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June 21, 2009

CAMERA is watching YOU !

Source: Steven Stotsky
Spreading Falsehoods About Israel on the Internet

Source: Dr. Frank Rosenbloom
Truth and tyranny: The power of words


Committee for Accuracy
in Middle East Reporting
in America


Just the name of this organization is repulsive to me.

We have Americans, true blue loyal Americans, whose main concern is honest reporting in America -- But, ONLY when it comes to reports from the Middle East???

How about honest reporting for everyone in everyplace???

But the really obnoxious part is that CAMERA is now watching you and me.

You and me, ordinary American citizens, are commenting on American web-sites situated on American soil, but talking about other countries, and this Israeli front organization wants those web sites to be shut down at all costs.

They see us expressing our free speech and they want our free speech muzzled.

Here is the main beef expressed in this CAMERA article.

    While it is important to allow the free expression of opinions, responsible web sites need to diligently filter out slanderous accusations and misinformation. The absence of fact-checking on talkback threads encourages both deliberate and unintentional spreading of misinformation about Israel and the Middle East conflict.

    -- Steven Stotsky from CAMERA

Sorry Stotsky, this is exactly the reason why we do not allow people like you to dictate to us about free speech.

Largely, in the real world of misinformation, I see three extremes existing:

Media "Checks and Balances"

Extreme #1)
A tyrant government shuts down free speech by labeling anything it disapproved of as libelous or slanderous. Problem is, that in a "checks and balances" media system, where a good government may be legitimately called upon to shut down a "tyrannical Extreme #2 or #3" operation, that good government may still get labeled as a tyrant by a clever tyrant press.

Extreme #2)
A tyrant newspaper, magazine or web site will deliberately cherry-pick clever "letters to the editor" supporting their interests which can say slanderous things which they could never had gotten away with saying themselves in their "nothing but the facts" articles, hence retaining their credibility with the public. For the opposing opinion, they will publish only the absolute "crazy" fringe, with the intent of further discrediting their opposition.

Extreme #3)
A tyrant organization may flood a good newspaper, magazine or web site with deliberately misleading information in their "letters to the editor" section, as they also engage in a whisper campaign out on the streets. If the misleading information is clever enough, then over time, the good name of the hosting media is disparaged to the point that the hosting good media fails. If the good media tries to protect itself by "cherry-picking" responsible "letters to the Editor" then they will be charged in the whisper campaign with censoring the people and be further damaged.

Obviously, free speech is very delicate and we have not protected it well in this country.

Due to coast-to-coast news reporting by a very small oligarchy of news sources, this author is in favor of an independent "truth in news-reporting" arm of government, solely appointed by our state legislatures, but not accountable to the federal government, as depicted in our Solutions article.

Dictatorships, Kings, Tsars and other governmental authority in news has now been replaced by the choice favored by the sneaky -- electronic mass media.

With this choice, the majority of the public never catches on to their being manipulated.

And if they do catch on, then other means can be deployed to get them back in line again -- the creation of Fox News worked for a while.

Case in point -- the entire Jewish media-Scribe news monopoly, whose entire business has been to generate slanderous and misleading misinformation for Christians to read. (For a good read on how Christians were manipulated, by a compliant Jewish media-Scribe press and by Sadducee leaders in high positions, into wars against other Christians for the creation of the State of Israel, check out this article.)

"Crying out" when done to them

Boiled down, Pharisee media-Scribe Steven Stotsky just doesn't like it when it is being done to him and his people -- his Israel.

He is upset that common, everyday American Christians -- ignorant and uninformed of the Middle East as he believes -- are making "comments to the Editor", and the Editor is not censoring the beliefs of those common Americans.

Oh he doesn't want them "censored" -- as he believes "it is important to allow the free expression of opinions."

He just wants their comments deleted by the web host -- when they do not agree with the facts "as he sees them".

All other opinions are perfectly fine to publish.

It is interesting to note that the Jewish media-Scribe press has misinformed the American public about the Middle East far more than anyone else.

ABC News -- the All Barack Channel

Note that CAMERA will make no stand on Charlie Gibson of ABC News becoming the mouthpiece of deliberate misinformation from the Obama Administration.

No competing opinions on health-care will be allowed by ABC News during the propaganda for nationalizing our health care industry, all coming from ABC microphones inside the White House.

No "letters to the editor" will be presented at all.

Especially, no letters from those ignorant and misleading doctors and hospitals who don't have a clue about how health care should be ran and will be slandering the good intentions of Honorary Dr. Obama (sic).

Americans will be presented with what they want us to know, and we don't need to know more, right?

Obama favors a Famous leader

But you know -- I am of the slanderous, libelous, misinformed yet hateful opinion that Barack Obama closely resembles another famous historical figure.

    A now well-known political figure ran a campaign promising change.

    His success was largely due to his skill as an orator, his use of words.

    He used many words to assuage his detractors, claiming that capitalism and the church were in no danger from him and he was no threat to those who had worked hard and succeeded.

    He was fortunate to be conducting his campaign during a severe economic downturn. The stock market had fallen, banks had failed, businesses were closing, and unemployment was increasing.

    As we know, this politician was elected to the highest office in the land. His programs promoted redistribution of income, government control of large industries, nationalization of trusts and banks, and the suppression of religious conscience.

    He derided the people he felt were in control of the monetary system and complained that negative elements in society were trying to hold back the progress that he was going to ensure with his new programs.

    From the beginning he supported abortion and euthanasia -- for certain groups of people.

    This politician's name, of course, was Adolf Hitler.

    -- Dr. Frank Rosenbloom

You can read further at Solutions.
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