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July 6, 2009

News Reports turn
Tea Party idea into
Homosexual Orgy

Source: David Kupelian
David Kupelian takes on XXX-rated press corps

To my "tea party" compatriots (and dedicated to my good friend in San Marcos):

Here is why all your Fourth of July Tea Party protests were in complete vain -- if they are not outright refusing to cover your "news", then the media-Scribe press simply mocks your every move!

The media-Scribes took your tea party idea and, arrogantly, turned it into rancid jokes about the degenerate homosexual act of "tea bagging".

(And I thought they loved homosexuals?)

Seems as if they were not the least bit intimidated.

If You're Planning
Tea Bagging
Across The Country,
'You're Going To Need A Dick Armey'

The Rachel Maddow Show:
Conservatives Rally Around "Teabagging"

Still, buried in this cesspool of what they call journalism, there is a very serious point you do have to fight.

The original tea party was about

    "No Taxation without Representation!"

But, MSNBC mocks you by saying that, today, your tea party seems to be protesting:

    "No Taxation WITH Representation!"

They just made you look silly and foolish, didn't they?

(And many of you tell me that the media-Scribes will mislead everyone from my Christian Solution message, because they can accuse me of anti-Semitism. But as you are seeing, even with you playing by their set of rules, you will not win any wars, for the media-Scribes don't even play by their own set of rules!)

I do understand exactly what you are saying in your tea parties, but the public will be mislead by this.

Here are your real points, not currently being made.

First Point

The politicians who spend your money without YOUR APPROVAL AND CONSENT, can do so only because they have given out so many bribes to their fellow politicians -- AND -- to voters who pay NO TAXES, who then naturally demand more government services!

What then you are really fighting is twofold:

    "No Representation WITHOUT Taxation!


    "No Hidden Taxes through Fed Inflation!"

If EVERYONE were paying taxes equally, and if EVERYONE knew exactly how much taxes they were paying, then the MAJORITY would indeed object if taxes were raised too high. -- and then burn down the TV networks who mocked them!

Equality for all! -- What a concept!

We should not care what the "minority" of rich people do with the vast amount of money they are not paying their "FAIR SHARE" of taxes on.

Likewise, we should not care about the "minority" of poor people who cannot pay their own "FAIR SHARE" of taxes. They are poor! They also cannot pay for emergency room visits, food, and all other necessities of life either. Family and Christian charity has always seen to it that the poor are helped.

Instead, we should care very much about what the "rich" Uncle Sam does with his ("our") money, before he makes us all "poor".

Second Point

The original tea party revolutionaries had the local press on their side.

You do NOT have the local press on your side!

The object of their anger was taxes on "TEA".

The object of your anger is not taxes on tea, but taxes on "YOU".

We need to be throwing TVs into the Boston Harbor, to point out to the TV producers that we will not take it anymore!


I have said it before and I will say it again.

We have to have the "Checks and Balances" of the States by repealing the 17th Amendment.

Talk is cheap, but the States in the U.S. Senate will again put teeth back into the Constitution.

And, we have to have a "REAL" free press.

Talk is cheap, and the Pharisees are winning with cheap talk.

Otherwise, we are all wasting our time.

I don't even bother trying to get the press to cover what I say. I know that the press is the enemy and I know they will not cover what I say. I know they will shoot at me by calling me names and discrediting me, if I ever do raise my head up high enough above the foxhole to get shot at.

For now, we still have the Internet and I just put it out there, bypassing the media (and hoping people read and understand).

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