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Sept 1, 2009

Hollywood Jews
'Bill Donohue, Jews Are Not the Enemy'

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
'Bill, Jews Are Not the Enemy'

    "Hollywood is controlled by secular Jews
    who hate Christianity in general
    and Catholicism in particular,"

    Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League (Dec 2004)

Who could argue with such a truthful statement?

But it started an incredible dialogue among many Jews in America.

Defender of Hollywood Pornographers

Who would defend "secular Jews", who were anti-Christian?

Who would defend "ethnic Jews who are religiously atheist", yet who direct all their anti-religious sentiments only toward Christians?

Who would defend "formerly-moral Jewish ethnic Jews, who are now immoral atheists", who deliberately antagonize a supposed violent Christian majority?

The Defender? -- A Jewish Rabbi Shmuley Boteach!

Instead of religiously guiding his people to clean up their own act, Rabbi Boteach defends this Jewish-made pornography, by condemning "his friend" Donohue instead.

So much for Christian and Jewish leaders joining hands to make America a more moral and ethical country!

Would a Christian minister ever defend "secular Christians", who were "anti-Semitic"?

Not on your life!

In general, Christian ministers would never defend former-Christians, who are now immoral atheists.

Nor would any Christian minister tolerate any hint of an expression of anti-Semitism -- however true.

As devout and proud Christian Bill Donohue has found out...

Scared Jews and a moral America

    And people like me, long defenders, apologists, and admirers of religious Christians, are losing our ability to convince the Jewish community that evangelical Christians are our brothers with whom we should work to create a more moral America.

    Christians throughout the United States had better get used to the idea that much of what they say and do scares the hell out of Jews.

    -- Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

Rabbi Boteach has a False Sense of Morality

If you want to "create a more moral America" Rabbi Boteach, then join with Christian leaders to clear out pornographers in Hollywood such as "secular Jew" Sacha Baron Cohen who has repulsed all American Christians with his gross-fest films Bruno and Borat, which mocks Christian morals.

Bill Donohue has identified the problem as originating from your camp.

As their moral leader, you now have the responsibility to instruct your followers in Godly ethics and morality.

Instead you attack the messenger.

Rabbi Boteach has a reason to be scared -- for his own defense of immorality!

Rabbi Boteach should be scared when he defends the immorality of secular atheists, even if they are ethnic Jews.

However, aside from the crocodile tears, there is no real fear expressed from Rabbi Boteach, as he practically lays out the typical "Jew Card" of Holocaust antisemitism.

    There is a Polish proverb,

    "the Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you"

Christian Views

In comments following Rabbi Boteach's article, a few Christian comments provide an excellent summation of what Rabbi Boteach is doing.

    Donohue's comments I thought were a little too moderate,
    such as pretending that secular Jews are different from religious ones.

    Religious ones hold the tribe together for secular Jews,
    secular Jews make money for the religious.

    It's cooperative.

    All pretty well explained in Dershovitz book "Vanishing Jew."

    So its bad to accuse Hollywood of being controlled by secular Jews, but okay to accuse the Republican party of being controlled by fundamentalist Christians?

    Hollywood is largely 'controlled' by secular Jews, but they're mostly liberal. To say these things is not anti-semitic. It's a mere truthful observation.

    I live in the LA area, and I can assure you that it's not a far cry from reality.

    It's the same way that Alabama and South Carolina are largely controlled by conservative Christian whites and most of Washington, DC (except the capitol) is controlled by blacks.

    If your population and voice constitute a majority of the population, then you're in control. Period.

    Boteach is just getting politically correct again. He's already written several articles decrying any criticism of Jews whatsoever as anti-semitic.

    Catholics like myself increasingly depend on his [Bill Donohue's] voice - at a time when the only depiction of church officials in movies is as conspirators in Gothic horror movies, he reminded us this was not our only face.

    And he's lost his voice with this.

