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June 29, 2009

Cap and Trade Law allows Feds to Inspect Your Home

Source: Ron Paul
Cap and Trade Will Lead to Capital Flight Source: Doug Struck
First fruits of cap-and-trade

While the nation was watching the media-Scribe blitz coverage of Michael Jackson, our House of Representatives were voting for the Cap-and-Trade Bill.

Many people do not understand the implications for them. To many, Cap-and-Trade is meaningless.

Just Like Selling Indulgences???

Ron Paul associates the government selling of "Cap-and-Trade" credits to the Catholic Church selling of "sin" indulgences.

But is that fair?

In the Catholic Church's way of thinking, just prior to the Protestant Reformation, if you confessed to a sin, then as a result, you may have been asked to pay a "religious indulgence tax" or a "religious indulgence fine".

Which really was a win-win for everyone.

The sinner was absolved of his sin. Not to mention that he was resolved to not sin again, so as to avoid the imposition of another "Indulgence tax/fine". Finally, the nuns at the local Catholic school were more than happy to receive a greater amount of money in which to educate a few more poor kids.

A good analogy so far Ron Paul.

For with Cap-and-Trade, the Feds will get to absolve the pollution sinner of his sins by taxing him, while allowing him to continue sinning (but at the price of a steep fine). Then the Fed takes the new tax money and educates more local school kids the way the Fed wants them educated.

A win-win for the government.

But be very careful Ron Paul with taking the analogy too far!!!

    -- "Religious indulgences were entirely voluntary".

If one never confessed to the sin, then there were never any indulgences to be paid out.

And let's face it -- no matter what the Protestants say or even the Catholics say, "the confessing of sins is entirely voluntary (unless you are caught sleeping with the farmer's daughter.)".

Indeed, in the enforcement side of things, the Catholic priest had a pretty strong guy on his side, but the priest himself was harmless enough, so even if one were asked to pay, one could just refuse to pay it. The best that a catholic priest could do was to shame the sinner into paying -- that is, if the sinner had confessed in the first place.

But with Obama's Cap-and-Trade" indulgence tax which businesses will pay for their "sin of polluting Carbon Dioxide", it will not be at all voluntary.

Nothing in government is voluntary is it? -- their machine guns are their enforcers, right?

Looking at it this way, there is no comparison.

The Cap-and-Trade Indulgence tax will either be paid by the consumer, or the business will go out of business.

Either way, the "tax" of higher prices will be paid by the people making less than $250,000 which Obama promised on the campaign trail:
    "Read my Lips, No New Taxes -- on people making less than $250,000!"

The Feds are coming to your home

Your home was most likely built according to city and county codes.

Local control -- by local government.

However, this Cap-and-Trade bill will usurp local building code control and impose a federal oversight on all homes.

But it will not stop at the initial build. This new federal law will impose an "energy audit" each and every time the home is sold.

Regardless of the 4th Amendment search and seizure rules, allowing us to be safe and secure in our homes, the new Federal law will impose a "search" of our home everytime we want to sell it and a "seizure" if we do not abide by their wishes.

Regardless about any fool arguing about "the heart being in the right place", the local cities and counties, and believe it or not, "we the people" should decide ourselves to insure our own homes are sufficiently energy efficient and saving us money.

A new government bureaucracy at the federal level is not what we need.

And sadly, it will not fix our problems.

Department of Energy Dependance
The Federal Department of Energy was created during the President Carter days, over 30-years-ago, to make us energy independant.

Now the feds are saying that they blew it and so, now you need to open your homes to energy audits?

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