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Sept 13, 2009

Aiding and Abetting underaged Sexual Slavery


ACORN fires workers exposed in undercover tape

Fox News
ACORN Fires More Officials for Helping 'Pimp,' 'Prostitute' in Washington Office

Michelle Malkin
The ACORN Obama knows

Michelle Malkin
ACORN Watch: The Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office warped priorities

Asha Beh
"Pimp Sting" Taints ACORN, Obama Supporters

Fox News
Police: California Girl Kidnapped 18 Years Ago Kept as Sex Slave in Couple's Backyard

The media-Scribes have been running sympathetic non-stop stories about the abduction at the age of 11 of Jaycee Lee Dugard by a white man, to be his sex slave for the last 18 years.

Now comes a similar story, this time with 13 underaged girls to be prostituted to many men -- this time ridiculed by the media-Scribes, if reported at all.

In a scene straight out of "60 Minutes", a young man poses as a pimp, while his girlfriend poses as his girlfriend and prostitute.

Entering several ACORN establishments, the pimp and prostitute ask for government money to start up a house of prostitution and to bring in 13 under-aged, illegal, El Salvadorian girls to also pimp out as sex slaves.

The "ladies" at the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now's office, all five ladies from two branches offer sage advice on how to circumnavigate tax laws, prostitution laws, money laundering laws and a host of other criminal offenses.

NBC seems less than concerned that 13 dirt-poor, illegal, underaged girls will be made into slave prostitutes once arriving in America. To them, this seems to little more than a simple political one-upsmanship by conservatives...
    "Taxpayers should be outraged that their money has gone to an organization that, in addition to facing charges of voter fraud and tax violations, is willing to facilitate prostitution," said Rep. Steve King, an Iowa Republican.

    Oh, the outrage! The horror! Every Republican with anything to say will be sure to be on FOX News to chop ACORN down to size. And judging by the employees' actions in these videos, they've got plenty to chew on.

    -- Asha Beh, NBC Reporter
Asked what the Baltimore City State's Attorney's Office will do about this gross violation of our laws?

Yes, they intend to prosecute this evil, diabolical and illegal wiretapping operation.

Darn, I was hoping of more along the lines of a RICO Charge against the entire ACORN organization. Doesn't RICO describe ACORN -- Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

Concern over aiding and abetting a perceived International Sex Slavery ring evidentially does not override this wiretapping which was done to demonstrate the aiding and abetting of international sexual slavery in Baltimore by a national organization set to help with the CENSUS, which receives millions of taxpayer dollars and stands accused of voter fraud?

By the way, voter fraud done by white people against black voters has historically been considered a hanging offense by the Jewish media-Scribes. -- Not so for black voter fraud against white people, done by black people supported by the Jewish Sanhedrin.

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