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July 31, 2009

Teachable Moments, Racial Bullies and Local Cops

Ann Coulter
How About A National Conversation on Race Hoaxes?

The Contestants

On the one side, we had:

  • A black President of the United States

  • A black Minister who taught black racist morality to the black President

  • A black Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, who signs off on a pardon for finacial crook and fugitive, Jewish Marc Rich, and drops charges against the New Black Panther Party members (including one who wielded a nightstick) who had been charged with voter intimidation in Philadelphia during November's election, while at the same time, profiles patriotic groups of primarily white Christians

  • A black governor

  • A black mayor

  • A black professor, in the
    black studies department of Harvard and a friend of the
    black President of the United States

  • A Jewish White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, closest advisor to the President in matters such as this

  • A Jewish Senior Presidential Advisor, David Axelrod, who goes back with Obama more than a decade, and advises the President's every move

  • A Jewish media-Scribe press corps who amplifies every charge of a hint of racism made against any black man

  • A Jewish media-Scribe press corps who refuses to defend any white person against any false charges of racism

On the other side, we had:

  • A white police officer, most likely a Christian, who is trusted to teach racial profiling classes for his department and has a sterling record

A Racial Bully

Such is the saga of Henry Louis Gates Jr, a black Harvard professor investigated breaking into his own home, and showing extreme disrespect for the powerless police officer sent to investigate, Sgt. James Crowley. Notably by invoking the phrase "your mama"!

A Racial Bully.

Putting yourself in Officer Crowley's position, what are the odds that your career would have been totally destroyed by these biased charges of racism coming from 10 directions at once?

To be sure, there will be no reprimand of Henry Gates' racist behavior by Harvard, of impugning the good name of Harvard.

There was no apology by either Gates nor by Obama.

Obama travels around the world apologizing for America's arrogance, but he is too arrogant to apologize to Crowley.

A Teachable Moment

Ale to the Chief

The Jewish media-Scribes should have recognized this for what it is -- A puny David against a seemingly invincible Goliath story.

Once again, the Jewish media-Scribes play the race card to keep decent white Christians bowing before black atheists, who were placed into positions of power by the Jewish media-Scribes, under the guise of affirmative action or righting America's wrongs.

(Brave Black Christians such as Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell are at the front denouncing these soft-peddled atrocities of the Jewish media-Scribe media.)

For now, Sgt. James Crowley seems to have lucked out. The time-cherished tool of the Jewish media-Scribes to discredit honest Americans blew up in their face. The misinformation caused Obama to stick his foot in his mouth for all to see, and Gates was seen as the racist he is.

One would almost assume that the Jewish media-Scribes are fomenting another Civil War -- this time to free white men!

Too bad that the Jewish media-Scribes are not seen as the vile racists and more importantly, as the vile racial instigators they are!

Whom do you trust -- local cops or federal cops?

Whenever the federal government sticks its nose into a local cop issue, it is always to discredit the good work of the local police.

In the "Let no crisis go to waste" reporting of the Jewish media-Scribes, the Jewish media-Scribes are always on the hunt for these local issues which would destroy public confidence in their own local police.

The Jewish media-Scribes play up these stories so that you and I will lose our trust in our local cop and demand they be replaced by federal cops from the United States Department of Homeland Security.

Creating a corps of DHS fedcops controllable by the Jewish media-Scribes is the real objective here.

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