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Oct 3, 2009

Powerful Christian Men
Sexually Harassing
Jewish Female Interns
in the Workplace !!
Where is the Outrage!!!

Richard Rushfield
Gawker Exclusive: Letterman Said to Pay Assistant's Law School Bill

Stephanie Birkett - the Intern

Brian Moylan
Letterman Haunted by the Ghosts of Monica Lewinsky Jokes Past

Roger Hedgecock
Liberal rules don't apply to liberals

Rumor of Jewish Intern
Stephanie Birkitt
used and abused
by Dave Letterman

Remember when the federal government created all the "sexual harassment in the workplace" lawsuits to protect poor, defenseless subordinate women in the workplace against top-dog conservative businessmen which liberal lawyers were enriching themselves on?

    It's bedrock liberal feminist teaching that when a male in a superior position in the workplace has sex with a female in a subordinate job, the sex is non-consensual.

    The male is using his position to extort the sex.

    Every time.

    No exceptions.

    Many a male has lost his job over this.

    Don't think this applies to you?

    Consult your workplace "sexual harassment" code.

    -- Roger Hedgecock

Sexual Harrassment of course was always against the law at the State level with State blackmail laws -- You can keep your job IF you have sex with me.

But we wanted to federalize our laws for some reason.

Then with Bill Clinton, we found out why the States had not been so active in prosecuting these types of laws.

Do you remember that the Jewish media-Scribes immediately stopped reporting on these lawsuits the minute President Clinton was accused of sexual harassment of state employee Paula Jones, adultery with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, and even the rape of Juanita Broddrick.

Without "sexual harassment in the workplace" meaning anything anymore, perhaps what I say is of no consequence.

Nevertheless, we must note the similarities of President Clinton which David Letterman earned his living making jokes of and his behavior with his own interns.

Can we still be outraged
that powerful Christian men
are Sexually Harassing
weak, defenseless Jewish women
in the Workplace?

Monica Lewinsky was a Jewish intern to President Clinton.

Bill CLinton was a Southern Baptist CHRISTIAN !!!!

Rumors are that one of Letterman's interns was Stephanie Birkett, whom I presume is Jewish since Dave Letterman paid for her attending the Yesiva University Law School.

    The scuttlebutt on the set had it that current assistant-in-question, Stephanie Birkitt, received extra compensation for duties as his First Assistant, in the form of Letterman picking up the tab for her graduate law studies at the Yeshiva University Law School.

Dave Letterman claims to be a Lutheran CHRISTIAN !!!!

Where are the Jewish media-Scribes condemning these two very powerful Christians who are sexually oppressing, sexually transgressing, and deflowering innocent Jewish women under their charge?

Look what these poor Jewish women had to go through to keep thier jobs in this white (Christian) man's world !!!



Well the mind wanders.

Perhaps President Clinton and Dave Letterman are Christian Herodians who are actually very helpful to the cause of Judaism and they don't want to bother them.

Perhaps the Jewish women were actually the ones doing the seducing.

Wouldn't take much with these men, but perhaps there is a useful purpose to have our politicians compromised of their morals and ethics, knowing they could be broken the minute they stepped out of line, in order to keep them in line.

Remembering all the BRUTAL
personal attacks
on Sarah Palin and her family
(See video at end)

For the Dave Letterman Jokes below
Dave Letterman for Bill Clinton
Stephanie Birkitt for Monica Lewinsky

    Monica Lewinsky's Top Ten Nicknames for Bill Clinton"

    10. Puffy the Intern Slayer
    9. Sheriff Bubba
    8. The Chief Sexecutive
    7. Unnamed High-Ranking Official
    6. My Sweet Impeachable You
    5. The Little Rock Rascal
    4. El Presidente del Armor
    3. Tubby Dearest
    2. Commander-in-Briefs
    1. Free Willie 2

    "Now we hear that Monica has sued the President for $1,000,002.50.

    That's one million for pain and suffering and $2.50 for dry cleaning."

    "I really have to hand it to the White House.

    Around here we can't even get the interns to work the copy machine."

    "You may think you have a stressful job, but since she's been a Senator, Hillary Clinton, they say, put on 30 pounds.

    In fact, she has gotten so heavy that today Bill hit on her."

    "Celebrity birthdays, today Monica Lewinsky is 28.

    It seemed like just yesterday she was crawling around on the floor in the Oval Office."

    "No move ever goes smoothly. Today Clinton's brand new desk arrived.

    He had to send it back, apparently not enough head room."

    "Monica Lewinsky has her own show on HBO.

    I have not seen it yet but I understand it's getting very good word of mouth."

    "Monica Lewinsky was on Larry King Live tonight. Monica really liked Larry King.

    Actually, she likes any guy with a desk."

    "Over the weekend President Clinton's dog Buddy died. It is a heartbreaking thing because Buddy was a great dog.

    Buddy could rollover, Buddy would beg. Buddy could catch things in his mouth - wait a minute - I'm sorry. I am thinking of Monica."

    "President Bush has authorized the drop of 15,000-pound bombs on Afghanistan.

    I believe that is the heaviest ordered drop by a president since ... well, Monica."

    "It turns out now that Bill Clinton ... he had tape recorders working in the Oval Office. This could get pretty good. They apparently were voice activated, just like his fly. These tapes are available to everybody. There's 80 in the Clinton audiotape collection. And if you buy all 80, he'll throw his sex video, 'Too Hot for the Starr Report.' ...
    br> The tape recorder was equipped with forward, reverse and pause, just like his interns. ...

    The people that have listened to them say you can't really hear anything because of the sound of Monica's head thumping on the desk."

    "The House has approved drilling for oil in the Alaska wilderness.

    Say what you will about Clinton, but he was only interested in drilling in the Oval Office."

    "Bush went to Wisconsin, to a Harley Davidson factory and rode a motorcycle.

    It's the biggest thing a president has ridden since ... I just can't bring myself to throw that joke away."

    "Well, President Clinton has gotten himself a new dog. You know, I think it's changing his life, kind of brightening him up.

    He's teaching the dog to sit up, to beg, to roll-over, you know, just like he did with the interns."

Arrogant "Caveman" Dave Letterman:
Degrades Sarah Palin's daughters
Claims only 17-year-old girl
but could be taken for the 14-year-old
and degrades flight attendants
Shows little sympathy for mistake
--Gets laugh from his audience

Arrogant "Caveman" Dave Letterman
admitting to molesting his staff
--Gets applause from his audience

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