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July 25, 2009 (Updated on July 27 2009)

Call names all you want,
CNN can spike the story,
Obama has the Burden of Proof

Richard Cohen
SPLC President Calls on CNN to Remove Lou Dobbs from Air, Cites Newsman's Support for Extremist-Inspired 'Birther' Claims

Amy Goodman
Fact-Checking Dobbs: CNN Anchor Lou Dobbs Challenged on Immigration Issues

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown
CNN's gross negligence on birth certificate

The Obama File

To a Jewish Pharisee, Jewish Sadducee or Jewish media-Scribe, why is it that they view every problem as one that can be hammered down with the Holocaust?

Shall we start off by showing that both parents have to be citizens of the United States, in order to be considered to be a natural born citizen?

Now a new attempt to spike the birth certificate has surfaced involving personal attacks on Lou Dobbs.

One would hope that a prominent Jewish lawyer would realize that the burden of proof showing that Obama is eligible for the office of the President of the United States lies with Omama, not with Lou Dobbs.

The prominent Jewish lawyer I am referring to is the President of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Richard Cohen, a Jewish Sadducee.

This prominent Jewish lawyer wrote a scathing letter, on July 24th (Date actually posted to web?), about Lou Dobbs to the Jewish President of CNN, Jonathan Klein, a Jewish media-Scribe, trying to get Lou Dobbs fired.

Then, doing as he was told, Jewish CNN President Jon Klein sent a letter, on July 23rd, to Lou Dobbs demanding that Lou fall on his sword.

The dates are crazy. Klein had to have already been in contact with Cohen on the 23rd.

"What did you know and when did you know it"

comes to mind.

Smart Jewish Lawyers, Part 1

Asks CNN Prez Klein to his researchers -- "Why couldn't Obama produce the ORIGINAL birth certificate?"

Deceptive Jewish Lawyer trick -- Notice that CNN Prez Klein emphasized the word "Original" by capitalizing.

Researchers reported: "*In 2001 -- the state of Hawaii Health Department went paperless. *Paper documents were discarded*"

Hence, deceptive CNN President Jon Klein tells Lou Dobbs that the story is dead because the ***ORIGINAL*** paper birth certificates were destroyed.

"Now no one can prove anything," says CNN Prez Klein, "a dead story -- Get on with life."

Here is the lawyers trick --- Yes the ORIGINAL paper document is destroyed, but the perfect replica of the ORIGINAL is stored on microfiche with the information that all of America wants to see.

The story is not dead, as Obama can now ask for a copy of the microfiche showing the replica of the ORIGINAL birth certificate.

A good journalist should be interested in seeing what was on the microfiche, but not CNN Prez Jon Klein. He just wants the story buried.

Smart Jewish Lawyers, Part 2

One would think that smart, elitist, ivy-league-trained, Jewish lawyers could out-argue commoner Lou Dobbs any day in a debate, without resorting to total censorship of his opponent.

Many false accusations are made against Lou Dobbs, by SPLC President Richard Cohen and you will find that if you were to critically read the letter Cohen wrote to Klein (reproduced below), the racist shoe is actually well placed on the other foot.

In the letter, Pharisee Cohen makes the following repugnant accusations against Lou Dobbs:

  • Accuses Lou Dobbs of being a liar.

  • Accuses Lou Dobbs of being a racist.

  • Accuses Lou Dobbs of associating with "right-wing extremists"

  • Accuses Lou Dobbs of associating with anti-Semites.

  • Accuses Lou Dobbs of associating with neo-Nazi James von Brunn, the alleged murderer of a security guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C

Now, is this the same Lou Dobbs you and I watch regularly?

How totally outlandish can this Pharisee be!!!

Do any of you believe for a second any of these accusations against Lou Dobbs? I mean seriously!

I see this as a bald-faced attempt at censoring Lou Dobbs by having him fired from CNN, and I defend Lou after the letter.

But, can we say that the Southern Poverty Law Center is the real racist, bigoted, left-wing extremist, neo-Stalin, anti-Christian hate group that their president shows them to be in the letter?

The first three paragraphs are outright lies about Obama's eligibility being a settled matter.

