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Sept 28, 2009

If DNC perjured itself,
shouldn't it be charged under RICO laws?

Drew Zahn
49 of 50 states never saw certification of eligibility?

The two national parties are not above the laws are they?

Perhaps Obama is not the only party needing to be sued over the Presidential eligibility requirements.

Nancy Pelosi certified and signed for the Democratic National Convention in an affidavit that Obama met the requirements for President.

Seems that this makes the DNC a party to the lawsuits questioning the natural born citizen requirements of the Constitution.

And by Congress, in the hands of the DNC, holding public hearings concerning the eligibility of Republican McCain's status as a natural born citizen, they established knowledge and awareness of the facts needed to aver the correct form of citizenship.

What then follows is a cover-up of the facts of the case.

In sum, does the DNC meet the requirements of RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization)?

This is the Master Key to the Birth Certificate

Does not matter that Nancy Pelosi perjured herself.

Here are what should be the facts of the case:

  • The State of Hawaii accepted the certification of Obama's eligibility to be President from Nancy Pelosi and the DNC

  • Hawaii had to have given the DNC a true copy of Obama's birth certificate in order for Nancy Pelosi to certify for the DNC

  • For Hawaii to have given out the true birth certificate, they had to have had authorization from Obama to release to the DNC

  • All records for the DNC under transparency laws to prevent election fraud are open records.

  • Hence, the birth certificate becomes a public record available for all to read.

DNC Certifies Obama meets requirements
(Filed in Hawaii ONLY)

DNC only states that Obama was duly elected
(Filed in all other 49 States)

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