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Sept 26, 2009

How can you have a
peaceful "unlawful assembly" in America?

Paul Joseph Watson
Military Attacks American Citizens With Sound Weapons & Tear Gas At G20

Long Range Acoustic Device

Sure there were black ninja anarchists at the G20 protests -- most likely agents provocateurs made to give the impression that anyone who opposed the sellout of America is a bad character, as have been seen at other such events like the "Battle for Seattle", which was clearly shown to be faked. (Watch segment 50:10 to 53:20 of Behind the Big News)

Fortunetely for America, these court jesters in ninja outfits forgot to show up at the town hall meetings and so, the media-Scribes were completely caught off-guard by the sight of regular Americans getting in their two cents worth.

But for the G20 conference, we need to look behind the scenes of the Shakespearian plays that the likes of NBC and CNN put on their packaged broadcasts.

For the G20 conference in Pittsburgh, citizen's news reports on YouTube show paramilitary units corralling peaceful demonstrators like cattle into a contained area and then told them that they had no right to peacefully assemble.

In an ironic turn of events, they were told they had no right to peacefully assemble in protest against an anti-American illegal assembly of foreign ministers directing the financial activities of America.

A new low was reached. For the first time, LRAD technology has been used against American citizens.

LRAD stands for Long Range Acoustical Device and has only been used against pirates at sea -- until now.

Now, paramilitary government pirates use it against American citizens peacefully assembling.

    The violent protesters stick out like sore thumbs. They wear all black. Everyone else is either a PEACEFUL protester or just someone on their way to work or school.

    Last night the cops went onto [the University of] Pitt campus while classes were in session and assumed they were all just there to riot. There were only a few anarchist there. All of them were actually kids who were just on their way to and from their dorm/class. They still got their head kicked in and gassed.

Citizens news report:
Violation of Right
to Peacefully Assemble

Citizens news report:
Violation of
local noise ordinance
by police!

Standard Media-Scribe
Brainwahing Report

complete with
Agents Provecateurs
in black maskes!

Domestic Abuse -- Police style
Girl, complying with police,
stopped by pileup before fire hydrant
is then shoved by manly police once
then again as she is dismounting,
she throws bike and is beaten by manly police
then arrested
for domestic violence against manly police

    Girl on Bike

    Lauren Wasson, 23, of Garfield, was charged with obstruction of highways and aggravated assault after she "threw bicycle at Officer [Shawn] Dady, striking Officer Dady with it." Her bond was set at $10,000, payable at 10 percent.

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