No one seriously believes Obama to be a natural born citizen of the United States.

Then the fourth paragraph tries to tie questions about Obama's birth certificate to an anti-Semite attack on the Holocaust Museum.

Now that is a real class act of rational thought!

One may fraudulently call everyone who attempts to have a Constitutional government the name of "right-wing conspiracy, but what do you call the nutcase President of the Southern Poverty Law Center, who believes that everything in life is one big conspiracy against Jews?

Is every Christian American a neo-Nazi, anti-Semite in the eyes of Richard Cohen?

Letter to Lou Dobbs from CNN President Klein

CNN President Jon Klein
tells Lou Dobbs
that Obama's Birth Certificate
controversy is dead

---- Original Message -----

From: Klein, Jon (CNN)

Sent: Thu Jul 23 19:00:44 2009

Subject: Important re birth certificate

I asked the political researchers to dig into the question "why couldn't Obama produce the ORIGINAL birth certificate?"

This is what they forwarded. It seems to definitively answer the question. Since the show's mission is for Lou to be the explainer and enlightener, he should be sure to cite this during your segment tonite [sic]. And then it seems this story is dead -- because anyone who still is not convinced doesn't really have a legitimate beef.



*In 2001 -- the state of Hawaii Health Department went paperless. *Paper documents were discarded* The official record of Obama's birth is now an official ELECTRONIC record Janice Okubo, spokeswoman for the Health Department told the Honolulu Star Bulletin, "At that time, all information for births from 1908 (on) was put into electronic files for consistent reporting," she said.

Letter to CNN Klein from Richard Cohen

Southern Poverty Law Center President
Calls on CNN to Remove Lou Dobbs from Air,
Cites Newsman's Support for Extremist-Inspired 'Birther' Claims

The following is a letter from SPLC President Richard Cohen to CNN President Jonathan Klein.

July 24, 2009 (Posted one day late?)

Jonathan Klein President CNN/U.S. 1 Time Warner Center New York, N.Y. 10019-6038

Dear Mr. Klein,

As an important and respected news organization, CNN has a special responsibility to ensure the accuracy of its reporting. We have written to you before about our concern that Lou Dobbs repeatedly fails to live up to this standard in his reporting on immigration. Now, Mr. Dobbs is again trading in falsehoods and racist conspiracy theories, questioning President Obama's American citizenship.

On the July 15 edition of "Lou Dobbs Tonight," Mr. Dobbs questioned the official certificate provided by the president and the State of Hawaii and complained that President Obama has not made public the "original document." On his radio program, Mr. Dobbs has repeatedly questioned the president's fitness for office, demanding he "show the documents" and, at one point, jokingly suggesting President Obama may be "undocumented."

The truth about the president's birth is not in dispute. It has been verified by, among many other serious news organizations, and his official birth documents have been made public. CNN itself has repeatedly reported on the falsity of the claims of the "birthers," and the network's esteemed legal analyst, Jeffrey Toobin, recently called those claims "a joke." As you know, even Mr. Dobbs' frequent fill-in anchor, Kitty Pilgrim, debunked the birthers on the July 17 edition of Mr. Dobbs' own CNN show. The fact that Mr. Dobbs suggests otherwise on CNN -- while real CNN reporters tell the truth -- is both deplorable and an embarrassment to all serious journalists.

As he has in several other instances, Mr. Dobbs, in taking up the birthers' claims, is adopting an unsubstantiated conspiracy theory that originated on the radical racist right. As has reported, this particular conspiracy theory was first developed by an open anti-Semite and circulated by right-wing extremists who cannot accept the fact that a black man has been elected president of the United States. Among its adherents was neo-Nazi James von Brunn, the alleged murderer of a security guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., this June. Von Brunn had helped spread the birthers' claims on the Internet and attacked the "dishonest & conspiratorial Media" for not taking them up.

