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July 19, 2009

Car Tracker is Improvement seen to replace Gasoline Tax

Source: Beth Quimby
Mainers invited to become track-your-car guinea pigs

Source: Henry Lamb
Big Brother in your car

    Possible uses for a GPS Road Tax

  • Shut down car in high speed chase
  • Shut down car or tax more during rush hour so you ride mass transit
  • Shut down car or tax more if it excesses emission standards
  • Shut down car on the way to a Tea Party
  • Shut down car or tax more on poor air quality days
  • Tax less for a Government Motors (GM) car to encourage you to buy government
  • Listen to your conversations
  • See where you have been, at what time and how fast
I love to tear apart the logic behind these fascist-based press releases where the government decides it should monitor and control everything.

Seems that the hybrid Prius does not pay its fair share of taxes, sipping gasoline so efficiently.

So, as a response, the federal government is creating the "smart car", which reports how many miles you have driven, so that even the cheap Japanese car will pay its fair share of taxes.

If you believe that line of reasoning, then let me tell you that the smart car will not tell the government where you have been, at what time you were there, and how fast you got there, either.

    The $16.5 million study for the U.S. Department of Transportation was authorized in 2005 by Congress, which like the Maine Legislature and other state lawmaking bodies, has been grappling with how to fund the nation's aging highway system.

    "All of the federal commissions that have looked at this have come to the conclusion that sometime in the next decade we need an alternative to the gas tax for highway construction funding," said John Kuhl (an electrical and computer engineering professor in charge of the research).

    The problem is that the gas tax, collected at the federal, state and sometimes county and municipal levels, is not enough to cover the costs of maintaining the highway system.

    As cars have become more energy-efficient, the money raised by fuel taxes has gone down. Today's hybrids and electric vehicles, which use less gasoline than traditional cars, are subsidized by other vehicles even though both types may put the same wear and tear on roads.

Common-Sense way to tax

Hello bureaucrats !!! Raise the gasoline tax !!!

And meet two of your objectives at once.

You want us out of our gas guzzlers anyway, which we love so dear, so raise the tax enough to not only cover the expenses of building the road, but make it too expensive to drive.

At that, we will voluntarily get rid of our too-expensive gas guzzler and all buy that Japanese-built Prius which you say is causing all the problems.

But then later, you should raise the gasoline tax 10X fold more, so that we sell our Prius cars as well and switch to a total electric car.

Once you have achieved your diabolical scheme, and put all gasoline stations out of business, then switch from gas taxes to electric taxes to fund all road construction and maintenance.

Both problems solved.

Non-Common-Sense way to tax

First off, instead of us not being bothered when we pay an invisible gas tax at the pump, instead, make us go to the trouble of paying another tax bill at the end of each month. That will make our day.

    Although volunteers will receive only mock tax bills, these will reflect the tax they would pay should the system be adopted.

Point out what car a congressman drives to try to discredit his concerns about privacy.

    Rep. John Hinck D-Portland, a hybrid Toyota Prius owner who chairs the Legislature's Utilities and Energy Committee, said he would be against the system because of the troubling privacy issues raised by the government collecting mileage data.

Make sure that the public understands that Big Brother is not watching and does not want to watch you at your most private moments.

    Among the ramifications are privacy issues, although the computer system does not keep track of individual travel routes.

Talk about the nutcase conspiracy theorists.

    "Anytime you talk about the government putting a box in your car and using GPS, people think they are being tracked," said Kuhl.

And thank goodness our government would never want to modify our personal habits, beliefs and behaviors, as they do over in Europe.
    Kuhl said the on-board computers are being used in Europe to change motorists' behavior, such as charging them more to drive on congested roads at peak hours.

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