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Sept 18, 2009

House of 1776 Representatives
Correct size should be 1776 Members

Bob Unruh
Lawsuit seeks larger House under 'one person, one vote'

    A vote in Mississippi is worth only about half that of a vote in Rhode Island or Iowa.

    For the worst case, it takes 1.83 Montana voters to equal just 1 Wyoming voter

    -- Bob Unruh

One more legacy of the Progressive [communist] "improvements" we are left with today.

In 1911, Congress froze the size of the House of Representatives at 435.

However, a problem has cropped up over this freeze.

The mantra of the Pharisee-led Civil Rights marches of the 1960's was "One man, One Vote".

Now let us get this straight.

Mississippi has a huge black population.

Rhode Island and Iowa have large white populations.

So, this article tells me that it takes about 1.5 black voters in Mississippi to equal 1 white voter in Iowa or Rhode Island?

Anyone see racism here?

Obviously unconstitutional both in basic Constitution equality, as well as with our more familiar racial equality hangups.

The solution to fix the problem that would pass a SCOTUS review for an approved level of "One man, One vote", would have the size of our House of Representatives at 1,761 members

I say we allow America to have an allowance for just a little more extra growing.

So, I say we make the final size of the House of Representatives to have 1776 members.

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