This is not the first time Mr. Dobbs has pushed racist conspiracy theories or defamatory falsehoods about immigrants. We wrote you in 2007 to bring to your attention his utterly false claim that 7,000 new cases of leprosy had appeared in the United States in a recent three-year period, due at least in part to immigrants. (The real number, according to official statistics, was about 400. Mr. Dobbs took his spurious information from the late right-wing extremist, Madeleine Cosman.) In addition, Mr. Dobbs has reported as fact the so-called Aztlan conspiracy, which claims that undocumented Mexican immigrants are part of a plot to "reconquer" the American Southwest. He has suggested there is something to a related conspiracy theory that claims the governments of Mexico, the United States and Canada are secretly planning to merge into the "North American Union." He has falsely claimed that "illegal aliens" fill one third of American prison and jail cells. And Mr. Dobbs has routinely disparaged, on CNN's air, those who have had the integrity to point out the falsity of these and similar claims.

Respectable news organizations should not employ reporters willing to peddle racist conspiracy theories and false propaganda. It's time for CNN to remove Mr. Dobbs from the airwaves.

Sincerely, J. Richard Cohen President

Defense of Frivolous Accusations Against Lou Dobbs

Accusation: "Mr. Dobbs has reported as fact the so-called Aztlan conspiracy, which claims that undocumented Mexican immigrants are part of a plot to "reconquer" the American Southwest."

And why would they not want to retake what they used to have? No conspiracy theories needed. Just common sense.

Accusation: "He has suggested there is something to a related conspiracy theory that claims the governments of Mexico, the United States and Canada are secretly planning to merge into the "North American Union."

Where is the proof that Lou Dobbs is wrong about this?

Accusation: "his utterly false claim that 7,000 new cases of leprosy had appeared in the United States in a recent three-year period, due at least in part to immigrants"

Original Lou Dobbs Report in discussion with his CNN Reporter, Christine Romans

    LOU DOBBS: Then there was a question about some of your comments, Christine, following one of your reports. I told Lesley Stahl we don't make up numbers, and I will tell everybody here again tonight, I stand 100% behind what you said.

    CHRISTINE ROMANS: That's right, Lou. We don't make up numbers here. This is what we reported. We reported: "It's interesting, because the woman in our piece told us that there were about 900 cases of leprosy for forty years. There have been 7,000 in the past three years. Leprosy, in this country." I was quoting Dr. Madeleine Cosman, a respected medical lawyer and medical historian. Writing in The Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, she said: "Hansen's disease"--that's the other modern name, I guess, for leprosy--"Hansen's disease was so rare in America that in forty years only 900 people were afflicted. Suddenly, in the past three years America has more than 7,000 cases of leprosy," Lou.

Lou Dobbs defending his reporting

    LOU DOBBS: And let me ask you a question: how many--how many people are on the registry for Hansen's disease in this country?

    JUAN GONZALEZ: 7,000, total.

    LOU DOBBS: It's over 7,000, correct.

    AMY GOODMAN: For thirty years.

    JUAN GONZALEZ: For thirty years.

    LOU DOBBS: Absolutely.

    AMY GOODMAN: You said over the last three years because of illegal immigration.

    LOU DOBBS: And what did we say? Did I say because of illegal immigration?


    LOU DOBBS: I said no one knows, but one assumes primarily, because they're not being screened. That's what the doctors at the Hansen centers were telling us. Secondly, the issue of--if you want to, I mean, explode eight seconds into a whole body of discussion, fine. The reality is, I think you would agree, that if we were screening illegal immigrants, as well as legal immigrants, we would probably have a heck of a lot less in the way of tuberculosis in this country, and Hansen's disease.

Of course, Lou Dobbs is making the logical point that communicable diseases will rise if immigrants come into America without being screened.

Then Lou Dobbs is called on the carpet for quoting Madeleine Cosman as a reliable source.

To which, Lou quickly points out that the New York Times was equally mislead by Cosman.

    AMY GOODMAN: That's Lou Dobbs on the show. The source behind the claim that there was a spike of 7,000 new cases of leprosy was a controversial medical attorney named Madeleine Cosman. In 2005, she described undocumented immigrants as "deadly time bombs, because of the diseases they bring into the country." Cosman, who died last year, has also been criticized for these comments she made about Mexican men.

      MADELEINE COSMAN: Recognize that most of these bastards molest girls under age twelve, some as young as age five, others age three. Although, of course, some specialize in boys, some specialize in nuns, some are exceedingly versatile and rape little girls age eleven and women up to age seventy-nine.

