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August 28, 2009

NOT "Sean Hannity for President"

Joseph Farah
Sean Hannity for president

The ancient Jews considered the Sanhedrin righteous men,
even after they crucified the person
they should have been worshipping.

Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily fawns like a love-struck teenage girl the second any nationally-known third-rate Republican leader takes his t-shirt off.

    I like Sean Hannity.

    I respect Sean Hannity.

    He's a righteous man.

    He has all the ingredients of a good leader -- a great leader.

    And America is very much in need of a great leader.

    I hope other Americans will join me in offering him encouragement to consider this mission -- and consider it very seriously.

    -- Joseph Farah endorsing Sean Hannity for President in 2012

A great leader?

How does Farah come to that unfounded wild conclusion?

What has Sean Hannity ever led?

And what has he ever led to have made him great?

Nothing -- nada - ziltch!

Sarah Palin is far closer to being a George Washington than Sean Hannity ever will be.

Sarah Palin is a heavyweight compared to this lightweight.

And if the left tears up Sarah, what will they do to Sean?

Years ago, General Eisenhower led the successful conclusion to World War II -- a complex operation involving the coordination of many nations over the entire world. For that, Eisenhower was deemed worthy to lead America as her president.

Since WWII, America has stooped so low that a college drop-out who has done nothing but yank into a microphone for a few hours a day is considered to be the next Thomas Jefferson.

Sorry Farah, but you are delusional and besides, fancy words just don't cut it anymore.

The Democrats right now are learning the hard way that Obama swooned them off their feet with fancy words and empty promises.

Likewise, the Republicans were also swooned off their feet when George W. Bush told us that Jesus was his favorite philosopher.

Farah, this jaded lover is not going on any more honeymoons with complete strangers, especially ones "my parents" tell me is a "wonderful girl".

Joseph Farah is no different than the Jewish media-Scribes he claims to fight against.

Just when we are learning to not trust anything the media-Scribes say, Farah is saying things we should not trust.
Not a surprise, Farah never EVER has a bad word to say about any Jewish leaders. Even when he criticizes them, he clearly states that it is all just to help them.

The sad facts are that any and all nationally know public figures are in on the same game -- fool Americans.

Ron Paul being a notable exception.

And one good feature of Joseph Farah -- even when he is completely irrational and unbalanced, he still allows rational readers to comment back to him.

    I could never support Sean Hannity for president without a public apology for his treatment of Ron Paul during the after-debate interviews during the GOP primaries.

    Every other candidate, from adulterous Rudy to flip-flop Romney, Hannity treated with at least professional respect and courtesy.

    But Ron Paul he openly sneered at, and he ridiculed the fact that Paul consistently polled as the winner of the debates, claiming it was "three supporters repeatedly voting from their basement," even though the polling did not allow multiple votes.

    Joseph, you say Sean is a "righteous man," but I KNOW Ron Paul is a righteous man, and that is not how one righteous man treats another.

    The ancient Jews probably considered the Sanhedrin righteous men too, even after they crucified the person they should have been worshipping.

    Kevin K.

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