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August 23, 2009

Our Politically Correct Future

John Mackey
The Whole Foods Alternative to ObamaCare

From our previous post, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey presented a non-political, common-sense approach to a healthcare plan.

Others have politically attacked Obama's health care.

For the political attacks on Obama's political plan, there has been two main "scare" attacks on Obama's health-care plan.
  1. Senior citizens will be the ones "rationed"
  2. Aborting babies will become a part of "health care"

The way to foresee the future is to experience the past

These two attacks do not come close to describing what a real national helath care plan in America will look like.

Sure Canada and England are shown as examples of a fair and just national health care.

But America these last few decades does not operate on the universal principles of fair and just.

We must judge how a national medical system would operate here in America.

And we can only do so by looking at how everything else is handled here in America, not how things are handled in Canada or England.

This article adds to what was left out of the political attacks of the wimpy "right-wingers".

Rich citizens will be "rationed"

One part of the one-sided national debate over the need for health care reform is that "only the rich gets good medical treatment".

So, of course senior citizen health care will be rationed, but only for "rich senior citizen".

Once a national health care system is in place, a health-care affirmative-action plan will provide better health care for the poor, the ones who some federal judge will have been deemed to have had received historically poor health care in our past unjust society.

If the PC world adds to the argument that the rich man (made rich by a lifetime of sacrificing and saving), is old and will die soon anyway; while, the poor man is young, with a potentially long rewarding life ahead of him, then the argument to give the rationed medical treatment to the poor man, and not to the "old rich geezer", becomes insurmountable.

Ironically, the "old rich geezer" not getting health care will be the one paying for the health care of the poor man who has not paid anything and who probably wrapped himself around a telephone pole while drinking.

Naturally, a poor man's health-care affirmative action plan does not have to restrict itself to rich senior citizens.

Any rich man can be deemed by the PC crowd as not being deserving of the money they have, even a young rich man.

As a natural defense, rich men will try to hide their money from taxation so that they can afford to pay for their own medical treatment when they need it.

Which as night follows day, will only lead to a vilification of the rich by the PC crowd as being vile, greedy and uncaring for the poor -- hence even more reason for the PC crowd to withhold health care from the uncaring rich.

The "Rich Card" is played as often as the "Race Card", so we should expect it in the future as well.

So in a fully functional PC world, all rich men, young and old will have their health care rationed and given to the poor. -- It's the communist way.

White Citizens will be "rationed"

With affirmative action plans in place for blacks on everything else, it takes little imagination to see the decisions on health care will be made on a racial basis.

Blacks will receive immediate medical treatment; while whites will sit at the back of the emergency waiting room.

Male citizens will be "rationed"

In our society today, a husband and father will take his wife and children for medical treatment, long before he will ever receive treatment for his own needs.

Most men have to practically be on his death bed before seeing a doctor.

So naturally, society will have to write a law that establishes this as national policy.

If we are not already there.

Women and children will only receive medical treatment, as we only have women and children receiving a whole host of government food, housing and medical welfare.

The SCHIPS program is only for children, while pregnant women receive all the medical treatment they need today.

Christians will be "rationed"?

You would not expect Jews and Muslims to be rationed would you?

That would be deemed un-Constitutional.

Especially if Jews are rationed?

Oh the Holocaust stories told, accompanied by the gnashing of teeth!

Save us from the choking of the public airwaves with Nazi attrocity horrors!

So, one cannot ever envision that any health care of any Jew would be rationed.

Well then, that pretty much only leaves the health care of white Christians that can be rationed.

Aborted babies show where their heart is

If you do not believe that the ones wanting a national health care can be so cruel and heartless, you only have to look into their hearts when it comes to abortion.

Little babies are deemed expendable for the greater good of society, i.e. to prevent overpopulation and hence an even greater misery.

I do not know how many white Christians, sold their souls, as they were sold on abortion when told that the "secret motive" of abortion was to keep the prolific black population down.

Even if true, immigration of hispanics, Hindu, Buddists, and especially Muslims, by the same powerful American public conscience should clear their mind of any notion that it was "them" which was being looked after in regards to overpopulation.

Not surprising, the overpopulation of Christians are the only overpopulation these Jewish Pharisee types concerns themselves over.

American Christian girls are told to have only two children after delaying their childhood bearing days until their career is established.

At the age of 40, a career Christian lady, following several abortions, is now trying to have her two replacement kids and finding she waited too long -- for a good man -- for her biology -- or due to the hysterctomy she had to have a few years back.

At the age of 40, a Muslim lady of 8 children is helping deliver the first of 64 replacement grandchildren.

Biology is unforgiving and liberals (Jewish Pharisees) have crafted Christian biology to lose the game.

With few Christian children due to abortions, aborting the Christian elderly by withholding health care will be child's play.

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