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July 31, 2009

Precedence for Removing
an unqualified Candidate
from Office

Albert Gallatin
Wikipedia: Albert Gallatin

James Lewis
Obama's birth debate: It's about loyalty

    This is not a secret.

    Obama is foreign to America
    in a way that has little to do with his birth certificate.

    -- James Lewis

Fifty election Commissioners failed in their job duties of qualifying Obama for office.

Water under the bridge?

No way!

The passion in the hearts of so many Americans for insisting that Obama be a natural born citizen rises, not because of who his father is, but because so many Americans do not feel that Obama is patriotic to America -- the entire reason for having the requirement in the Cosntitution in the first place.

It's the bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia. -- It's the raving European tours. -- It's the high regard for international global warming -- It's the formation of international finance. -- Heck, even if he was born in Hawaii that too seems foreign to me.

George W. Bush certainly was not good for America in many ways, but at least he fooled most Americans into never questioning his fundamental loyalty to America.

Obama is not even trying to appear American.

    We all recognized George W as a prototypical American -- even if you didn't agree with him or even like him. There he was cutting dry brush around his modest West Texas ranch house, to keep down the fire danger, while the fat and foolish White House punditry stayed huddled back in the air conditioning. Or flying onto the aircraft carrier in a jet trainer after Saddam was overthrown. Or heading straight to walk Ground Zero with the cops and fire fighters right after 9/11. Bush looked at home with those cops, because he was. He likes those guys, and they like him. They are made of the same stuff. Obama isn't.

    Obama is a socialist, which means that his deepest commitment is not to our nation but to the Internationalist Ruling Class. That is why the Left always has to argue that Americans' love of country will kill off the rest of the world -- by global warming, by overpopulation, any excuse will do. The fact that it's all lies proves the point: The Left must lie in order to convince millions of Americans that their normal feelings of patriotism are evil.

    -- James Lewis

It was the Jewish media-Scribes who pushed Obama out into the national spotlight.

    Obama is a Ruling Class Aristocrat
    -- by intuition, beliefs, and personal egomania.

    He was born to rule.

    It's partly that he has always gone to all the elite schools, from Hawaii to Harvard, just like Michelle.

    But he was put into those schools by the efforts of the left, which is a Socialist Ruling Class movement.

    The left in its own vision is always Ruling Class To Be that is being kept unjustly from taking over the world.

    That's why they hate real democracy, why they sneer at Coke and fries, and why capitalism is so bad: Because it constant caters to "vulgar" tastes.

The Jewish media-Scribes who pushed Obama into the national spotlight are the same ones who helped the blue-collar workers of decades ago establish a stable middle-class life.

Yet, instead of patting themselves on the back for a well earned job, they are on to new underclasses to help rebel against the establishment -- their own created blue-collar middle-class. This as they praise the globalization efforts of moving their blue-collar middle-class jobs overseas.

Destruction is the name of the game in controlling the masses.

    The fact that the left always claims to help the lowest of the low is just a political tactic.

    By digging up the most resentful victims -- by race, class or gender -- you bring out the most explosive revolutionary dynamite; it's the people who are the most envious and resentful, who want nothing more than to flip the world upside-down and watch destruction rain down.

    That's why the Left constantly appeals to the "idealism" of teenagers, the natural rebels. They all want to rock the world.

    And if it's not teens, it's illegal immigrants, sexual deviants, the homeless, drug addicts, criminals, the racially oppressed, those who hate themselves, the prostitutes, and the mentally ill.

    Karl Marx called them the Lumpen-Proletariat, the Eternal Underclass who want to smash whatever is...

    The left is about the overthrow of whatever is, whether good or bad.

    The Eternal Underclass is the cannon fodder of any revolution.

    They are the lowlifes who can be trusted to burn down the Reichstag, to smash the stores of the Jews -- or in Indonesia, of the Chinese -- and to hang the rich from the nearest lamp post.

    When blue collar workers started to make money the Left didn't rejoice in their new well-being and happiness. Rather, the left just looked for another Underclass: Those who felt oppressed by race, gender, sexual habits, whatever.

    For the left, any Underclass only exists to be manipulated by the Natural Ruling Class, the Aristocratic Vanguard, the Obamas of this world.

    That's the only political strategy of the left.

    That is why they constantly lie and still believe in their own moral superiority.

    -- James Lewis

A Constitutional way to Remove a President

One that has been used before

A mere 4 years after the Constitution was ratified, the men responsible for the Founding of this country did intend for the Constitution to be followed -- to the letter.

Note that the Senate did consider the fact that Albert Gallatin was a fine upstanding citizen.

Their verdict?

Fine upstanding and respectable United States Citizen or not, the letter of the Constitution had not been followed.

Albert Gallatin was removed from office for having not been a citizen for nne years prior to being elected to the Senate.

What about Presidents who ae not natural-born citizens?

    Wikipedia -- Albert Gallatin

    In 1793, Gallatin won election to the United States Senate.

    When the Third Congress opened on December 2, 1793, he took the oath of office, but, on that same day, nineteen Pennsylvania Federalists [in actuality, Nationalists] filed a protest with the Senate that Gallatin did not have the minimum nine years of citizenship required to be a senator.

    The petition was sent to committee, which duly reported that Gallatin had not been a citizen for the required period.

    Gallatin rebutted the committee report, noting his unbroken residence of thirteen years in the United States, his 1785 oath of allegiance to the Commonwealth of Virginia, his service in the Pennsylvania legislature, and his substantial property holdings in the United States.

    The report and Gallatin's rebuttal were sent to a second committee.

    This committee also reported that Gallatin should be removed.

    The matter then went before the full Senate where Gallatin was removed in a party-line vote of 14--12.

    -- Wikipedia -- Albert Gallatin

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