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August 28, 2009

Our Black FDR

Pat Buchanan
The Get-Cheney Squad

Peter Finn
Obama Endorses Indefinite Detention Without Trial for Some

Devlin Barrett
US seeks to oust Michigan man over Nazi-era charge

Top Obama aide to head US mission to WWII events

Pat Buchanan makes a good connection between America's actions after 911 and her actions after Pearl Harbor, but he misses a powerful point when not driving home the socialist connection between the black FDR to the real FDR.

The Obama regime is actively fighting injustices from WWII.

As President of the United States, Obama has already sent Ukrainian John Demjanjuk back to Germany to stand trial for war crimes against Jews stemming from World War II.

In a second case, Obama's justice department has stripped citizenship from 88-year-old John Kalymon, a former Chrysler employee, for shooting a Jew.

According to Jewish Pharisee Eli Rosenbaum, director of the Criminal Division of the Justice Department's Office of Special Investigations (OSI).

The irony?

Both Denjanjuk and Kalymon are Ukrainians.

Remember, the Ukrainians suffered more in the hands of Judeo-Communist Stalin under the Holodomor, with its' Jewish political commissars, than the Jews suffered under Hitler with the Holocaust.

Stalin slaughter both more Ukrainians en mass, as well as a greater percentage of their ethnic group, than Hitler did with the Jews.

FDR and Stalin were not just war time allies, but close personal friends. FDR called Stalin -- Uncle Joe (sic)!

So, why stop at an investigation of actions post-911, when Obama has already opened the door to investigations and prosecutions of war crimes in the post Pearl Harbor days?

Instead of prosecuting trivial non-crimes against a handful of post-911 CIA prosecutors interrogating a handful of guilty Muslim terrorists, how about the Obama regime prosecuting the real FDR, posthumously, for huge crimes against humanity?

Facts that an Obama administration could investigate, document and prosecute are crimes of collusion of FDR with the world's worst genocial dictator, Joseph Stalin; FDR's crimes against humanity for fire bombing Dresden civilian women and children and hundreds of other German Christian cities and towns; and lastly, FDR's un-Constitutional indefinite detention of Japanese-American non-combatant citizens.

What better way to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the "Russian" invasion of Poland on Sept. 1, 1939, than to say that FDR was on the wrong side of the war.

Case 1 : Joint FDR/Stalin Criminal Complicity

From the Red Terror, to the Holodomor, to the Katyn Forest massacre, to the Great Purge, Stalin and his 80% Jewish Commissars were a far more sinister menace upon world society before Hitler came onto the scene, than Hitler ever was.

By making Stalin an war ally, FDR was criminally complicit in insuring that this genocidal Stalin stayed in power.

The pagan Hitler had the cahones to stand up to the Jewish-led godless Marxist doctrine that decimated Christianity everywhere it went. Why did the US have to get in his way?

Even if we did get into another one of Europe's wars, would not Hitler have been a much better ally than Stalin?

I have seen what a post-WWII Europe looked like under Stalin and it was not a pretty picture.

It would be nice to know what a post-WWII Europe would have looked like in reverse, with Hitler triumphant over Stalin.

But an Obama Administration could prosecute known communists in the FDR administration who steered America to Stalin's side. The side of already known genocide.

Case 2: WWII atrocities

Shouldn't the black FDR be prosecuting the socialist FDR regime for indiscriminately firebombing Dresden?

How many innocent Christian civilian women and children died in Dresden?

No one died when Bush ordered CIA interrogations of Muslims planning the mass murder of 3,000 American Christian civilians, but when FDR actually slaughters many more thousands of German Christian civilians in aerial bombardments, where are the prosecutions of the guilty parties?

Oh I know, I know! It's a religious affirmative action. Muslims get better treatment than Christians do!

Case 3: Indefinite Detention

Ordinarily, I believe that Rachel Maddow suffers from Mad Cow disease, but this time she is right on the money.

The real FDR placed Japanese citizens on indefinite detention, while the black FDR is preparing for indefinite detention on his own terms.

The preparation is intended to appear to look like the indefinite detention will be of fundamentalist Muslims, but in reality, the indefinite detention could be for anyone or any group.

Such as the group of American citizens who do not believe Obama is the legitimate President of the United States.

To prove to America that Obama believes in freedom, he should prosecute the racists in the FDR administration who ethinically cleansed America of all its Japanese citizens and placed them into concentration camps.

Rachel Maddow dicusses Obama's Indefinite Detention Plans

    -- Pat Buchanan --

    What were the "inhumane" techniques CIA interrogators used to uncover these plans for the mass murder of Americans? "Interrogators lifted one detainee off the floor by his arms, while they were bound behind his back with a belt," reports The Washington Post. "Another interrogator used a stiff brush to clean a detainee, scrubbing so roughly that his legs were raw with abrasions. Another squeezed a detainee's neck at his carotid artery until he began to pass out." The CIA, we are told, used mock executions to frighten captives and threatened to kill KSM's children and rape his mother. Power drills were brandished in interrogation rooms. Were any children killed? No. Was anyone's mother raped? No. Was the power drill used? No. Was anyone executed in front of a witness to make him talk? No. It was faked, as Sean Connery faked it in "The Untouchables" to get an underling to blab to Eliot Ness, aka Kevin Costner, about how he could take down Al Capone's mob. As for threatening to kill the children of our enemies, we did not do that in "The Good War." Instead, what we did was kill them in the thousands every night in air raids over Germany and Japan. In the Tokyo firestorm of February 1945, the Dresden raid in March, and the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August, we killed grandparents, mothers, fathers, wives, sisters, daughters and sons of the enemy in the scores of thousands on each of those days.

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