      What is important here is the psychiatric defenses: Why do they do what they do? They do not need a jail; they need a hospital. They are depraved because they were deprived in their home country. But more important is the cultural defense: they suffer from psychiatric cognitive disjuncture, for what does a poor man do if in his home country of Mexico in his jurisdiction if rape is ranked lower than cow stealing? Of course, he will not know how to behave here in strange America. This is thoroughly reprehensible.

    AMY GOODMAN: Madeleine Cosman, that's her quote. She actually is not a medical doctor. She's a Renaissance author and scholar of sorts. Lou Dobbs?

    LOU DOBBS: What would you have me say, Amy? Because what--the reality is what you don't say, is that Leonhardt's piece was filled with errors. Secondly, Madeleine Cosman, as we learned following that report in Physicians and Surgeons, the publication, is precisely what you styled her: she is a wack--or was a wackjob. But the New York Times didn't know that, either. If you would read the obituary for Madeleine Cosman in the New York Times--have you done that, by the way? She died a year ago, which was, by the way, a year after we had used her as a source in a report, along with other people. Did you read that obituary? Did you find that the New York Times had come to basically the same conclusion we had, that she was a credible source? Because if you read that obituary, it is glowing and filled with plaudits for Madeleine Cosman. And so--

Accusation: He has falsely claimed that "illegal aliens" fill one third of American prison and jail cells.

Lou Dobbs reported that one third of our prisons are filled with illegal immigrants.

What Lou Dobbs meant or should have said was "all federal prisons" instead of just "all prisons".

For this minor gaffe, Richard Cohen jumps his case and attempts to dispute the entire life-long integrity of Lou Dobbs.

All Cohen does is expose his own lack of integrity.

Dobbs had already corrected himself after others told him the real figure was 6%.

In fact, 26% of all federal prisons (about one third) are filled with illegal immigrants.

The total prison population of America would , of course, include state prisons and city jails and in total immigrants make up only 6%.

But the topic Lou Dobbs was reporting on was immigration -- and immigration violations are federal offenses -- and so, of all the thousands of federal laws on the books, one third of the prisoners are illegal immigrants.

A significant portion, (but not nearly so if Wall Street bankers were to be sent to the federal pen for violating federal laws.)

A little sloppy on Lou Dobb's account, but totally factual and to the point.

    AMY GOODMAN: So, Lou, you said a third of the prison population are illegal aliens.

    LOU DOBBS: Right.

    AMY GOODMAN: The fact is, it's something like 6% of prisoners in this country are non-citizens, not even illegal, just non-citizens.

    LOU DOBBS: Right.

    AMY GOODMAN: And then a percentage of that would not be documented.

    LOU DOBBS: Well, it's actually--I think it's 26% in federal prison.

    AMY GOODMAN: But you said of all prisoners.

    LOU DOBBS: I said about--yes, but I--and I misspoke, without question. I was referring to federal prisoners.

    AMY GOODMAN: But you didn't say that, and so it leaves people with the impression--

    LOU DOBBS: Well, I didn't, but then I just explained it to you.

    AMY GOODMAN: But you have a very large audience on CNN.

    LOU DOBBS: I have a very large audience and a very bright audience.

    AMY GOODMAN: And you told them that a third of the population of this country are illegal immigrants. 6% , which is under the population of immigrants--

    LOU DOBBS: 6% , right.

    AMY GOODMAN: --in this country, of prisoners--

    LOU DOBBS: In state prisons.

    AMY GOODMAN: --are immigrants.

    LOU DOBBS: In state prisons. In state prisons.

    AMY GOODMAN: No, 6% overall are immigrants. You said 30% are illegal.

    LOU DOBBS: Well, I think we've established--we could sit here and say this all day, Amy. The fact is, the number is 26% in federal prisons. That's what I was referring to. I did not--I misspoke when I said "prisons." I was referring to the federal prisons, because that's the federal crime: immigration.

Richard Cohen is a scumbag making feeble attempts to disparage the reputation of Lou Dobbs.

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