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Sept 5, 2009

Jewish Mengel Doctors
The Illegal and Immoral trade in Human Organs
(Part 1)

Patrick Buchanan
VIDEO: Money and Murder for Organs: How Do These People Live With Themselves?

    Israelis have a phrase,

    "Israelis don't weaken their own."

    Corrolary to Israeli phrase,

    "Israelis weaken others."

In other words, Jewish Sadducees have been illegally harvesting the internal organs of healthy non-Jewish Gentiles for placement inside sick Jewish people.

Or as a modern-day Shakespeare would have the Jewish character Shylock demand of Christian Antonio, "I will take a kidney with that pound of flesh."

And once again, we have an almost complete media shutdown, reminiscent of the media-blackout associated with the Rabbi Rap Sheet

Standard Operating Procedure for Christians

Back when we were fresh out of college, my oldest best friend, a devout Christian, and I roomed together in an apartment.

One day I arrived from a late night's work and discovered, upon opening the front door, a stranded family who was spread out all over the living room.

My very devout Christian friend had come across the stranded family walking down the road, with no money for a hotel room or food, and invited them to stay with us for a few days.

Not done with his Christian charity, he bought bus tickets for the entire family to get home.

At another time, my friend voluntarily donated his own kidney to his sister, because A) he loved her very much and B) his kidney was the most biologically compatible kidney the doctors could find.

When that kidney also failed, his twin brother donated a kidney to save her life.

Never would it cross my friend's mind to have the poor stranded father pay for his families bus trip home with a kidney donation.

Christian charity for the poor and Christian caring for the sick describes my good friend well.

Standard Operating Procedure for Jews
"Let's Make a Deal"

The mother of an Israeli man was badly in need of a kidney.

Her son was the most likely source -- both morally and biologically.

But this Israeli man was your typical future enterprising Sadducee.

With the excuse that his mother would refuse to accept his kidney on the grounds that "Israelis don't like to weaken their own", this Israeli found a poor non-Jewish donor desperate for the money.

A healthy, teenage, non-Jewish, desperately poor donor.

And so a new Jewish enterprise was begun.

He would found a successful business to match desperately poor non-Jews who will sell their internal organs to rich Jews in need of a kidney.

A Modern-day extension for the word KOSHER

Seems that for kidney failure in this Jewish patient

  • Receiving kidney dialysis is not Kosher

  • Implanting a kidney that has been on ice is not Kosher

  • Implanting a kidney from a car wreck kidney doner is not Kosher

  • Implanting a kidney from a fellow Jew is not Kosher

  • Implanting a kidney from anyone older than a healthy teenager is not Kosher

The only Kidney Kosher meat acceptable would be from a non-Jewish live teenager.

Being a dirt-poor peasant is only a requirement in that they will freely donate a kidney for only a few thousand dollars.

    "There is a belief, of course, that not only is transplants better than dialysis, but that you want a living donor, because it's better than a kidney thats been on ice or a kidney thats been under a truck."

    -- Nancy Scheper-Hughes, Founder Organs Watch

The Story of Israeli Ricki Shai

The Israeli broker in this video received $100,000 for a kidney for Ricki Shai's father, and paid a whopping $5,000 to a teenage Chinese girl, who by the way, died shortly after leaving the operating table. (The five New Jersey Rabbis in Part 2 were asking $160,000, with 50% paid up front)

Yes, to the Jewish Pharisee kidney broker who helped Ricki Shai's father, a family member in need of a kidney and a desperate poor person in need of money is a business opportunity!

This enterprising Jewish businessman parlayed his own mother's kidney transplant into a 220 kidney transplant business, netting him in excess of one million dollars.

He never had to donate his own kidney, not even for his own mother.

Evidently, Christian Charity for the poor is not good for business in Israel.

Shakespeare knew the Jewish faith well.
    Excerpts from video below

    ...This Israeli Kidney Broker says Israelis have a phrase that they, "don't like to weaken their own." So when his mother needed a kidney she would not consider the one her own son wanted to give her.

    Reporter: Your mother said she wouldn't dare take a kidney from her son but she will take on from someone she will never know in China.

    Israeli Kidney Broker: Yes. What's so strange about that?

    Reporter: It says that the rich person has more of a right to their health and their life than a poor person.

    Israeli Kidney Broker: This is reality. This is how it happens....

Chinese girl dies on operating table
donating her kidney to a Jewish man for $5,000;
Jewish Kidney broker pockets $5,000 himself

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