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Sept 7, 2009

Cartoon celebrating

John Sutherland Production
Make Mine Freedom (1948)

In this cartoon, the ISMs of Progressism, Socialism, Fascism, and Communism are all contrasted to what made America great in the first place -- Capitalism and Freedom.

The only shortcomings of this 1948 cartoon is that the Jewish Pharisee shyster displayed is not shown causing the quarrels between labor and management, nor is this Jewish Pharisee shyster shown creating quarrels between the farmer and the politician, both of which he can then "fix" by selling America on his magic elixir "ISM".

This cartoon was made 61 years ago, yet too many Americans are still being drugged today by the fraudulent claims made about this elixer.


Take my Magic Elixer "ISM" for What Ails You

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