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August 25, 2009

Russian-American Timeline

The Christian Solution
Timeline for Russian-America History

Russian-American Timeline
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If you step back and look at the big picture, you will see that Russia and America have been developing along similar paths.

1848 Communist Revolution

In the pre-Civil War era, Russia was coping with the 1848 Communist Revolutions which was enveloping Europe after Jewish Pharisee Karl Marx introduced his most famous book, The Communist Manifesto.

Czar Alexander I was a key figure in saving Europe from communism and his role would not be forgotten by the remaining Jewish terrorists.

Since clearly the Jewish Pharisees were behind this conspiracy, many Jewish anarchist terrorists first immigrated to America after 1848 to escape imprisonment or were outright expelled as a consequence.

Bloody Kansas

Almost immediately as a result, America had its first taste of "revolution" in the form of Bloody Kansas.

Riding with John Brown, as his closest advisers were:

  • Jewish Pharisee Theodore Wiener, from Poland;
  • Jewish Pharisee Jacob Benjamin, from Bohemia; and
  • Jewish Pharisee August Bondi, from Vienna.

All three, and many more, were communist radicals from the 1848 Communist Revolutions in Europe.

The most famous of the three, Bondi, had emigrated to St. Louis in 1848.

NT Jewish terrorist Bondi had been a member of the student revolutionary movement in Vienna and his idealism carried over to his adopted country.

(source: August Bondi: The Jews Who Fought Beside John Brown -- American Jewish Historical Society)

Crimean War

Czar Alexander I, as the ruler of the largest Eastern Orthodox country desperately wanted to retake the traditional Eastern Orthodox capital of Constantinople which the Muslims had finally captured in 1453 AD.

But Czar Alexander I was thwarted by the Jewish Sadducee Benjamin Disraeli, then Prime Minister of England.

(Would not later prevent the Jews from later taking back their favorite place, Jerusalem, from the Ottoman Turks in the First World War.)

Era of Liberations

By the early 1860s, Czar Nicholas II, was liberating all Russian Serfs months before our own Abraham Lincoln was only liberating the slaves in enemy territory that he could not set free.

For this Czar Alexander the Liberator was heralded.

Era of Assassinations

Lincoln was assassinated, and sure enough, Czar Alexander the Liberator survived 4 assassination attempts on his life before finally being slain in 1881.

Since all the assassinations were connected to Jewish Anarchist terrorists, several years of bloody pogroms ensued against the Jewish communities; resulting guessed it, a massive immigration wave of poor innocent Jews coming to America.

Era of Revolutions

A small wave of Jewish immigrants came after the failed 1905 Communist Revolution, which tried to take advantage of most of the Russian troops fighting the Japanese a thousand miles away in far eastern Russia.

Finally, while Russian troops were in the far western part of Russia fighting the Germans, the Jewish Pharisees managed to succeed in their long sought after Revolution.

Jewish Pharisees Lenin and Trotsky were triumphant and the family of Tsar Nicholas were slaughtered to remove any hereditary line.

Along with millions of others in the Red Terror and later Great Purge of Stalin.

America's turn

Forty years after the last of the Russian Jews immigrated, or 1960, America began her journey of disintegration as a Christian country.

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