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July 14, 2009

Wendell Wilkie
Health Care

Source: Bill Moyers
Bill Moyers Journal

Source: Rob Johnson
Health care road show visits Wise County

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Wendell Potter: A Bureaucrat Who Stood Between You and Your Doctor

Source: LinkedIn -- Wendell Potter
Wendell Potter

    "The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who,
    in times of moral crisis,
    maintain a neutrality."

    -- Dantes Inferno

The Wendell Wilkie of 1940 is alive and well in Wendell Potter

Wendell Potter is the slick Wendell Wilkie of our day.

An ultra-rich, fat-cat insider from one of the private, collectivist, socialist HMO/PPO insurance companies, now working directly for One-World Socialists, who is falsely portraying himself as a reformed American Midwesterner, who only wants to help the poor by selling America on an even bigger, fatter, more oppressive, federal government, by leading all Americans like sheep into a public, collectivist, socialist HMO/PPO insurance system.

Thankfully he keeps harping on all that evil, unconscionable "profits" companies are making, exposing for all to see -- the socialist and collectivist that he is.

A private company CEO who gets a bonus reward for having to "earn a profit" with efficient operations and satisfied customers - vs - a government official who gets rewarded with more tax dollars for inefficient operations and has to "earn a vote".

A private company you can "fire" any day - vs - a government health care system who can imprison you forever -- that you can never leave.

A private collectivist company who funnels most medical dollars between patient and doctor -- vs -- a public collectivist government who funnels all medical dollars between patient and doctor, like it or not.

Trotted out to insure that Americans do not have a real, non-collectivist, choice of Health Savings Accounts (HSA), as described at the end of this article.

The Jewish media-Scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees do not want us Christians to have individual choices over any aspect of our lives, so HSAs will never be discussed in the national forum.

Meet Wendell Potter

Former Cigna PR executive, Wendell Potter, was interviewed on July 10th by Bill Moyers about health care reform (see Bill Moyers Journal).

Wendell proudly tells us common peasants about all the nice perks of being ultra-rich in a greedy capitalist corporation, whose only job is to collectivize the health care of Americans.

And now, in good conscience, he just wants to help the marginally poor young and the marginally destitute young have decent health care.

(Note: The poor already has health care in the form of Medicaid. The old already has health care in the form of Medicare.)

And he is especially concerned that a large portion of Americans have found a solution to being collectivized into their health insurance schemes by attending something called a "health care expedition".

Note: To be exact, this is called a Remote Area Medical Health Expedition, or RAM

Other Silver-tongued Devils

Wendell comes to us in the same vein as other uber-rich "feel your pain" national leaders who have offered to help the poor", such as silver-spooned FDR and silver-spooned JFK.

FDR lived to see his vision of Social Security implemented for the poor elderly and it was sold to the public as helping poor whites in Appalachia. No attempt was ever made by FDR to sell Social Security to help poor blacks in inner cities; too many of which today are on SSI for permanent disability due to self-induced diabetes.

Due to an early demise, JFK did not live to see his vision through. However, his successor, LBJ, established the War on Poverty and Great Society programs.

LBJ added Medicare health care to the Social Security plans for the elderly; Medicaid, public housing, and food stamps were created for the poor.

The taxes on these programs, which take money from the hard-working middle class to give to the hardly-working poor, of course, pushed many middle class people into the poor category, and remarkably also made them into good solid Democrats.

Since the days of LBJ and FDR, many Americans are still poor and our society is no longer great

Today, we are once again facing another silver-tongued devil, product of affirmative action, with the initials BHO, who wants to complete the loop began by his predecessors, by spreading government-ran Medicare to all citizens, regardless of age or wealth.

(Under BHO, America may indeed be great again, as in another Great Depression.)

I'm one of you

The career of Wendall Potter revolves around public relations -- he knows well how to tug at heart strings. Smart enough to know that selling national health care for inner city blacks (or Hispanics) is not a winning strategy. Crafty Wendell, like FDR, set his shameful example of the state of medical care in America in rural white Tennessee and rural white western Virginia, at an event called a "health care expedition".