    But at the same time, Boteach's adamant refusal to see any religious value in "The Passion" - despite the fact that the Stations of the Cross line every Catholic church in the western world - showed me sadly that Rabbi Boteach isn't exactly Captain Ecumenicalism either.

    With that film, he had an opportunity to be diplomatic and constructive, and he chose instead to barely veil his contempt for the faith of others.

Examples of Jewish Intolerance
toward moderate Christian views

Isn't it Sacha Cohen who is anti-Semitic?

In Jewish tradition (I read the Old Testament too), God would strike a Sacha Cohen with a thunderbolt as he opened the bowels of the Earth to receive his charred remains.

The Jewish commentators below refuse to see it that way.

Only Jews are tolerant.

Only Jews are understanding.

Only Jews are cooperative.

For these tolerant, civilized, advanced, successful Semites, whom we mere goyim should all genuflect to, the questioning of the morals of an immoral Jewish Hollywood is seen as an event on the level of a Holocaust, only to be matched by labeling every moral Christian leader in America as a clone of Hitler.

If only these Jewish followers of Jewish Pharisees could understand that it is THEY who are causing the resurgence of Christianity, with all the anti-Christian actions they take.

Don't hold your breath expecting Jews to "UNDERSTAND", as history repeatably tells us that Jews never believe ANYTHING is their fault.

    There is a Polish proverb,

    "the Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you"

The hateful Jewish comments follow:
(The only changes made are with a spell check. And WOW! For the most linguistically-gifted people in the world, their spelling is atrocious!)

    Bill Donohue, Jennifer Giroux, Jerry Fallwell, Pat Robertson, and Edgar Steele, are simply promoters, excusers, and agents of... EVIL.

    As Eric Hoffer pointed out, fanatics like Donohue while professing religious motivations really need a devil.

    A Faith which holds that it and only it knows the Truth and that salvation can exist only by Belief needs a devil to hate in order to stay enthused.

    Now that Communists are gone, the religious right is short on hate objects.

    Hence, secular Jews and Gays have become the new Devils for the fanatics in Christian America just like they did for the Faith of Nazism in Germany of the 1930's.

    ...If right wing Christianity did not provide frame work to hate for its fanatics, the Donohues would create a new religion, like the Nazis did in 1930's Germany.

    Successful Jews in Hollywood are just that, successful, it takes someone who wasn't to say so.

    It's not so much that [they] don't want to see Jews "controlling" everything.

    It's rather that they want to control things themselves.

    It's the imposition of a double-standard, and it's the very hypocrisy their Jesus Christ spoke out against.

    I find it horribly hypocritical that the same Christians who feel they should have a right to promote their brand of theocracy on public property would be the first to deny the same right to Wiccans who who want to post their beliefs in a courthouse or deny Satanic prayer in school.

    The Passion is an example.

    If Jews wanted to get together and finance a film about the horrors of the Inquisition and detail the lengths to which the Catholic Church went to destroy Judaism, they could certainly do so, but who would want to watch it?

    It wouldn't serve the bleeding body of Christ image of themselves that these folks hold so dear.

    While Christianity represents the majority faith in this country, the religious right has succeeded in convincing itself that it is the victim of a pervasive liberal and therefore disproportionately Jewish media agenda hell bent on ripping any icon of their faith from public view or social presence.

    This is, of course, absurd. But it's much like the Earth as the center of the universe - believed as a matter doctrine, rather than evidence.

    Take Mel Gibson--ostensibly a white Catholic-esque male--who managed to frame the crucifixion of Jesus in undeniably Hollywood terms--blood, violence, and Satan depicted as a stereotypical femme fatale.

    Nothing in the Gospels paints a picture remotely as gory as the "Texas Chainsaw Passion" provides.

    Lesson being, give wingnuts the proper resources and they will produce the same kind of dreck that they accuse secularists of producing.

    LA Jews are more for tolerance, understanding, and cooperation. Fundie zealots in Alabama are to some extent for the opposite.

    a large chunk of these liberal Jews additionally belong to the liberal organizations you list in your profile, such as my parents in the ACLU. so I don't see how the liberalism is a BAD thing. do you?

