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August 20, 2009

What do Anarchists and Communists have in common?

A Mutualist
Mutualist Blog

                "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity"       -- The French Revolution

"Liberty, Equality, Cooperation?"   --

A good friend of mine wanted me to critique the alternative society envisioned by the Mutualist Blog.

Now they are a rather obscure fringe radical group, not worth mentioning, but it is interesting to see how these people think.

So here goes...

First off, there is an admission that their viewpoint is a slightly nuanced form of "anarchy".

    Mutualism, as a variety of anarchism, goes back to P.J. Proudhon in France and Josiah Warren in the U.S.

    -- The Mutualist Blog

Anarchy is just a tool to obtain communism

In a nutshell, my theory is that "anarchy" has always been the preliminary tool used to move society toward "communism".

For instance, after many unsuccessful attempts, Jewish "anarchists" were finally successful in assassinating Russian Czar Alexander II, the liberator of all Russian serfs. Taken aback by an uncaring and bloody anarchy, a revulsed Russia ended up with its polar opposite -- "communism".

But not before the violently attacked government violently counter-attacked with pogroms against "the ever sufferng Jews".

The suffering at the hands of a "cruel" Czarist government, then became the rallying cry of the propagandists to overthrow the Czars.

An overthrown Czar became a Russian communist government.

It is no coincidence that anarchy and communism are both products of the more "intellectual" among the Jews.

The Judeo-French Revolution had their share of one-two punch anarchists freely mixing with communists.

America had its share of Jewish anarchists at the turn of the last century and ended up with the Jewish Progressivbe Movement, which is only Judeo-communism with a pretty painted face.

In a real world, the two would not mix -- for they are polar opposites.

It would be like what we see nowadays where Jewish lesbian feminists are getting along mighty swell with radical fundamentalist Muslims, whom you never see or hear complain about Muslims entering America.

In the real world, they are also polar opposites, so much so that radical fundamentalist Muslims would call all their Muslim friends to join their Jewish-lesbian-feminist "friends" in a stoning party.

But in our surreal world, they are united together.

Who are they united against? That does not take much imagination -- Christians.

Anarchists and Communists Unite!

  • Anarchy == total and absolute freedom from government

  • Communism == total and absolute control by government

Both are the tools used to pull society apart.

What they have in common is that they are both bloody and violent and organized by the Pharisees.

How a pack of wild dogs attack its bigger prey?

Like a pack of wild dogs, one group, the anarchist dogs, are barking and yapping to get to attention of its prey, all the while, the communist dogs, are quietly sneaking around behind the prey to attack where it cannot see.

The anarchist dogs try to pull society violently toward no government, by getting everyone's attention through bombs, assassinations and agents provocateurs against the existing government.

The existing government is forced to become brutal toward the anarchists in trying to stop their anti-societal terrorism.

The sad effect is that the people now become fearful of their once benign government and the people overthrow their own once benign government, putting it to sleep as too violent.

All the time, the communist dogs sneaks up behind us to pick up the pieces by pulling society toward the extreme opposite side of the political spectrum, with a false sense of law and order security, in the form of total government control.

Once the new communist government is in control, the communist dogs of the Pharisees eliminate any form of opposition with genocide at the nation's jugular.

Muslim play the part of today's anarchists

In the past, Jewish Anarchists have played the attention getting terrorist part -- today, Muslims play that part in America for the Pharisees.

Mutualist Society comes clean

After self-identifying the Mutualists as anarchists, they then come out of the closet and self-identify themselves as the communists they always were.

The Mutualist Blog sums up their utopia this way:

    Our ultimate vision is of a society in which the economy is organized around free market exchange between producers, and production is carried out mainly by self-employed artisans and farmers, small producers' cooperatives, worker-controlled large enterprises, and consumers' cooperatives.

    -- The Mutualist Blog

Sorry, but I tend to equate cooperatives with communism.

    Cooperatives = Anarchists = Communists ===== Mutualism.

Mao organized his Chinese society around "agrarian cooperatives" and 60 million people died.

Stalin had "worker-controlled large enterprises" and 40 million people died.

The fate of America in such hands could not be any better.

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