Wendell's government-ran collectivist health care bureaucracy proposed as the model for the entire nation, is contrasted against the private-ran collectivist health care bureaucracy he was responsible for, which left poor white Appalachians without medical insurance.

Like Wendell Wilkie, this Wendall also portrays himself as a middle-of-the-road "I had to borrow my dad's car" Midwesterner to go see the "health care expedition".

He had to borrow his dad's car, after just telling us he had unlimited access to corporate jets, with food served on gold trimmed plates, for trips around the country whenever he wanted.

Shades of a socialist when you depend upon others for things you should get yourself.

In fact, Wendell is a Socialist

Super-Journalist Bill Moyers makes super efforts to show that Wendell is not some disgruntled Cigna whistle blower who quit his job last year out of disgust for what he had not been disgusted in doing for the previous 15 years.

Where Moyers falls flat on his face as a journalist is in failing to ask what Wendell is doing now.

To be sure, there was a sidebar brought up later with Wendell's name and his new position, but it was not discussed.

In checking the website LinkedIn, we find that Wendell Potter left Cigna in May of 2008.

In May of 2009, Wendell joined The Center for Media and Democracy as a Senior Fellow on Health Care.

Just in time for the debates on health care.

Now, it has been said that you can judge a man by the people he associates with, and he has already admitted to associating with evil, greedy, capitalist, but collectivist, Cigna for 15 years.

But what of his new association with The Center for Media and Democracy?

John Stauber is the founder and executive director of the Center for Media and Democracy.

Stauber could only be a socialist from this completely misguided account of Republican control in America from his 2004 book.
    In 2004, [Stauber] co-authored Banana Republicans, which argued that the Republican Party is turning the U.S. into a one-party state. The book argues that the far-right and its functionaries in the media, lobbying establishment and electoral system are undermining dissent and squelching pluralistic politics in the United States. --- John Stauber -- Wikipedia

Wow! With Democrats in charge of every office in the land and talking themselves of undermining dissent and squelching pluralistic politics in the U.S., Stauber could not have gotten that more wrong!

But more importantly, you always have to follow the money.

Who is funding these highly-paid socialist egg-heads?

Thankfully, they seem to be quite honest in giving us their donor list, and in it we can find the usual suspects in the global, One-World, CFR internationalists, such as:

  • Rockefeller Family Foundation

  • Tides Foundation

    Wendell has an Epiphany -- Becomes a Stooge

    Wendell worked, in what he now characterizes as the belly of the beast, for 15 years as Cigna'a head of Corporate Communications. "The ultimate PR job", he says.

    One day, while visiting the "health care expedition" in the Wise County fairgrounds in Virginia, he suddenly wakes up and has an epiphany that marginally poor people do not have health insurance.

    Should Americans question the honesty of a man who admits to working for 15-years in an evil, dishonest, capitalistic company making, DARE I SAY -- PROFITS! A man deep in the bowels and privy to its inner workings as head of their public relations department, where he has all the facts, and only now comes forward when Obama starts his nationalization of health care debates?

    Or, do we believe Wendell Potter is now a highly-paid Obama stooge?

    Could Wendell Potter be contracted out by the Obama administration as a "private" marketing PR man for national health care?

    In my experiences, you can count on it!

    Wendall argues against private health insurance

    First off, Wendell tries to accuse his opponents of the exact same things he is doing.

      The strategy is as it was in 1993 and '94, to conduct this charm offensive on the surface. But behind the scenes, to use front groups and third-party advocates and ideological allies. And those on Capitol Hill who are aligned with them, philosophically, to do the dirty work. To demean and scare people about a government-run plan...

      -- Wendell Potter

    Wendell then tries to tell us that the elderly have higher satisfaction from their government-ran Medicare than the young have in their corporate-ran private health insurance.

      ...the people who are enrolled in our Medicare plan like it better. The satisfaction ratings are higher in our Medicare program, a government-run program, than in private insurance. But they don't want you to remember that or to know that, and they want to scare you into thinking that through the anecdotes they tell you, that any government-run system, particularly those in Canada, and UK, and France that the people are very unhappy.

