden of proof would go to Dave Letterman, the public figure, to prove that the "48 Hours" producer had actual knowledge that the allegations were false, in order for a slander charge to hold.

But that is unlikely to happen since Dave Letterman has admitted that he had engaged in "weird sex" with his interns.

So telling the truth or deciding to not tell the truth is not against the law; hence, no underlying slander or defamation laws were broken to invoke blackmail charges.

If the agreement is legal, then it is not blackmail

The "48 Hours" producer had an agreement with Dave Letterman that was of value to both parties.

The "48 Hours" producer was to get $2 million dollars from Letterman, and in return, Letterman was to keep his $40 million dollar a year job.

Letterman also stands to lose his wife and $300 million she wants to take with her.

Sounded like a deal both parties would have loved!

In fact, it was David Letterman who violated the terms of the contract and at the same time, violated the law, by knowingly writing a hot check for $2 million dollars.

The wrong man was arrested!!!

Well we can say this guy was indeed stupid.

During the last season of "Friends" each cast member was receiving $1 million per episode. For all six cast members the total was $6 million.

For his 15 minutes of fame, these photos of Dave Letterman should have been valued at least $3 million dollars to TMZ or other appropriate media outlet for scum on Hollywood elites.

Letterman was getting a bargain with his agreement!!!

The man was simply selling Dave Letterman an exlusive photo of himself.

He was even doing Dave a favor. Instead of receiving $3 million, he was willing to accept $2 million from Dave. He must like Dave a lot!!

Nevertheless, any lawyer knows that two private citizens engaging in a legal agreement is a contract that is again protected by the Constitution.

Dave has admitted to the contract and should pay up the $2 million dollars he legally owes.

Aiding and Abetting the crime of Sexual Harassment

By not reporting a known crime, the "48 Hours" producer could possibly be charged with aiding and abetting the federal offense of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.

But again, to aid and abet, there has to be a crime that was aided and abetted.

And the criminal having committed that crime would have to be Dave Letterman.

For the "48 Hours" producer to be arrested, then Dave Letterman would also have to be arrested for violating federal law.

But Dave is being portrayed as a victim here.

He has not even lost his job, for heavens sake!!!!

Could CBS be engaging in the aiding and abetting of this crime?

Nevertheless, I don't believe that "not reporting a crime" in which you had nothing to do with is illegal.

There are plenty of people who do not report crimes for fear of their lives. We don't arrest them. I believe that priests, spouses, lawyers AND MEDIA can legally never report crimes they know of.

I believe that "the right to remain silent" is another Constitutional right, especially again for a news reporter.

Dave Letterman is the true Blackmailer

Again, legally, it would be hard to push aiding and abetting charges against an investigative news producer of "48 Hours" without also pushing corruption charges against CBS for allowing the head of the Dave Letterman Show to keep his job after that criminal has all but admitted to using his considerable power and influence in Hollywood to BLACKMAIL more than one intern for SEX in exchange for her JOB.

If anyone is guilty of blackmail, it is Dave Letterman who is blackmailing his female staff!!!

With Dave having successfully had the "48 Hours" producer arrested, now Dave can also engage in legal blackmail.

Dave's lawyers can tell the "48 Hours" producer's lawyers that "I will plea bargain your prison term down to only 2 months (legal blackmail), if you agree to not release any photos of me blackmailing my female workers."

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