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Sept 11, 2009

International Fascism
U.S. Companies Nationalized at Home

Don Clark
Globalfoundries CEO May Become Truly Global

AMD's shares leap 15 percent after Chartered deal

Kate Phillips
Kennedy Connection to Hugo Chavez and Citgo

    Republican Congressman Joe Wilson has apologized for calling President Obama a liar during his speech on healthcare.

    Obama accepted Wilson's apology, then invited him to appear before a death panel.

    -- Conan O'Brian

Our Country buying our Companies

With the purchase of GM by Obama, the partial nationalization of the banking system, and his desire to nationalize the entire healthcare system, Americans were rightly worried that our own government was becoming a fascist country where the government owned all the companies, not free citizens.

Our government was not just going to run all business through endless regulation, as in years past, but now our government wanted to take active ownership.

But quietly, while we were not watching, this time without any noise or fanfare, many of our other businesses are being bought up by government.

Other governments -- not our own.

Muslim governments -- not our predominantly Christian government.

Communist countries, not our predominantly capitalist government.

Muslim Countries buying our Companies

Yes, the purchase of the port authority did raise eyebrows and the purchase of government toll roads and bridges by Muslims were both fought back.

Our ever alert Jewish media-Scribes did ring the bells on these deals.

But they were all government "businesses". I guess, our government and our media-Scribes doesn't want their own operations bought up.

But it doesn't seem to care otherwise!

The news of this week was stockbrokers celebrated the 15% rise in AMD stock.

What was there to celebrate?

The Muslim government of Abu Dhabi had just announced that it was buying Chartered Semiconductor of Singapore.

Previously, the Abu Dhabi Muslims had already secured an interest in troubled AMD through it's seemingly "harmless" joint venture called GlobalFoundries.

Microprocessors are the brains behind the world's computers and the fabrication of them will be made by a Muslim country.

By owning Chartered Semiconductor, which makes chips for Microsoft's XBox, this Muslim country has also gained a say, a leverage as they say in financial circles, in how Microsoft is ran.

A leading microprocessor company, AMD, is now dependant upon a Muslim country and the world's largest software company, Microsoft, is at least dependant upon the same country for its' XBox chips.

Not that we should all run to Intel. Intel is ran by a Jewish Sadducee and is pushing its designs to the apartheid state of Israel.

Is this not fascism by another government?

Communist Countries buying our Companies

Hugo Chavez is the communist tyrant who usurped Democracy in Venezuela and now runs the American-based oil company Citgo.

To service his oil wells, he has imported oil field workers from Iran, another Muslim country who knows a thing or two about oil.

To see the communist effects in action, Chavez donates money to the Joe Kennedy II charities for the poor, and who knows how much campaign money under the table.

Expect Joe Kennedy II to try to take Teddy's old seat. -- Helping the poor "masses".

Joseph Kennedy II
Commercial joining his name with that of Hugo Chavez

The Big Question?

I did see the media-Scribes question Obama taking control of GM.

I guess that was probably too hard to hide.

But did you know anything about Muslim countries and Communist countries taking control of other vital parts of our national economy?

Is this the "free trade" our RINOs promised us under George Bush I and II?

How many American companies are owned or controlled by Iranian, Kuwaiti, Iraqi, or Saudi Arabian MUSLIM governments that we know nothing about?

Then ask yourself how many American companies the COMMUNIST government of China out right owns or controls, which we know nothing about?

Why is it that the Jewish media-Scribes are not reporting on this governmental takeover of free enterprise?

Could they be in on a conspiracy to merge America into a series of One-World Fascist-government-ran Global Corporations?

So let's get this straight.

If these nationalizations by other countries of American companies on American soil can slip under the screen of the media-Scribes, then how can the media-Scribes not be placed among the names of the traitors to America's Independence?

As America watches other countries nationalize American companies in their own backyards, how can the Sadducees doing these deals not escape a hanging?

The Even Bigger Question?

If our multinational corporations are ALREADY buying our politicians and then our politicians are in turn treating our multi-national corporations as pampered pets, then what will life be like in America when Muslim and Communist countries own all our multi-national corporations?

If a Saudi Arabia or a China wants America to do something they want, will they use the multi-national corporations they have bought to CONTINUE TO BUY our American politicians and get our corporations to dictate our governmental policy in their favor, and not in the best interests of the citizens of America?

If corporations buying our politicians is bad, then how bad is it that hostile foreign governments buy the corporations who buy our politicians?

Is it good for America to have hostile foreign governments deciding who gets elected to run America and controlling them thereafter?

If the Supreme Court of the United States defines CORPORATIONS as a legal person, and if slavery is illegal by way of the 13th Amendment, then why are our CORPORATIONS now slaves to foreign governments?

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