      -- Wendell Potter
    Did you notice that Wendell started off his scare interview with his own anecdote about the Wise County "health care expedition"?

    Still to compare Medicare to private health care is not a fair comparison.

    The smaller users of the government-ran "Cadillac" health care are getting their health care, for free, from the majority who also have to pay for their own health care.

    Of course this small minority of elderly and disabled are happy!

    With any money left over, after first paying the Medicare tax for complete strangers, then the young taxpayer may or may not be able to barely afford a minimal health care plan for himself, his own wife and his own children.

    Naturally if asked, the young wants the same "Cadillac" health care plan the elderly are getting.

    But who exactly will be paying for that? -- Babies in diapers?

    The Flaw in Wendell's argument

    Wendell's argument posits two equally distasteful scenarios.

    1. Government-ran collectivist bureaucracy

    2. Business-ran collectivist bureaucracy

    Wendell's bureaucracy argument is a red herring.

    Much like the mother who gives her son a choice between a peach or an apple, when the child would have chosen a candy bar, if only he had know that was also a choice he could have made.

    The flaw in Wendell's argument is immediately pointed out by Wendell himself.

    When intermediary private collectivist companies like Cigna become so expensive and so bureaucratic, then citizens simply cut out the middle man.

    They organized an individual, non-collectivist "health care expedition" at the local county fair.

    No government forms, no business forms, no hassle getting bill paid, no loss of medical privacy.

    No Cigna!

    Just see a doctor, get well, and pay with cash or a check. Done!

    And collectivist fat cats like Wendell are cut out of the deal. -- Naturally, they don't want that either!

    A true free market would bankrupt Cigma if it was as bad as Wendell makes it out to be.

    But we have a medical-governmental complex, much as the much maligned military-industrial complex that liberals attack.

    Huge companies like Cigna spend hundreds of thousands of dollars preventing common citizens from obtaining Health Savings Accounts, by bribing their own Congressmen into make the pot so sweet for Cigna with tax breaks and coercive laws, that Cigna becomes your choice.

    When working for a large company, the employees are not given an opportunity to obtain Health Savings Accounts, as the health care becomes part of the "golden handcuffs" keeping employees tied to the company, always afraid that they would be unemployed without health insurance for their family.

    Even when asked, government does not help, but instead dictates outrageously unaffordable COBRA medical insurance for the unemployed, who at that exact moment in their lives cannot afford the jacked up premiums.

    Proposal for a sound medical health care system

    This solution could not be more simple.

    1. Go down to your local bank and set up a "Health Savings Account" in your name with your dependants listed.

    2. Have tax-deductible payroll deductions automatically placed into your HSA account, which accumulates toward future medical expenses.

    3. Have your choice of a high-deductible catastrophic medical plan take out monthly premiums from your HSA; however, making sure, by law, that the catastrophic medical plan treated everyone as Constitutional equals, regardless of medical condition, as is currently done with Medicare Part A.

    4. For all routine doctor visits, write a check from your HSA account.

    5. For all catastrophic hospital visits, write a check for the deductable from your HSA account and submit a claim to the medical plan.

    6. When unemployed, the HSA should have enough cash reserves to last you until you get another job.

    7. For the truly destitute, charities (or gov?) should assist them as always.

    8. Cash reserves can be trasferred from one HSA to another family member's HSA, such as parent to a child enrolled at a university.

    9. Extra reserves at the end of one's life are inherited into their survivor's HSA's.

    Yes, collectivist companies like Cigna and others will have to downsize significantly if they want to become just a catastrophic insurance company, highly regulated by government for fairness, since most citizens will only use their services rarely.

    But 90% of the decisions about health care will be placed back at the feet of the health care consumer, you and I.

    The consumer will once again insure that rocket-high health care expenses are brought to realistic levels.

    Our "profit", not the dirty Socialist word, is in keeping unspent HSA funds for our later use when old age dictates or in helping a family member of ours, who needs more medical care than they can afford.

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