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Sept 27, 2009

Grounds for NBC
to have its public broadcasting rights revoked

Michael Calderone
NBC News prez blasts ALG: 'reckless' and 'defamatory' UPDATE

Noel Sheppard
NBC Producer Accused of E-mailing Anti-ACORN Group 'Bite Me Jew Boy'

Jane Stone
email from Jane Stone to Bill Wilson c/o Alex Rosenwald

Howard Rich
Americans for Limited Government

Talking Initiatives
Three Big Donors Bankrolled Americans for Limited Government in 2005

Compared to being called the name "Nazi",
being called "Jew boy" is a badge of honor


"Call a spade a spade" or in this case "call a Jew a Jew" (albeit, an old-fashioned derogatory term for Jews) and the media-Scribe world is up in arms. -- People should be fired! Huge media conglomerates should be humbled! Accusations fly back and forth! Lawsuits are spoken of.

But if a Jewish media-Scribe or Pharisee calls someone a Nazi -- the accuser should not be fired -- no fuss -- no contention.

But why?

In our universe, the word "Nazis" has an universally accepted connotation of cold-blooded death and destruction; whereas, the word "Jew" has an unquestioned connotation of pity and injustice.

As a result, if name calling is occurring, all Jews should accept being called "Jew boy" by a Christian with a sense of pride; while the one who should really be up in arms is any Christian being called a "Nazi" by a Jew -- for -- a Christian cannot, by definition, be a Nazi!

It is inherently repugnant to a Christian to murder in cold blood.

What in the heck happened here?

There can be only one truth here.

If NBC Dateline actually sent the derogatory remark to Jewish Alex Rosenwald of Americans for Limited Government, then that makes them anti-Semites, which is silly because NBC is owned by Jewish media-Scribes and Sadducees.

So, what would their real motivation be?

Perhaps, send the derogatory statement, knowing all along that they would deny it later as a fraud, in a reverse psychology scam to make a conservative group look to be dishonest and race bating?

On the other hand, if Alex Rosenwald faked the email to make very-much-Semite NBC look like anti-Semites, then that is silly, because Rosenwald is Jewish himself. Why would he want NBC to look like anti-Semites?

Either way it is a Jew calling another Jew to be a "Jew boy".

I smell a rat!

Americans for Limited Government controlled by three secret donors

ALG was founded two years ago by a Jewish Sadducee New York real estate investor named Howard Rich.

Billing itself as a grassroots organization, 99% of its operating budget comes from only three very secretive men.
    By Bill Hogan Published: December 21, 2006

    Americans for Limited Government, the tax-exempt organization that bankrolled a series of controversial ballot initiatives this year, raised 99 percent of its $5.4 million in total contributions in 2005 from just three donors, the Center for Public Integrity has learned.

In truth, these types of groups are fake conservative groups created by the Sadducees to herd real patriots such as you and I together so we can be managed.

These fake political disputes with known leftist organizations like NBC are done to give credibility to themselves.

The patriots are encouraged into join useless email campaigns to their Senator, resulting in nothing useful happening. Nothing can happen after all with these sorts of wasteful actions, since they already control the Senator.

The only effective way to fight corruption in the Senate is to defeat fake organizations such as Americans for Limited Government and NBC, while simuteneously, repealing the 17th Amendment, placing the Senate back into the hands of the 50 States.

Anyone who argues otherwise is either ignorant or misleading you. I don't count either NBC or fraudulant Americans for Limited Government among the ignorant camp.

The Spiking of the ACORN story

NBC, having deliberately spiked the story where 4 branches of Obama's corrupt ACORN had been proved committed to aiding and abetting an underage, illegal immigrant, sex slave prostitution ring, the Jewish media-Scribes are now distracting us with a story about a racist "Jew boy" comment.

Jewish Pharisee Alex Rosenwald under the guise of some kind of a right-wing agent provocateur group called "Americans for Limited Government" (ALG), jumped on the bandwagon (albeit very late) to go after ACORN.

    A group called Americans for Limited Government on Thursday accused a producer for NBC's "Dateline" of sending them an anti-Semitic e-mail message in response to the organization's request for Congress to defund the controversial group ACORN.

    The mass e-mail in question, sent by ALG's [director of media outreach], Alex Rosenwald, to many members of the media including NBC's Jane Stone, said:

      "The only way Congress can unravel all of the various funding measures in the 'stimulus,' in the 'Foreclosure Prevention Act,' and other measures is to pass the 'Defund ACORN Act' immediately. They should do it now. Before ACORN spends it all." -- ALG President Bill Wilson

    According to ALG, Stone responded:

Hence the controversy.

And the accusations fly.

NBC Dateline, standing on their incredibly biased, proven dishonest reputation, the network of anti-Christan Bryant Gumbal and faked exploding gas tanks, states that they never send such a defamatory statement.

For top notch reporting (just kidding), look at the NBC logos proudly displayed in the Cho Seung-Hui's anti-Christian, anti-capitalist, anti-Western, manifesto for the Virginia Tech massacres. Would a pro-Christian, pro-capitalist, pro-western manifesto get free air time on NBC? How many times have questions like this been asked when we all know the answer?

Coming to the defense of NBC is Politico's Michael Calerone who does little to make NBC sound more honorable.

Reason why NBC should have its public broadcasting license revoked

Politico's Michael Calderone reported on this matter Friday:

    But Stone's response email-provided to POLITICO-did not have any anti-Semitic comment. In fact, it had just one line: "Take me off this list!"

NBC's defense to the "Jew boy" charge is that they really sent the one liner "Take me off this list!"

From out of the pan and smack into the fires of hell!

So what NBC does acknowledge is that it does not take inputs from both sides of a story before providing news coverage?

NBC acknowledges that it has NO interest in LIMITED government.

NBC acknowledges then that it is not performing its public airwaves duty to properly inform American voters of national events.

NBC acknowledges that is is no longer a news gathering organization, but is instead a political action committee (PAC) advertising its own personal political views.

NBC is finally acknowledging then that it should have it's public broadcasting rights revoked?

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