    "To say these things is not anti-semitic. It's a mere truthful observation." but to use them to imply things that aren't true in order to try to support a fundamentalist theology, the way Donahue and Robertson and Falwell and you name it do, IS anti-Semitic.

    It will be a challenge to every American (who values religious liberty, tolerance, and who recognizes that "democracy", and "secular", must coincide), to resist this assault on our liberty, and American values.

    Mr. Boteach's column emphasizes a reality we face in the United States today -- religious fanaticism.

    That bigotry and religious extremism can exist in the "freest country in the world" may be shocking to some, but I see the evidence everywhere.

    The evangelical movement in this country mirrors the same religious fanaticism that's alive and well in the Middle East today.

    ...Like the Taliban of the Middle East, which seeks to indoctrinate radical Islam into the very fabric of society, the Taliban of the West (the evangelical movement within the United States), clearly has this same objective.

    The NY Daily News journalist, Jimmy Breslin, believes Mr. Donohue is a fraud.

    I must agree with the good Rabbi.Cloaked in the Evangelical's defense of Israel lies the horrid notion that, since Jews aren't evangelical Christians, that they will be briquettes for the fires of hell.

    Passive-aggressive anti-semitism.

    There is no getting around the fact that Jesus was a Jew and never began a new religion.

    Christianity has a long documented history of atrocities perpetrated to put across their theological ideology "in the name of God."

    Donohue, Falwell, Buchanan, Robertson and their ilk want to make America a true "Christian Nation" rather than a mere Christian-majority nation.

    Then, after they establish orthodox Trinitarian Christianity as the "Official Religion Of The United States Of America," the we can have the fun of inquisitions, book-burnings and witch trials again.

    It is the readiness to label those who do not accept Christianity as its evil opponents that lead to most of the horrors committed in the name of the Church (often the State) in past centuries.

    There was a time when the Hollywood studio system was still in place when many of the owners of major studios were Jewish.

    They were not so much religious or secular Jews as they were Jews who were worried about their Jewishness and were desperately trying to assimilate.

    I do have a serious problem with the conservative Catholics like Mel Gibson and who don't believe in Vatican II.

    It seems to me that they are more anti-Catholic than any Jews I have ever met.

    For 1,800 years, "His blood be on us and our children" and the rest of the Passion narratives were used to incite violence against us.

    Why shouldn't we be frightened by Mel's movie?

    I certainly don't buy into nutty Jewish/Hollywood conspiracy theories, but I also think it bears pointing out that I don't think that anyone in Hollywood could have stopped "The Passion" even if he or she had made a concerted effort.

    It has been pointed out that Mel Gibson did a complete end-run around the entertainment establishment, producing the film entirely with his own money, and distributing the film through a for-hire firm outside the studio distribution channels.

    The brainlessness of the typical antisemite is illustrated by the fact that had the libellous ravings any substance, the Passion would not have been permitted to be produced.

    If, as alleged by antisemitic jerks, Hollywood was controlled by Christianophobic secular Jews, the Passion wouldn't have even seen the light of day.

    It is typical of the ravings of antisemitic jerks that they blame others for what they do themselves, and tout impossibilities as if they were fact.

    Assuming %99.9999999 of all of Hollywood was comprised of secular Jews (a numerical impossibility itself), it would still be impossible for them to be christianophobic as Hollywood has produced an enormous quantity of works upholding Christian values.

    Had it not, it would not have survived till this day.

    Donohue's libel against the Jews is typical of the ravings of an antisemitic jerk.

    It makes all catholics who listen into antisemitic jerks.

    Antisemitic jerks defend their antisemitism pointing to non-related events.

    Regardless of the religion, a jerk is a jerk.

    Perhaps we Christians need to stop blaming all Jews for the sins of atheists who happen to be Jewish.

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